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How to Create an Effective Homework Plan?

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 John Luther   Published On Oct 17, 2022 | Updated on May 11, 2023  Homework  0

Students often find homework overwhelming. The heaps of homework files lead them to troubled waters. And since assigning homework is a teacher's way of evaluating students' understanding of a subject, a grade-worthy submission is a surefire way of getting into your teacher's good books. 

However, homework can sometimes feel like an uphill battle which can be fought with a strategy in hand. 
Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make homework less work. 

So, here is your savior list to pour through and react smartly against homework obstacles. 

1. Watch your workspace

Did the constant beeps on your cell not make you prioritize your friends over homework? Now think for a while – was that productive career-wise? It was not! 
So, where do you settle down to study? Do you park in the kitchen with the sound of dishes or inside the common room where your siblings are always up for a WWE? These are the areas inside your house where distractions sit as a rock. So, avoid them. 

Find a quiet place where the kids cannot turn the situation up to 11, and your mom can be less messy with her chores. 

2. Understand your assignments

Understanding your assignment requirement eases the process of writing homework. When you understand, the problematic process gets pronounced and comforting. When you don't understand, the complex process gets more complicated. Also, understanding affects the speed of execution; when you have a vision of your steps, you accelerate through them. 

So, read through the assignment guidelines, decode the meaning, and deconstruct the sentence, if required. Then, do whatever's convenient for you to make the outcome successful. 

After all, you don't want your teacher to write a comment in red, "This is not what I had asked for"!

3. Establish a timeline

You enter class on a Monday morning to find piles of homework copies on the teacher's table; this sends a shiver down your spine. And to be honest, more than the submission, you are worried about the embarrassment your teacher will put you through for missing the deadline. 

Why even welcome embarrassments when you can work out a timeline? A timeline is your hand-made calendar that eliminates uncertainties and facilitates management per requirement. 

Create a timeline for your homework separately, depending on how dramatic your schedule is and how fast you can grasp knowledge. 

4. Give yourself an option

Universally, students abhor homework assignments. Understandably, these tasks overwhelm students limitlessly. But, have you ever tried making peace with the process of writing your homework? 

If you ask yourself, "Do I want to do my homework" your immediate response would be "Later" or "Never." However, a prolonged conversation with yourself would help you dig deeper into your feeling. Deep down, you will know that homework is only about investing a few hours diligently and bagging better grades. And if you think about it a little more, you will understand that you won't have to sacrifice your personal life for doing homework. All you have to do is plan your schedule accordingly. 

When you include your decision-making process, you buy your CONCERN and your DESIRES to do something you abhor. Don't be hard on yourself for doing something the world considers unnecessary. Listen to yourself, and do the unnecessary because it can be necessary for you. 

5. Assemble everything 

Now that you have convinced yourself of the best, you are ready to fight the uphill battle. 
Start by penning down your homework concerns – materials, workspace, information, bribing your sibling to leave you alone, etc. Remember, it is time to invest time strategically. So, you have to deal with it smartly. 

It would help if you had the action timeline in hand. Follow it up for the day's work and strictly adhere to it. Review the plans regularly for more extensive homework plans to make necessary adjustments. Also, avoid squeezing in multiple sessions, such as one before dinner and the other after dinner. That might make your brain think it's TOO-MUCH.

6. Allow for free time

Your class topper probably steps into the study room and immediately buckles down on the table. This way, they reap the rewards of getting the piles done and dusted to be the apple of their professor's eyes. They are blessed! 

It is natural to envy them, but you are unique in your way. You might be less diligent, but if you can show stubbornness with your consistency, you will rise to shine. Then again, don't be hard on yourself. You are allowed to be consistent and to take breaks. Moreover, you have been working consistently, and therefore, you deserve a break. So, take a 10-minute break – eat and decompress a bit before settling in for the second half. 

7. Get help when you need

The homework assignments test your mastery of the subject. You cannot let your teacher down for how they have worked hard to teach you. So, it is your show time. Put your thinking cap on and work hard on your homework. However, if you fall further behind, get a hand to stand up again. The helping hand could come from a guidance counselor, a classmate, or a tutor. Some teachers agree on working with students during post-school hours. Otherwise, you can always avail yourself of help from a tutor. Tutors work with you on the same page, solving your concerns about a subject. 

The last yet helpful guide could come from your classmate. Then, you can form study groups and explain the parts you excel at. 

8. Be consistent

Stick to the plan and your motif, no matter how much you have to hustle. Remember that homework is a part of the course syllabus, and excelling at homework submission can bring you a considerable portion of the semester's grades. Also, staying alert to the deadlines and submitting work within the stipulated time can help you maintain a good reputation in class. Finally, if you can be in your teacher's good books, you can expect generosity from them. So, all you have to do is completely commit yourself to the homework timeline. And if you find it difficult to concentrate for a long time, consider breaking up the work time. 

Parting thoughts,

The idea behind creating a homework plan is being independent. Listening to yourself when you are stepping in to do something you dislike helps you work through it productively. So, follow the steps mentioned above and create a homework plan for yourself in no time.
However, if you still find solving homework an uphill battle, consider getting help from experts.

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