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12 Powerful Tips- How to Get Good Grades in History Homework

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 John Luther   Published On Jun 23, 2022 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Homework  0

Whenever your teachers ask you to write a history homework paper on ‘The Civil War’ or ‘The Holocaust’, it’s usually followed by an ‘uggghhhhh’ sound of despair from you and your friends. History isn't all that bad, though!

Innumerable students are not that fond of history. But, learning history can be fun and exciting, especially if you approach it with the right attitude.

A Spanish philosopher, George Santayana, asserted, “Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it”. Simply put, if you fail to learn from mistakes, you're likely to make them yourself. But, there are multiple other reasons to study history and work on homework papers effectively. In addition to providing extensive knowledge of the past, studying history helps develop transferable skills that will enable you to prepare for various career opportunities down the road.

So, that you’re now pumped about learning history, let’s explore certain remarkable techniques and strategies to work on your history homework papers effectively. Knowing these helpful techniques will also guarantee a good grade on every homework paper you write.

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Best Strategies To Score High In History Homework

  • Be Curious

If the words of reputed history homework experts are anything to go by, know human beings are curious by nature. It is this curiosity of ours that makes us look back to our past and study it. To get good grades on your history homework, you, too, need to be curious.

Look at the events of the past and start asking questions- “Why did this happen? Who was responsible for it? What if this did not happen the way it did?” These are just some of the questions that can spark curiosity in you. Once you get intrigued enough, it will become easier to grasp history lessons and deliver flawless papers on any topic.

  • Find A Quiet Place To Study

You may like doing your history homework in front of the TV, but that can truly be the greatest distraction. Find a quiet place with as few distractions and clutter as possible. Remember, the faster you get it done, the quicker you can get back to fully enjoy 'Friends' or 'Stranger Things'.

  • Unplug All Devices

We understand it is perhaps the last thing you want to hear. But, turning off all your devices, even for a couple of hours, is worth it. Each time you get a notification beep and check the phone, it breaks focus. It then takes more concentration power to get back on track with what you were working on.

  • Study Multiple Sources Diligently

One of the best things about history is that it is a subject where the topics are more or less connected. To grab hold of all these vital events and parts of history, you cannot rely on simply one textbook. For this, you will need to study multiply sources.

Try to go through as many writings as you can to develop a clear picture in mind. You can also study history blogs. Either way, you will find yourself discovering new information with each topic and can enhance your history homework writing game by notches.

  • Take Good Notes In Class

Nearly every straight-A student takes good notes. Learning to take notes may be something you need to undertake on your own, but it’s absolutely significant to get better grades.

You can write notes long-hand or record lectures and take notes later. However, it’s wise not to write down everything your history teacher says. Rather, digest what’s vital and jot down just the key facts. Doing this will help you incorporate relevant and vital information in your homework papers.

  • Watch YouTube Videos

What if you could enjoy doing homework without having to read a single word? What if the information you need to know is presented in stunning visuals or animation? Start checking YouTube videos on a specific topic and deep dive into the subject matter in an enjoyable way. It will enable you to work on tricky papers in a fun way.

  • Know Where To Find Relevant Info

If you’re an amateur history student, chances are you might begin your research via an online search engine. But to write an excellent paper, you must dig a little deeper.

The New York Public library, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives are vast troves of historical documents. Access them, or you can use the on-campus library collection. Know if you dedicate yourself to extensive research, you'll find remarkable resources for your paper.

  • Be Mindful Of The Chronology

When writing a paper on any history topic, it is essential to know the chronological order in which they occurred. This doesn't imply that you need to present a historical research paper. Professional historians often think in terms of broad trends and cultural changes. You should try to think from the same perspective while drafting your paper.

  • Take  Short Breaks In Between

If you have a lot to do, you may feel pressured to just work straight through hours of history homework. But, this will likely slow you down, prolonging the entire session.

Thus, it is always wise to do your work in short sprints. Go hard at a topic, and then take a quick break to stretch and work around. It will re-energize your mind and body to keep going.

  • Develop A Homework Schedule

A close look at history homework help forums will reveal it is wise to break down your complicated homework into small chunks and allot work to specific periods. To keep stress at bay, stop procrastinating and waiting until the last night of homework submission.

  • Speak To The Professionals

One of the most outstanding ways to get good grades in history homework papers is to discuss the topic with professionals, mostly teachers or students majoring in history. Discuss anything from your textbook or homework. Ask how to get correct answers to tricky analytical topics. You could also check out reputed forums to see whether your topic has already been discussed or not. If not, post the question to see if someone knows anything about it.

  • Reward Yourself

Finally, remember, our brains work off reward systems. If you offer yourself a reward after completing the homework, it becomes much easier to get through the challenging process. It will also offer you motivation to write the next paper. The reward shouldn't be necessarily big. Something small like watching a show, eating ice cream, playing a game, or going out can do wonders!

Finally, our brilliant piece of advice? Keep at it. The more you use these above-listed strategies, the easier it will become. You will be even shocked by how much time you can shave off your history homework simply by focusing and committing to a distraction-free study plan. So go get your homework done faster than ever before!

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