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 Admin  October 14, 2020  Assignment

Reflective Writing Style - Process of Reflective Writing

Reflective writing differs from other standard essay writing. It constitutes a critical examination of an event or observation and its impact on the writer. While writing a reflective essay,...

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 Admin  October 12, 2020  Assignment

IEEE Citation Formats- Basic Formatting Rules & Examples

No academic assignment is ever complete without appropriate citations. And citing sources is quite a complicated ...

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 Admin  October 8, 2020  Assignment

Enticing Exploratory Essay Topics - Tips and Suggestions

Exploratory essay is basically a retrospective of what you write and think while working through a problem. It has different facets to be acknowledged and aspects to be met. Exploratory essay topic...

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 Admin  October 5, 2020  Assignment

How To Craft A Meticulous Master's Thesis Outline - Examples

Master's thesis and dissertations serve the dual purpose of allowing students to implement their acquired knowledge & skills in an investigative endeavor and help evaluators determine th...

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