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 Admin  August 7, 2020  Assignment

Informative Speech Topics and Ideas For College Students

Personalities like Martin Luther King Jr. or Michelle Obama are as much appreciated for their work as for their compelling speeches. One of the things that make their speeches incredible is ...

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 Admin  August 6, 2020  Assignment

Personal Letter Writing – Format, Tips, & Examples

A personal letter is an informal composition related to a particular matter sent from an individual to another. Here now, we will discuss the essential factors of a personal letter, includin...

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 Admin  August 5, 2020  Assignment

How to Cite a Blog Accurately Using APA, MLA and Chicago Style

Suppose you had to quote a famous blogger because they are too good to not include in your blog. But you cannot just adopt them as your own. There are still a few internet etiquettes that yo...

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 Admin  August 4, 2020  Assignment

Affect vs Effect – What to Use in a Sentence?

It is easy to confuse between two words when they sound almost the same. It becomes even more confusing when those two words share the same spelling with only one different letter. “Af...

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