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How To Write A College Application Essay -

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College Application Essay
 krishna   Published On Sep 9, 2021 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Your high school GPA is in your hands, and you have done excellently in your tests. But so have so many other students. When it comes to getting accepted into a good college in the US, you need a lot more than just an impressive SAT. Hundreds of thousands of meritorious students like you are vying to get through the same college, but the college seats are limited. So, what can you do to impress the university’s admission officers? This is where a college application essay comes in.

A college application essay gives you the opportunity to justify why you out of the other applicants will be the perfect fit for the college. But the process isn’t as simple as writing any general piece. Now, before we tell you how to write a college application essay, understand the purpose of writing one.

College Application Essays vs Other Essays

When it comes to college application essays, it is more than just grades you have to worry about. Whether you get into the college of your dreams or not depends on the college application essay that you submit.The 500 words may seem trivial but can make or break your college dream once and for all.

Besides, a college application essay is a blend of many things – personal perspectives, creativity, facts and eloquence. You need to understand that admission tutors have to go through hundreds of application essays. Therefore, you need to do everything to get their attention.

That brings us to the main question:How to write a college application essay that ticks all the boxes and opens the doors to your dream college? If you want to swing the needle from rejection to instant acceptance, here are 7 college application essay tips to abide by when writing your admission essay.

7 Tips to Write the Perfect College Application Essay

1. Read the instructions carefully

Every college has different preferences. So, you must understand what the admission tutors are looking for. Moreover, suppose you cannot follow a few simple guidelines for the application essay. In that case, the admissions committee will assume that you will not be able to follow the university’s program guidelines either. And, you certainly do not want that. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Understand the college application essay’s format.
  • Find out the requirements regarding the page and word limit, and then create an outline for your essay.
  • Understand the tone and style the college officers are looking for, and then narrow down relevant college application essay topics & ideasthat fit the bill.

2. Start with a compelling introduction

Would you want to read an article or blog that starts with a drab sentence? This makes the introduction of the essay the most challenging and vital part. Unless you deliver a great introduction, you will fail to catch the committee’s attention. So, how do you start a college admission essay?

  • Start with a hook that catches them unnoticed or a vivid paragraph thatpaints a picture.
  • Make sure your introduction tells the readers what the essay is about.
  • You can narrate an interesting anecdote to show the best parts of your personality.
  • Make sure to strike a balance between personal and professional, formal and informal.

If you cannot figure this out, read multiple samples of college application essays to get a better idea.

3. Use your inner voice

Colleges want to select deserving candidates who can think out of the box and bring something unique to the table. Therefore, your writing must infuse authenticity and creative thinking. Most importantly, it should be personal and humane. So, do not just use jargon to prove your extensive knowledge of a subject.

Make your essay about genuine experiences and real scenarios.Instead of writing like a bot to impress the admission committee,make sure the piece reflects your skills, determination and ambitions. Your college application essay must help the officers understand how you can be an asset to the college.

4. Avoid clichéd phrases and ideas

Poring through college application essay examples for some much-needed inspiration is one thing, and using the content for your piece is another. The first one is a wise thing to do, and the latter is just the biggest mistake that can spell doom on your career. So, do not be too influenced and end up using clichés in your piece to impress the admission tutors.

Remember that thousands of students like you have applied to the college you want to get through. So, you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Remove all the sentences that sound clichéd, and give them an original twist. When you have something different to offer, admission tutorswill notice your essay from among the thousands of other applications!

5. Support your claims with examples and facts

You cannot just brag and boast in a college application essay. You need to prove your point as well. Give the tutors a glimpse inside your mind and show how you view the world. But it does not end there.

  • To make your essay credible, support everything you write.
  • First, highlight your personal qualities and then add events and achievements of your academic life that prove the same.
  • Every time you express an idea, include specific details and real-life examples to justifythem.

Also, do not make the mistake of exaggerating your achievements and accolades. You do not want to sound arrogant and supercilious.

6. Stick to a clear plan

Many students have a misconception that creativity and mess are interchangeable terms when it comes to essay writing. However, a creative piece can certainlybe an organized one. So, do not just go about narrating events from your academic and personal life haphazardly. Instead, make sure you follow a sequence. That means you mention your achievements in middle school first before moving on to high school.

Follow the standard essay structure – introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Creating a plan for your assignment help you fit all your ideas within the limited word count. Also, focus on one subject and write about that to make the essay more readable.

7. Ask someone to proofread your work

It is okay to make mistakes while writing your college application essay. However, what is not okay is to submit the essay without proofreading and editing it. So, make sure to read your piece repeatedly to detect and eliminate every typo and grammatical error. To get a fresh perspective on your writing, come back to the piece after a while.

If you think your editing skills aren’t up to the mark, you can use a grammar checker tool like Hemingway Editor or Grammarly. You can also ask your teacher or parent to proofread your essay from a third-person perspective. The best choice here would be to pass the task over to professional editors.

Parting thoughts,

Your college application essay should be a mark of excellence and perfection. It should be a concise piece that can engage and hold the readers’ attention. At the same time, it should give the reader a peek into your academic and personal achievements so far. So, use the above tips to write the perfect college admission essay and get that call of acceptance.

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