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8 Top-Notch Strategies To Have A Brilliant Command Over The Place Value

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 John Luther   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Have you ever thought in despair 'How does an 8 in the units house mean only 8 'ones' or units whereas the same number 8 in ‘tens’ house demonstrates eighty?' Believe us; you are not the only one.

Place value is an overly tricky subject. Most students are constantly struggling with comprehending the value of a number based on its place. However place value is the most significant concept when learning math for any student. According to eminent homework helper worldwide it is the foundation of every math concept from preschool to algebra level math and is incredibly crucial for a complete mathematical understanding. Individuals can never progress if they haven't quite mastered place value as a basic concept.

In today’s well-detailed post we will walk through an ultimate guide of place value. If you were always striving to understand such a key component of math then read through this post to unravel certain effective strategies to have a brilliant command over place value in mathematics in the long run.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

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A look at top forums where you often say ‘Solve or do my math homework problem’ will help you understand that place value is the basis of our entire number system. Place value denotes the position of a number that tells what value it is assigned. It is as simple as knowing that each value has a place. The place tells us 'what kind' and the value tells us 'how many of that kind is shown.

Like in the number 385 the digit 8 denotes there are eight (how many) tens (what kind). This simple understanding is used from small numbers to hundreds of thousands. And the same principle applies irrespective of how big the number is.

Hacks To Develop An Understanding of Place Value

Place value is a significant concept in mathematics as it provides the foundation for regrouping multiple-digit multiplication and more in the decimal system. It is perhaps the most fundamental concept embedded in the elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum.

Have a look at certain actionable strategies to develop an in-depth understanding of place value like never before-

  • Progress through concepts systematically

A glance at the top tutorials of math assignment help online experts will reveal developing a comprehensive understanding of place value needs systematic progression. Each new concept must develop on previous learning experiences so that pupils gain a deeper and more rational understanding as they go.

This approach ensures knowledge is developed refined and applied accurately as numbers become remarkable tools for solving problems rather than a series of symbols on a page. Most importantly it helps the learners on the path to becoming confident math assignment solvers and pattern spotters.

  • Learn The Concept of Group Counting

Most pupils have only learned to count numbers by ones: one… two…three…four etc. This is quite sufficient for basic addition and subtraction; however, it becomes too basic to provide students a strong foundation for comprehending overly complicated functions. Hence before you learn to break down large numbers into place values it is vital to chunk groups of small numbers into big numbers.

Learn how to skip-count by twos threes fives and tens. This is a crucial concept for pupils to comprehend before learning place value. Try to develop a strong 'sense of ten' to learn more complex systems efficiently.

  • Understand The Difference Between The Digits and Numbers

It is crucial to understand that digits are the basic ten number symbols that make up every number like 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9. These digits can be combined to form every single other number. When two or more digits are grouped the order of those digits forms a larger number.

Like  1 is the number one and 7 is the number seven. However when they are put together they form the number seventeen.

  • Learn The ‘Ten-ness of Ten

If you are always skimming the internet to get the top assignment writing service who can assist you with place value then knowing this impeccable strategy will help you greatly. ‘Ten’ is the foundational block of the Base 10 numeration system. At an early level try spending as much as possible studying the numbers from 0 to 10.

Once this understanding gets locked in try following this with an introduction to number bonds. Begin with the additive relationships between numbers less than 10 then add and subtract up to 10. This is to ensure that you see 10 as a significant 'base' number in all future math applications.

  • Use A Number Board To Understand The Basic Place Values

An eminent math homework helper Paula Jonathan recommends making or printing out a number board that lays out all of the numbers sequentially from 1-100. Try to form a lucid understanding of how the numbers from 0 to 9 interact with the numbers from 10 to 100. This will help you understand that every number from 10 to 99 is made of two numbers with the one number in the 'ones' place and a modifying number in the 'tens' place.

  • Use The CPA Approach To Establish Meaning

The CPA (Concrete Pictorial or Abstract) approach enables pupils to connect a physical representation of a number (concrete manipulative) to the same quantity as shown in the drawings or graphics (pictorial). It also helps them connect the actual written name and the symbol for that number (abstract).

Concrete resources can be viewed as meaning makers. They add meaning to the abstract representation of numbers. Hence when learners progress gradually to the abstract phase they know what those numbers represent what they mean and how they relate to each other. If one can identify the meaning of each component in the problem they become far more confident in how they work to solve it.

  • Progress to 20 then to 40

It is always wise to invest adequate time in learning ten and teen numbers that help in developing a solid understanding of the place value with numbers up to 20. Then you can extend your foundation of the place value concept by working with numbers up to 40 followed by the addition and subtraction to 40.

Focusing on numbers to 40 will help you associate numbers with easily-managed physical quantities and provide you with the much-needed math assignment help you are looking for online.

  • Use A Daily Place Value Warm-Up To Develop Confidence

You perhaps must have heard that one needs to do something for 30 days to make it a habit. Similarly an outstanding strategy for understanding the place value system is participating in a daily warm-up in a workshop or an online class that includes math talk.

Their routine will help you to take part in meaningful math discussions while developing place value understanding within 1000. Here you will require completing 4-5 daily questions. With three levels and 10 math talk activities in each level one will have 30 days of place value learning. 

Wrapping Up

Mastering essential math concepts like place value in the early years is the key to success in the classroom. It also prepares learners for a lifetime of deep mathematical understanding by providing invaluable real-world tools like resilience and problem-solving ability.

Save this post on the laptop. Take the help of this guide and form an in-depth understanding of the place value to become a confident math problem solver and a confident problem solver in life. Here's wishing you all the luck!

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