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55+ Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics for Budding Law Students

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

As a law student, finding interesting criminal justice research topics is one of the most challenging tasks that you would undertake. If we go by the statistics, criminal justice assignments take second place after legal studies research papers in terms of difficulty. Notably, students find such tasks a headache as they have to be patient and support the report with accurate facts and data.

What Is A Criminal Justice Research Paper, You Ask?

A criminal justice research paper is a written assignment for students pursuing legal studies or criminology. Criminal justice assignments help students learn about crime and justice – identifying a crime, analyzing it to find different illegal aspects, and preventing it.

Writing an excellent criminal justice research paper demands analysis of legislation, relevant case studies, and examination of various theories. Hence, exploring multiple international case studies for your assignment would help you immensely.

Rules for Picking Criminal Justice Research Topics

Good topics for criminal justice research paper will help you to come up strong thesis on a definite issue. While brainstorming criminal justice research paper topics, try to ask the following questions:

  • Are these criminal justice research topicsrelevant to your study?
  • What’s the global importanceof these criminal justice research proposal topics?
  • How will the topic of the paper help with your study?
  • What is the assignment type - comparison essay, review, analysis or argumentative paper?
  • What are the famous counter opinions?
  • Are there research works availableon potential criminal justice research topics?
  • Do the criminal justice research paper guideor topics meet all grading rubric points?
  • Is sufficient additional information available for the criminal justice research paper topics?

Before you finalize, shortlist some good research topics for your criminal justice paper. It will help you find the best one from the lot. Once you’ve chosen the topic, be thorough with the formatting rules. Include additional data such as court case studies and law memo reviews, notes and appendix. 

If you are still struggling to find unique criminal justice research topics, below we’ve shared a list of research topics in criminal justice and criminology research questions which your professors are guaranteed to appreciate.

55+ Winning Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Criminal Justice Essay Topics

  1. Racial prejudice among prisoners in America
  2. The role of a zero-tolerance policy in crime reduction
  3. A case study on gun control and gun violence prevention
  4. The efficiency and effectiveness of the juvenile detention system
  5. Current challenges of the American criminal justice system
  6. Racial Conflicts in American colleges
  7. Abuse of power by the officials in the criminal justice system
  8. False confessions and its consequences
  9. A case study on jailhouse informants
  10. Cyberlaw and the security of the high profile data
  11. International criminal law for reducing the crime rate
  12. Private prisons benefits in the US
  13. “Innocent until proven guilty.” Cite cases.
  14. International human trafficking and criminal law
  15. Gender role in the criminal justice system
  16. International intervention in times of crisis
  17. The mental state of children of incarcerated criminals
  18. Solitary confinement of prisoners
  19. Mandatory minimum sentences – advantages and disadvantages
  20. The efficacy of drug courts during the opioid crisis

Quantitative Criminal Justice Research Topics

  1. Analyze the link between illegal immigrants and crime
  2. Statistical correlation between crime and gender
  3. How to map corporate crime?
  4. Can bad parenting be related to juvenile delinquency?
  5. Effect of wrongful convictions on the innocent
  6. Is it possible to remain neutral for criminals with a mental disorder?
  7. International security laws
  8. Current drug traffic offenders
  9. American criminal justice system and the death penalty
  10. Criminal justice: the role of race, ethnicity, and crime in the system
  11. Current controversies around guns and gun violence
  12. Racial profiling: Facts every American must know
  13. War on drugs in the 21stcentury
  14. The causes and consequences of hate crimes
  15. Gender bias in capital punishment
  16. Prison rape and violence. Cite cases.
  17. Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) in the US
  18. History of criminal justice in Uganda
  19. Delinquency cases are higher among immigrants. Justify.
  20. Analyze the relationship between the Mexican drug war and drug use in America

Criminology Research Topics

  1. Analyze the correlation betweencrime and aggression
  2. History of torture in prison and how it violates human rights
  3. Critical criminology: debunking myths around crime and criminal justice
  4. Psychological effects of life imprisonment on the criminals
  5. Feminist criminology. Support with theories, limitations, and critiques.
  6. Does a relationship exist between violence and crime?
  7. Terrorism is a weapon of global conflict.
  8. Male and female serial killers. A comprehensive case study
  9. Is community correction effective on today’s youth?
  10. Discuss with cases how former prisoner blend in the society
  11. Is there a correlation between unemployment and crime in America?
  12. Analyze the relationship between crime and intelligence
  13. International criminal law against natural resource theft
  14. Gambling and crime in the US
  15. Economic crimes – Identify the causes, effects, and strategies for reduction.
  16. Police brutality in the American prisons
  17. Marijuana legalization – pros and cons
  18. Quantitative criminology: How exploratory research, inductive reasoning, and social orientation help in recognizing human subjectivity?

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