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A complete guide for Essay Writing

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 John Luther   May 17, 2023  Homework  0

Students must write different types of academic papers, and one of them is writing an essay. Essay writing for beginners can be quite challenging, so they opt for essay help from experts. Not everyone is good at writing essays as there are different types of essays. A basic guide can help students clarify what an essay consists of. Below are some of the crucial steps and stages for developing an essay.

The essay writing process

While write my essay, one needs to follow 3 significant stages- preparation, writing and revision. All the 3 stages are applied to every type of essay, but the time and effort one spends to develop every step depend on the kind of essay.

For instance, if a student is writing an expository essay for high school, they must spend a lot of time in the writing stage. In comparison, students in college writing an argumentative essay will spend most of the time researching the content.

Preparation for writing an essay

Before starting an essay, one must clearly understand what they want to convey and how they will convey the content. Here are a few steps students can follow to ensure they are prepared to write the essay.

  • Understanding the assignment-

What is the aim of this essay? What is the length of the essay? When is the deadline for submitting the essay?

  • Define a topic-

If the professor allows students to choose the topic by themselves, then students need to pick a topic that they already have a little bit of idea and are interested in.

  • Research-

Students need to perform analysis from primary and secondary sources and jot down notes that can help them work on the perspective of writing about the topic. Moreover, students should also note down the evidence that can help boost the points of argument.

  • Next is the thesis statement-

Every student must realise that thesis is where they should put across the main point of the argument.

If students struggle to create a thesis statement, they can always seek essay assignment help where experts can offer solutions in no time. Moreover, students must refer back to the thesis statement throughout the paper.

  • Create an outline-

The most critical stage of writing an academic paper is mapping an outline. It makes the writing process much easier, and students can keep track as they write the paper.

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Writing the introduction

One of the essential parts of an essay is the introduction, which sets the entire essay's tone. Students must make a compelling introduction because it grabs the reader's interest, and also, they understand what to expect in the later part of the people.

Hook the readers

Students often wonder how to ensure that the readers continue to read the entire paper without losing interest. There is only one solution: to make the introduction's first sentence interesting. This will make the readers curious about the content of the essay. The first sentence is called the hook line.

For example, if a student is writing about the development of Braille, the hook line could be a strong statement like-

The invention of Braille- the reading and writing system for visually impaired people, was a major turning point.

Provide background on the topic

Students often forget to offer a background on the topic that they are writing. However, they will come across a lot of information while researching the topic. Including background information or an overview of the topic can help readers understand the student's stance.

Students must avoid explaining too much in the introduction because introductions are meant to be short and compelling. However, students can explain in detail the background and entire topic in the body part of an essay.

Present the thesis statement

The next step of writing an introduction is including the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the main argument that a student is going to make. This statement emphasises and presents the student’s stance on the topic. The statement is usually one or two sentences long.

Map the structure

Students need to map the structure of the essay according to type. For example, some essays are long while others are short. If one is writing a long essay, they need to cover all the parts of the essay briefly and include them in the introduction. This will help the readers to have a preview of the argument that the student has developed.

Writing the main body

After completing the introduction, students must move to the body part of the paper, where they can make arguments and boost them using evidence. The purpose of the body is to showcase, interpret and analyse information from different sources that they have gathered to support the central argument.

Length of the body

Depending on the type of essay, students need to keep the length of the body. On average, the body of an essay includes 60 to 80% of the content, which includes 3 paragraphs. However, if a student is writing a graduate school essay of around 6000 words, the body section covers around 8 to 10 pages.

Paragraph structure

Students must understand that paragraphs help to create a clear structure and that they need to organize different paragraphs. Every paragraph should focus on one point or idea.

While writing a paragraph, one must introduce a topic sentence that generally starts with the previous paragraph's idea, including the current paragraph's main idea. In addition, one should use transition words to connect different sentences.

After writing the topic sentence, students must include evidence like data examples and quotes from verified sources. Moreover, students must explain the evidence and how it helps the overall argument.

Writing the conclusion

One of the main parts of writing an essay is the conclusion. It is wrapping up the entire paper without including any new information. The conclusion includes around 10 to 15% of the text. A strong conclusion should refer back to the thesis, tie the main points together and explain why the arguments matter.

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