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How to Write a Discursive Essay - Top 20 Topics

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How to Write a Discursive Essay
 krishna   Published On Jul 14, 2020 | Updated on Nov 27, 2023  Assignment  0

More often than it is imagined to be, penning down an outstanding essay becomes an excruciating affair for many. However, not all essays need to be boring and the kind that nobody would want to go through. Essays can be intriguing too. Such essays are discursive essays.

A brilliant discursive essay is where you are required to write on something, which can either be argued for the topic or against the topic. It always manages to captivate the attention of a wider audience, and what more, it is fun to write it as well! However, there always remains a catch! For you to score outstanding grades, it is crucial to know and understand how to choose a remarkable topic in the most outstanding ways possible.

 Now, writing a remarkable discursive essay is one thing, but searching for outstanding discursive essay topics is another challenge altogether. If you are one of those million students who consider coming up with a brilliant topic is a daunting task, then you don’t have to look far and wide. To help you out, in this comprehensive blog, we will walk you through some top-notch tips to choose a unique discursive essay topic and some amazing topic examples that would surely put you miles ahead.

Hence, without any further ado, let’s get started. Shall we?

Top-Notch Tips To Choose Unique Discursive Essay Topics

Choosing unique topics for discursive essay writing is a rite of passage in the world of academia. A well-selected topic can lead to significant questions that can sometimes fuel the interests of readers for the years to come.

There is truly no need to panic. We assure you this process won’t be as worse as you imagine it to be.

  • Refrain Choosing Topics That Are Too Overdone

This is one of the most crucial points you should keep in mind while brainstorming your discursive essay writing ideas. Under all circumstances, according to the best minds associated with top essay writing services, one should refrain from topics that are too overdone or have been incessantly repeated. The readers are continuously searching for topics that are intriguing and fresh.

  • Be Excessively Specific

Select discursive writing topics that are incredibly specific. It should not be too general or too overwhelming. Choose a topic that is specific and highly debatable. However, the area of the debate should not be too wide, it should be completely opposite. It should be crisp and specific.

  • Pick a Cutting-Edge Topic

Choose discursive essay ideas that are edgy and daring. Select a topic that fuels a fire in the minds of people. The topic should be such that it has staunch supporters who strongly believe in the topic. It should have fierce opponents as well. Remember, only when a topic has both supporters and opponents, it becomes a debatable one.

  • Pick An Informative Topic

Make sure that the topic you select is informative. A look at some discursive essay topic examples will help you understand that it is crucial to choose a topic that is easy to research and find adequate information on. Also, it is essential to ensure that whatever your source is, it is credible and genuine.

Inspiring and Unique Discursive Essay Topic Examples

If you are striving to zero in on a topic that would amp up your essay writing game by notches, you can take your pick or find inspiration from the list of exemplary discursive essay writing topics given below. Some of the prolific stalwarts of reputed essay help services in present times have aided us in preparing this well-researched list of topics for you. You can be assured to secure those much-coveted brownie points with any of these.

  1. Uniform in school restricts the freedom of expression
  2. Is content or graphics the king in freelancing?
  3. Video games are detrimental to the holistic development of children- Discuss
  4. Are we truly evolving towards a better world?
  5. Should rape be punishable by 7 years or 20 years of imprisonment?
  6. Steroids should be allowed in a regulated way to athletes- Express your opinion
  7. Are we justified in shearing lambs for our sweaters?
  8. Explain the needs of employees to use a social network at work
  9. Explain the impact of a “one car per family” policy
  10. State why people say smoking helps in making acquaintances and good friends
  11. Explain the healing capacity of listening to your favorite music
  12. Do you think technology addiction is a real addiction?
  13. Military’s use  of drones is an invasion of privacy
  14. EPA roll should back up emissions standards for vehicles- Discuss
  15. Are dating websites one of the good places to meet potential romantic partners?- Explain
  16. Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones
  17. Do you think it would be beneficial for Great Britain if the House of Lords had veto power over the House of Commons?
  18. Capital punishment should be banned in every country of the world
  19. Can a matriarchal society be developed?
  20. Women have the right to abort, irrespective of the weeks of pregnancy they are in

Wrapping Up,   

Undoubtedly, choosing inspiring and exciting discursive essay ideas can seem to be a minefield for you. It does not need to be that way if you are well-acquainted with these top-notch tips. Execute these foolproof tips to select a remarkable essay topic. You can also pick one that piques your interest or model your topic around the similar lines of the ones that we have provided. We ensure you these ideas would get those grey cells in your brain working overtime to pick one that suits your interest area. Here’s wishing all the luck on wrapping up a flawless essay!

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