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8 Common English Grammatical Mistakes You Should Never Make

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 John Luther   Published On Jun 4, 2022 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Homework  0

Students mostly make mistakes in English homework related to the wrong use of English grammar. Poor grammar provides no help with English grammar. Instead, it reflects laziness and a lack of respect for the reader. Moreover, the sentences become confusing, and examiners or readers don't feel encouraged to read the entire text. Stay with me to learn the top mistakes you must avoid in your English homework.

8 Mistakes to Avoid in English homework

Discussed below are 8 common mistakes that you often make in your English homework and seek homework help from English tutors:

1.Its or It’s

Common Mistake: "The spider spun it’s web. Its a wonderful web."

Truth: Using "Its" without an apostrophe is a possessive personal noun. However, “it's" – without an apostrophe is a short form. Therefore, the above sentence does not make any sense or “help me with my English homework.”

Correct Form:  "The spider spun its web. It’s a wonderful web."

2. Subject-verb Agreement

Common Mistake: “The list of items are on the desk”.

Truth: A list of items forms one common word in a sentence. Therefore using "is' in place of "are" to talk about the things on the desk is accurate.

Correct Form: “The list of items is on the desk”.

3. Gone or Went

Common Mistake: “She had already went to the bathroom before they got in the car.”

Truth: Opposed to went, gone needs auxiliary verb like has, have had, is, am, are was, were, be before it. Therefore using went and had together makes the sentence incorrect.

Correct Form: “She had already gone to the bathroom before they got in the car.”

4. Watch, Look, See

Common Mistake: “Stop seeing at my journal.”  

 Truth: Words like see, watch, or look, are confusing. Knowing its meaning solves the recurrence of mistakes. For example:

  • Look— to look at something undeviatingly.
  • See— to see something that appears in our sight that we were not looking for.
  • Watch— to look at something cautiously, usually at something moving.

Therefore using seeing in the context of the sentence is incorrect.

Correct Form: “Stop looking at my journal.”

5. Pronoun Misplacement

Common Mistake: “Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it.”

Truth: singular pronoun in a sentence stands for nouns. In the example, the noun closest to "it" is nose, but the sentence does not seem to mean "holding nose"; it intends to "hold breath." Therefore, the sentence formation is incorrect.

Correct Form: “Take a breath through your nose and hold your breath.”

6. Future Tense

Common Mistake: “I will be going to the party yesterday.”

Truth: The future tense is used to depict a past event. It is incorrect since the event has already taken place.

Correct Form: “I will be going to the party tomorrow.”

7. Literally or Figuratively

Example Mistake: “I’m literally melting because it's scorching.”

Truth: The term “literally” means “actually” or “really and figuratively" means not natural. "Figuratively" is used here to exaggerate or enlarge the meaning of something.

Correct Form: “Figuratively speaking, I’m melting because it's scorching.”

8. Loan or Borrow

Example Mistake: “Can you borrow me that CD?”

Truth: The sentence appears to be confusing since borrow means to take while the sentence uses borrow for a confusing meaning.

Correct Form: “Can you loan me that CD?”

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