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Writing a Book Review – Fundamental Guidelines, Tips, & More

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Book Review
 krishna   Published On Jul 27, 2021 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Did you read a great book recently? Want to write a book review on a site like Goodreads to share your experience but don’t know how to write a book review?

No worries at all!

In this blog, we'll discuss the basics of book review writing, the standard book review format, and some important tips to make your report look great.

Read on to learn the art of creating a great book review for your fellow readers. 

A Book Review Template – What to Include

The main aim of a book review is to give a heads up to other readers about the book concisely and straightforwardly. A classic book review format includes:

  • Title with bibliographic citation.
  • One paragraph with the thesis statement
  • One or two paragraphs for the book’s summary
  • One section focusing on the book's strengths
  • One section dedicated to the book's weakness
  • The final paragraph is based on your assessment of the book.

Here’s what your book review template must highlight:

  • A Hook

A hook is an interesting line that catches a reader's attention and makes them curious to know what waits ahead in your book review. You could start with a fact, shocking detail or even an anecdote related to the book.

  • Book Information

Your book review must include all the essential information, from the book's title to the series number. Mention if the readers should read the previous parts before reading this book.

  • Plot Summary

Create an exciting synopsis of what the book is about without giving away the climax. Strictly avoid spoilers from your book review. Use phrases like “unexpected plot twist” to pique readers’ interest instead of revealing “the protagonist is the killer.”

  • Your Take On the Book

Your unique take on the story is what makes your book review special. You have to let your audience know why it is a good book or why is it a boring read. Sharing a detailed experience will help the readers to decide whether they want to read or not.

Example: The language painted a vivid picture in my mind, but there were many plot holes which the writer failed to connect.

  • Recommendation

After sharing your critique of the book in the review, it's time for your conclusions. Why did you like or dislike the book, and who do you think would enjoy the book instead?

For instance, if the book is on time travel, you may not have enjoyed the book but believe readers who enjoy such sci-fi would enjoy the read.

  • Rating

All popular book review sites follow a star rating system for quick ratings. If you rate a book, be sure to explain the reason for choosing that rating. But if you're writing a book review on your blog, make sure you help your readers understand the rationale.

How to Write a Book Review?

A well-written NYT book review helps readers to determine whether the book is right for them. So now that we’ve covered the fundamental elements of a book review and its format let’s learn how to write a book review.

  • Start With a Summary:

Writing a summary is probably the best way to start your book review. However, make sure that you don’t get into details. Keep it short as official summaries or NYT book reviews are available online.

  • Discuss the Important Aspects:

Identify the crucial elements, break down the text into characters, themes, and plot, and note what you particularly like. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you find the story gripping?
  • Did you like how the characters evolved?
  • Who was your favourite character, and why?
  • Which section you liked, and why?
  • Did the author achieve their purpose with the book?
  • Use Short Quotes As Examples:

It’s always a great idea to include brief quotes in your book review, as it validates what you are saying. For example, if you say a character gives you the chills, give such a line to help your readers understand what you're saying.

  • Round-Up Your Book Review:

Like assignment writing and essay writing, a conclusion plays a pivotal role in book review writing. Tie up your paper with a cohesive conclusion, highlighting the main points along with your opinion. Mention who would enjoy the book and a similar book you would like to compare it with.

  • End With a Rating:

Finally, you can give the book a rating as you like based on your experience. For example, if you are into the conventional rating books, you can break your rating into different categories such as character, plot, theme, etc.

Writing an Impressive Book Review – 5 Vital Hacks

Before you forth and write a book review, there are a few things you must remember, such as:

  1. Understand the Requirement First
According to essay and assignment help expert most students fail to deliver a top-notch book report because they don't follow the given instructions. So read the requirements carefully and understand what you are supposed to do.
  1. Read and Make Notes

If you prefer to book review examples online, you will see how the details are in sync with the flow of the chapters. So read carefully and make notes of the important events, characters, twists, etc., to avoid flipping back and forth for information.

  1. Draft an Outline to Avoid

A book review framework will help you stick to the word limit and present your information efficiently to present points that significantly credit the original narration.

  1. Edit and Proofread Carefully

A review riddled with mistakes can hinder your credibility. Pay attention to the length of the sentences and the total word count. Lengthy reviews can bore your readers and fail to put your idea across. Rope in a friend or family member to help you proofread your book review.

  1. Give Your Honest Opinion

Always remember that the primary purpose of your book review is to help others decide whether to read the book or not. Therefore, don't be mean or unnecessarily rude with your review. If you didn't like the book, give your reasons without hurting the sentiments of the writer.

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