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Do Homework and Professional Study Helpers Enhance Learning in Children?

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 John Luther   Published On Jul 12, 2022 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Homework  0

Homework is one of the pillars of the academic system that focuses on helping students develop core skills necessary for succeeding in academic life and beyond. According to top-ranked homework helper online, homework brings several benefits: improved time management, stronger communication skills, and increased productivity.

Despite this, many parents and students dread homework and doubt its role in helping students learn and become responsible. American college homework helper Lily J. Green suggests: “No student should have to spend three or four hours on homework daily. It will leave them with no window for play, extracurricular activities or even family time.”

Upsides of Homework

Like it or not, there are several values of homework. It allows learners to develop planning and organizational skills necessary to excel professionally, instills a sense of responsibility and cultivates a belief about learning and skill building to gain academic success. Removing the concept of homework from the academic curriculum will deprive children of the possibility of instilling crucial study habits and skills.

Several studies conducted in the US by the certified and highly-qualified homework helper Dr Ken Johnson show a strong correlation between homework and academic success, especially for children in grades 7-12 than children in K-6. A probable explanation for the disparity could be that younger kids find it harder to concentrate and focus and lack developed study habits. The positives highlighted in the study are:

  • Homework allows students to confront challenging tasks and find aspirations to do better in the future.
  • An appropriate amount of homework helps to form positive learning behaviors.
  • Homework enables learners to gain confidence in their skills and learning ability and become mature learners.
  • Homework helps retrieve information and recall whatever is taught in class.
  • Students who sincerely do their homework are more competent and work harder to get better grades.
  • Homework allows students to practice the skills and knowledge they acquired in class.
  • Homework helps students become independent and responsible learners and get more involved in regular class activities.
  • Homework allows learners to gain feedback from teachers and bridge the learning gap.

Downsides of Homework

Whether homework is beneficial is a highly debated topic. Another reputed American lecturer and college homework helper in education and human behavior, Alfred Miller, believes that the research studies don't support significant benefits. All the available research reports define ‘beneficial’ in terms of getting better test scores, which isn’t sufficient to determine whether children’s learning abilities have improved.

Miller cites the following challenges of homework from the existing research studies:

  • Most students spend long hours in school and commutation, and then there's homework. As a result, they are left with no leisure time to carry out other activities.
  • Homework leads students to boredom with learning. As a result, they turn to professional homework helpers online to request “please help me do my homework.
  • If students don’t pay attention in class, homework can leave students feeling helpless and lose interest in the subject.
  • Too much homework triggers stress and anxiety and leads to health problems like stomach troubles, sleep deprivation, and headache, to name a few.
  • Homework puts children from poor financial backgrounds at a disadvantage as they don’t get suitable guidance.

How to Use Homework to Enhance Learning in Children?

By now, it's clear that homework has its pros and cons. Teachers feel homework can be a great tool to reinforce lessons taught in class. However, while many support the same, a lot of students prefer no homework to make time for self-studies, recreation, and family. They further stated that class tests are more effective in determining one’s subject knowledge than homework.

Therefore, considering both factors, here are some suggestions to make homework an effective learning tool to enhance learning in children.

  • Assign varied assignments focusing on the children's skills, knowledge, interests, and needs.
  • Students prefer short assignments, so teachers should assign homework with textual questions which involve research work.
  • Survey reports suggest that students prefer one homework assignment per subject per week instead of multiple tasks after each class.
  • The assignments should be short and well-structured to help students understand and focus on the task.
  • Teachers should provide various kinds of assignments like multiple-choice questions, quizzes, and games that children can complete quickly without relying on notes and homework.

Irrespective of the countless debates over the benefits of homework for helping students learn and become responsible, there's no denying that homework isn't leaving the academic curriculum any time soon. Hence, educators must find ways to make homework less time-consuming and more fun and assign tasks that children can complete efficiently.  

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