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 Admin  September 25, 2020  Assignment

Conclusion Starters: How To Write A Conclusion Properly

When you read a good book, one of the many things that make it unforgettable is the way it ends. You’ll find yourself pondering over the end for days, as you go through your mundane li...

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 Admin  September 23, 2020  Assignment

How to Write a Case Brief: Rules, Tips & Examples

Legal case briefs help lawyers encapsulate the extensive mass of material about a case and present the essentials in a digestible form. As a law student, you will often be asked to write a c...

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 Admin  September 22, 2020  Assignment

Citation of a Poem in APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard

If you are currently working on a literature or language assignment, the chances are that you have to cite excerpts from plays, poems or novels. If you are citing a poem, that you came acros...

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 Admin  September 17, 2020  Assignment

Endnotes vs Footnotes: Difference between Endnote and Footnote

If you search the Internet carefully, you will find that students have a hard time understanding endnotes vs footnotes. Moreover, they fail to comprehend when to use footnotes vs endnot...

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