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 Admin  September 17, 2020  Assignment

Endnotes vs Footnotes: Difference between Endnote and Footnote

If you search the Internet carefully, you will find that students have a hard time understanding endnotes vs footnotes. Moreover, they fail to comprehend when to use footnotes vs endnot...

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 Admin  September 15, 2020  Assignment

Guidelines For Writing A Hypotheses- You Should Read Right Away

Think about any weird and unexplainable incidents in your life. Maybe you get a headache just before the sky becomes cloudy, or your favorite sports team wins when you sit in a certain posit...

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 Admin  September 11, 2020  Assignment

Concluding Sentences: Writing Tips, Styles and Examples

Good writing skills take years of hard work. Knowing the writing structure or having a strong vocabulary won't suffice. You need to know how to write a concluding sentence, keep the readers ...

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 Admin  September 7, 2020  Assignment

How to Write a Book Report - Step by Step Guide

In the history of literature, one assignment has lasted the test of time and unified perhaps generations of students together in a common exercise- Book Reports. It is quite understandable ...

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