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8 Tips Write a Research Paper Quickly

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 John Luther   October 11, 2022  Assignment  0

There is no shortcut to success, but a research paper can be completed successfully by putting in the right amount of dedication and hard work. Often, we look at successful research papers and believe the creators were blessed in some other way to have written a publishable copy. However, you will know a writer's prowess by looking at their telltale signs of imperishable desire to make their dream come true through the years invested in creating a historical paper. The kind of success they earn sets standards for other amateur writers like you. However, is motivation the only incentive that spurs an amateur research paper writer to produce a submission-worthy paper in the very first go? Well, that does not happen in the real world! 

To that end, here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Understand the assignment

You knew it was coming – the choking anxiety for not kick-starting the research paper writing on time and putting it off until the last time. However, you should not miss reading through the assignment guidelines because of limited time. Note that guidelines guide you to the right path of producing a publishable paper, and therefore, go through the outlining before you process the writing. 

Tip: Understand the assignment and assemble data. And don't worry, as this is entirely doable even at the last minute, provided you put the right kind of effort.

  1. Choose the topic

Handpicking one suitable topic is going to be tough. However, brainstorming can make the process breeze. Start penning down relatable ideas while being super specific about your requirements. Remember that choosing a suitable topic boils down to eliminating many others. Therefore, it is best not to rush the step and keep solidifying ideas after you have a long, relatable list in front of your eyes. Tip: Kick-start this step by choosing a narrow subject with limited branching.

  1. Perform research

So, researching is all about extracting applicable data from a sea of irrelevant information. If the step takes more time than usual, set aside your worry to finish it off early, as once you nail it, the rest will be effortless. 

So, loosen up and put your feet into performing thorough research. Have a list arranged beforehand for what you want your paper to say and conduct research accordingly. Make sure you assemble data from credible sources ONLY. On that note, judge the validity of the source. 

Tip: Wikipedia is crowd-sourced, and refrain from using it. Instead, rely on encyclopedias, publications, scholarly databases, etc.  

  1. Outline the paper

Outlining is sketching a blueprint to guide you with the right research paper structure. So, here is how you outline the paper:

  • Include the concepts you have brainstormed previously and proceed with the discussion by attaching not more than two sentences for each concept
  • Assemble the fitting ideas into sub-parts if required
  • Make sure to arrange the information in a hierarchical order 
  • Address every section of the paper with impactful headings and sub-headings
  • Format the outline properly so that procuring information from it later becomes easy
  1. Write your thesis

The thesis statement is the meat of your research paper, and it demands the maximum portion of your attention. Therefore, it should be strong and on point. 

So, how do you create a hooking thesis statement? Here is what it looks like: 

It is evident that (the statement you will write) by examining the argument.

To make sure your thesis is well-absorbed by readers, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the statement already mentioned in the introduction?
  • Does the statement answer the question from the prompt?
  • Are you leaving any scope for others to argue against the thesis?
  • Will the statement a particular claim?
  • Does the statement reflect a meaningful answer? 
  1. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

Use your prospectus and outlines as flexible guides to prepare the introduction, body, and conclusion. 

And if you are confused about whether to start with the introduction or the body, trust your instinct-led preference. If writing the introduction first and flowing to the body feels a safer option, do it. In contrast, you can also start with the body of the research paper and then extrapolate the introduction.

Regardless of the format you follow, the three sections must contain the following information:

  • Introduction: Introduce your readers with a hooking sentence, a thesis statement, and a menu sentence. 
  • Body: Each body paragraph will expand on the menu sentences mentioned in the introduction. Slice down each menu sentence into several sub-topics and attach shreds of evidence to each statement. Make sure to prove the topic and sub-topic mentioned in the paper. 
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is a summary of all the declarations you have made in the paper. You can end the paper with a call to action or make your readers think about the argument by posing a contradictory idea. 
  1. Cite sources

You write a research paper intending to publish it and not to get expelled from university for copying others' works. However, since plagiarism is considered a crime in the academic field, you must ensure that the ideas you take from other authors are credited. And the best way to do this is by citing sources. 

So, the end of the research paper must have a bibliography. Depending on the preferences of your university, choose a citation style. Citing sources is an imperative step because it backs up your entire research paper. Therefore, give the credit where it is due. 

  1. Proofread and edit

Proofreading and editing make up 30% of your research paper writing task. This speaks for the value proofreading and editing hold in writing a research paper. 

So, this is the step where you catch mistakes. You can use grammar and spelling checkers to remove technical errors from the document. And if there is time, ask a friend to read your paper once to find out what mistakes it has. 

In conclusion,

A last-minute task demands a distraction-free environment for flawless execution. So, before you sit down with the first step mentioned in this blog, make sure the environment is conducive for you. And perhaps, if time permits, proceed with your writing in a library. 

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