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Guidelines For Writing A Hypotheses- You Should Read Right Away

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Think about any weird and unexplainable incidents in your life. Maybe you get a headache just before the sky becomes cloudy, or your favorite sports team wins when you sit in a certain position. If you wanted to test whether these are just coincidences or scientific facts, you would form a hypothesis.

Now you must be wondering, what is a hypothesis anyway? If you are unsure about what a hypothesis is or how to write a strong hypothesis statement, you have arrived at the right place.

If you are also one of those million students who is baffled of ‘how to write an impeccable research hypothesis in APA style”, then you are at luck. We will walk you through certain significant guidelines along with examples that would enable you to nail your hypothesis writing task like a pro.

Let’s discuss in detail the intricacies of ‘how to write an impeccable hypothesis statement’. 

Hypothesis Statement: A Brief Overview

Now, before learning ‘how to write a research hypothesis’ it is crucial to comprehend and develop a deeper understanding of what a hypothesis statement actually is.

A hypothesis is a statement that launches a research question and proposes an expected result. It is a significant part of a scientific method that forms the basis of any scientific experiments. It is not a mere guess and should be based on existing theories and knowledge. It also has to be testable, which implies you can support or refute it through various scientific research methods.

Significance Of A Testable Hypothesis

Are you asking “how to write a proper testable hypothesis?” Well, let us tell you. To devise and perform an impeccable experiment using the scientific method, you need to ensure that your hypothesis is testable. To be considered testable, the below listed essential criteria should be met-

  • There must be a possibility to prove that the hypothesis of your experiment is true or false.
  • The results must be reproducible.

Without these criteria, the hypothesis and results would be vague. As a result, the experiment you conduct would fail to prove or disprove anything important.

How To Write A Scientific Hypothesis Statement: A Step-By-Step Guide

This is a sticking point for most students. We are used to writing questions and drafting statements in day to day communications. But, hypotheses float across our desks rarely. So how to write a scientific hypothesis remarkably?

To help our readers craft the best hypothesis possible, we have provided certain essential steps that would definitely answer your question ‘how to write a strong hypothesis statement?” Not only that, but it would also help you take your hypothesis to the next level. Have a look-

  • Select An Intriguing Topic

According to the best minds of the industry, most students asking ‘how to write a statistical hypothesis brilliantly' often tend to undermine the importance of selecting an inspiring topic. Selecting an interesting topic helps you generate an impeccable hypothesis before the study. Suppose, you can choose a topic like, “why is the percentage of obese women larger than that of the men?”

  • Conduct Extensive Research

Once you are done selecting a topic, gather all the information you can about your chosen topic. Try to focus on academic and scholarly writing. You need to be certain that your information is accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive. Scholarly search databases like Google Scholar and Web of Science can help you find relevant articles from reputable sources. Remember that educating yourself on the topic of study before you draw a hypothesis helps to minimize the chances of a null hypothesis.

  • Analyze The Literature

Spend adequate time reading the materials you have collected. As you do so, look for and make a note of the unanswered questions in the literature. Like, you are interested in the impact of caffeine on the human body. However, no one seems to have explored whether caffeine affects differently than it does in females, this could be something to formulate a strong hypothesis about. Try to find holes in existing literature or claims that seem far-fetched. Like, caffeine improves math skills.

  • Generate Questions

It is always wise to generate one or more unanswered questions that you would be interested in exploring further. These are your research questions. Following the above-mentioned example, you might ask “how does caffeine affect females as compared to males?” The rest of your research would be aimed at answering these questions.

  • Look For Clues As To What the Answer Might Be

Once you have generated your research questions, look in the literature to see if there are existing findings or theories about the topic. Try to figure out if they provide any clues that would enable you to come up with the answers to your research questions. If so, these clues can form the very basis for your hypothesis.  Like, if you unearth in the literature that there is a definite pattern that some other kinds of stimulants seem to affect females more than males, this could be a clue that the same pattern might be true for caffeine.

  • Determine The Variables

If you go through some remarkable tutorials about ‘how to write a hypothesis in APA style’, you would find that a generalizing hypothesis explains a pattern you think may exist between two variables: an independent and a dependent variable. If your experiments confirm the pattern, you can suggest a reason or a mechanism that generates the pattern. This reason or mechanism is known as an explanatory hypothesis. In the example above, the independent variable would be biological sex- whether a person is male or female. And the dependent variable would be measured by the impact of caffeine.

  • Generate A Simple Hypothesis

Once you have invested sufficient time thinking about your research question and variables, jot down your initial idea. Explain how the variables might be related as a simple declarative statement. Like, your hypothesis can be ‘a human’s biological sex is related to how caffeine affects his/her heart rate.”

  • Write A Research Hypothesis

Often, hypotheses are stated in the form of if-then sentences. This is not a hypothesis. This type of statement is a brief explanation of an experimental method followed by the prediction. Like “If caffeine is a stimulant, then the heart rates of those children given a caffeinated drink would increase more than the heart rate of children given a non-caffeinated drink.”

  • Test The Hypothesis

Make your observations or conduct the experiment. But, in such a way, your evidence may not allow you to reject your null hypothesis and that is completely okay. Know that any result is important, even when your results send you back to the drawing board. Continuously having to go ‘back to the drawing board’ and refine your ideas is how science truly works.

Wrapping Up,

While formulating a strong hypothesis can give students a difficult time, this comprehensive blog could answer it all. With this lucid ‘how to write a strong hypothesis’ guide, you can nail that task like never before. Take the help of this guide, follow the steps, and draw inspiration from examples to sail through your hypotheses writing process like a champion.

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