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 Admin  September 4, 2020  Assignment

Literature Review Outline: Useful Tips and a Step-by-Step Guide

Dissertation writing is often considered one of the most challenging tasks in the academic field, not because it is so long, but because of the fact that it involves a bunch of complicated s...

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 Admin  September 3, 2020  Assignment

Emotive Language: Purpose, Examples & How to Unleash its Powers?

Language is the very essence of writing. Without the right words, your writing will not be able to do justice to your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. This is why you need to 'emote' by weaving your ...

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 Admin  August 31, 2020  Assignment

Comprehensive Guide on Thematic Essay – Format, Tips and Examples

Have you ever tried establishing a particular theme in your creative write-ups? For example, the depiction of an independent woman that relates to the theme of feminism, or, for instance, th...

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 Admin  August 28, 2020  Assignment

Transition Words for Essays: Types, Tips & Examples

Essay writing is more than just pouring your thoughts on paper. How the writer coveys the message is a vital part of the process. You must maintain the logical flow by using accurate transition wor...

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