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 Admin  August 20, 2020  Assignment

Specialized Cells – Definition, Types and Examples

A cell is a basic unit of life. Our body is made up of various types of microcells which are specialized for unique functionalities. Here, we will learn about the specialized cells, the type...

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 Admin  August 19, 2020  Assignment

Plant Cells vs Animal Cells - Major Difference and Comparison

Chicken or egg – which came first? This question has dumbfounded many of us and stalled several debates already. If the egg did come first, who laid the egg? Again, if we assume that t...

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 Admin  August 17, 2020  Assignment

How To Write A Convincing Complaint Letter In 5 Steps

Complaint letters are documents that allow consumers to inform a business about their grievances. These letters are a legal and formal way of drawing attention to a dispute and coercing a co...

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 Admin  August 13, 2020  Assignment

How to Write an Impressive Autobiography - Definition and Examples

Everyone has a story. Your story is what shaped you into who you are and mold your beliefs and perspectives. Autobiography is one of the most influential literary devices that tell your stor...

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