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How to Balance School Homework and Fun

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Homework  0

Homework provided to students from their school mentors have been the primary reason for the growth of their academic career. Tutors mainly help in engaging students to earn a better form of knowledge by practicing their works at their homes. However, in other cases, it has been seen that the practice of performing homework has been in a source of the increase in stress levels, arguments and situations of mood off for the student career. It also has been a topic of debate that different assignments in relation to university or school have been a cause of daunting.

Most students in their academic career think that due to the cause of homework, they were not being able to spend time with family outings, maintain their weekly plans, and perform sports activities and many others. In order to prepare a state of mind for performing homework, a student should have the appropriate form of skills based on navigating through their homework in such a manner that it would be helpful for fostering growth in terms of career plans. Studying in a hard manner does not always mean that staying awake at late nights would compromise in case of relaxation. It would also be highly important to participate in various kinds of co-curricular activities for enriching their lives in an educational career. The art of teaching as always been emphasized over the years. It has also helped in enriching the lives of the people to progress in the future. There are different academic professionals who always fail to address the issues based on helping students to actively participate in various academic activities such as doing homework.

The act of teaching has been overemphasized over several ages and this has also been neglected. Emotional and social development of individual skills have always been ignored, which would further help in yielding better kind of results for children. However, it has been seen that the performing of homework for students would be considered as highly important and it would lead to the personal growth of children. The issue in relation to performing homework and leaving an impact over the lives of students has been the study of discovery over the recent form of years. In fact, there have been a considerable amount of studies that have been conducted by a different group of researchers, which have helped in revealing the fact that homework has formed in maintaining the balance between the academic growth and other aspects of growth among the students.

Some of the most astonishing facts in relation to performing of homework by the students are discussed as follows:

  1. Harris Cooper, a professor in Psychology at Duke University discovered that different forms of evidence-based on a correlation between the achievement of students and homework.
  2. Researchers at Stanford have also discovered the fact that homework might have some form of adverse impacts over the kids.
  3. Different forms of research have revealed the fact that 56 percent of students have been in consideration of the fact that homework has been the main reason for the increase in the stress levels among the kids.
  4. Different results have determined that students have been in the process of struggle about finding a certain form of balance between performing extracurricular activities, doing homework activities and socializing with their peer groups.
  5. It has also been found that among all kinds of subjects taught at school, mathematics has remained the most dreaded one. There would be no factor of wonder that students mainly seek help for performing their homework in the mathematics
  6. The vast form of research performed by the NBN Digital Parenting Report has also depicted the fact that more than 75 percent of students have been in the process of using Internet technology to learn some subjects at their homes.

The data in relation to the research performed by various researchers have also shown that the aforementioned facts help in providing an overview of the specific problem.

Challenges faced by students in preparing their homework

There would be different kinds of articles that help in discovering the fact that there are several kinds of obstacles that are faced by children during the time of preparing for their homework. Some of the challenges that are faced by children these days are:

    1. Lack of proper resources leads to failure in the gathering of requirements and information about doing the assignments.
    2. Too much of competitive nature among the students also makes it difficult for other students to perform their homework within the designated time period.
    3. Students also feel the excessive pressure to prepare their assignments with plagiarism-free in nature.

Ways in which Student can Balance their Homework

There should be a proper form of balance that could be created by the students in order to design their homework in a fun and interactive manner. In these ways, students can learn effective ways in which they would be able to attain the task that has been assigned to them. Certain ways that could be considered are discussed as follows:

  1. Students can create their own schedules and thus follow them in a proper manner.
  2. Students should be prepared for unexpected situations in relation to their homework. They should be able to prepare their minds and thus design the assignments as per the proper form of requirements that have been specified.  
  3. Students should also learn several approaches in which they can plan their fun activities to be done in a proper form of manner. They should prioritize their fun activities in such a manner that it would get balanced with their level of study progress.
  4. Students should prepare some form of time to spend time on their hobbies. They should spare some time based on which they could be able to dedicate their own time from their studies towards performing of such kind of leisure activities that would be helpful for them to free their mind from stress levels.

Based on such kind of incorporation of the tips in their routine activities, students would be hugely helped to perform any kind of future tasks. Some of the mentioned tricks might be still in a huge form of practice or might require some form of practice in order to be performed. A student should also be capable of defining time management and thus implement tricks that would be helpful for them to maintain their daily routine.

Importance of Parents for the Overall Success Rate of Children

Parents can play a major form of role in guiding children in their educational careers and maintaining their overall growth. In fact, parents can be hugely helpful for promoting the career of their children in the right direction. Some of the major ways in which parents can help students to have a certain academic career that would be fully stress-free:

  1. Parents should keep a certain tab over their children in the aspect of their academic progress and future growth. They should also check continuously whether their children can do their homework in an effective manner.
  2. Parents can provide a huge level of encouragement based on developing the habit of reading.
  3. They should maintain a quiet environment within the house for a certain period of time. This would help the kid to pay undivided attention to the quality of homework that would be done by them.
  4. Parents should keep in proper touch with their teachers and thus they should be able to keep a close form of the watch over the activity performed by students in school or university level.
  5. Parents should provide rewards to their kids whenever possible. This would help in encouraging the students in maintaining the pressure levels and thus they would be able to score great marks at their examinations.
  6. Parents should also look into the matter that students would be getting enough time to pursue such kind of activities that they would love. They should also look into the fact that students would be getting enough time for relaxing and thus free their minds from stress.
  7. They should also encourage debate sessions during dinner time. This would further help them in assessing the thinking level of their kids. They would also be able to understand the ways in which they could encourage their kids to learn new things and thus progress in a better form of manner.

From the discussion, it could thus be concluded that students, parents, and teachers should work in collaboration in order to bring in a better form of the learning environment. Students should also be able to define their own ways in which they could balance their work-life culture and other forms of cultural activities. A kid should also be made to be exposed to various forms of fun activities that would be highly helpful in bringing out the best form of output from them so that they could score greater marks. Thus in such ways, they could maintain balances in their academic and co-curricular activities and also excel in career.

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