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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Summarizing an article or an essay is a skill that students need to adapt to. However, not everyone is so creatively able to suffice all their thoughts. Students are often in a fix about how to write a summary of their assignment paper. They usually take help from professionals, but they need to learn the skills when it comes to exams. Summarizing a thought or idea is a foundation skill required to show the professors that you have understood the given substance.

Students often come up with a question like, “How to write a summary of an article?" in such cases, it is usually advised to read the materials and give a gist in their own words. The idea might sound simple. But it is actually a lot more challenging when you decide to pen down your ideas in words. It isn't easy to encourage yourself to begin when you are not sure about your direction. It takes a lot more than just briefing the key arguments. You would also need to include your personal touch in it for impressing your professor.

This might sound strenuous and demanding. Hence here are 5 essential tips that will allow you to summarize any paper and ace your exams.

  1. Read Through The Abstract

The very first step of summarizing a paper is by going through the reference material. You first need to understand what you are summarizing and why you are doing it. Students who are often confused about writing a summary should generally start with reading the material first. A thorough understanding of the topic and the author's arguments is the key to summarize a paper. Here is how to read well.

  • Don’t just skin through the material but scan it.
  • Try not to worry about notes at this point but form a thorough understanding of the topic.

It is best not to leave your essay for the last minute. But who are unable to complete their papers in time often take essay help from professionals. This is for either summarizing or completing their assignments. These professionals are well-versed with words and understand the significance of each word to make the writing better.

While condensing an article, your excellent reading skills come into play. If you are unsure about the author's idea, you will not be able to create a convincing summary. To get more clarity, you can also go to the outline or the conclusion section of the reference material. Here you will see a conclusive list of all the arguments mentioned in the article. This can also give you a fair idea about how to go about your summary. If you are wondering how to write a project summary, you can always reach out to experts for  my assignment help.

  1. Review Sources

While going through any reference material, review its reference page. See the type of sources the author has used for citing his arguments. These sources will allow you to form a firm base of your understanding. The more credible the sources, the more quickly you will be able to write a summary. While examining the sources, try to conclude those to strengthen and confirm your argument. The sources will also enable you to know whether or not the article contains all the relevant and correct information.

Students often require homework help to conduct the relevant research. They are often unaware of what to search and where to search. Therefore they usually end up asking themselves, "How to write a summary?" While you are reviewing the sources, you also need to underline the main arguments that are going to form your thesis statement. This makes retelling easy as you already have the materials that you need to quote in your own words.

  1. Take Notes

Highlighting or taking notes is essential. This gives you a list of points that you can consider while summarizing your essay. While going through the source material or the main topic, try to note down as many points as possible.

  • For example, if you are looking for ideas on how to write a book summary, you first need to go through the prelude to understand what the book is about.
  • Understand and underline the thesis statement that is the core idea of your book.

Similarly, for research papers, try to find out the main idea behind the entire paper.

While you are trying to get ideas on how to write a summary, it is a good idea to note down the keywords. These keywords or vocabulary needs to be included in your summary. This will, prove to your professor that you have understood the materials and have gone through to seriously. Additionally, try to take note of the supporting arguments or the main takeaway of the author. This will allow you to pinpoint the relevant information valuable to your course.

  1. Paraphrase

The art of paraphrasing can win the heart of your professor. While trying to figure out how to write a professional summary, you need to have a vast vocabulary base. Write the entire gist in your own words emphasizing the keywords.

This will

  • Impress your professor as they will know you have absorbed the material quite effectively.
  • It willindicate that you have taken the authors points into consideration.
  • On top of that, you can interpret and convey the message in your own words.

The more you can communicate the message in your own words, the better your chance of excellent grades.

Are you confused about how to write a summary by using quotations? Well, direct quotations can strengthen the depth of your article as long as you use them effectively. These quotations are generally used for academic papers and essays. However, if you are summarizing, try not to fill up all the details using just quotes. Overuse of quotes might not look neat, and it will decrease the emphasis of the entire article.

  1. Reiterate

Now that you have done your research and compiled your notes, it is time to start writing.

  • Write an outline of your summary first. This will allow you to organize your thoughts and ensure that you have included all the key points. Students often lack a proper understanding of the basics and look for answers like, "How to write a good summary?"in these cases, it is usually advised to keep track of the information included.
  • A summary should not divert the reader’s interest from the main topic, so any unnecessary information should be avoided.
  • A good summary will include an introduction where the topic is introduced. Here you will provide the background of an article and restate the authors views in your own words.
  • You will also need to write a body covering the main arguments followed by a paraphrased conclusion. Here take a note that you only need to write a summary and not the whole article itself.

So if you still cannot write an impeccable summary, you can always take paper help from experts.

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