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How to Write an Abstract - Top 5 Tips

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

The purpose of an abstract is to help the readers understand what the paper is about and what is being investigated. This is the most crucial section in a research paper since this is the first part every reader gets to read.  Students who have a vague idea of how to write an abstract tend to look for an online writing service provider.

An abstract may seem like a minor compared to writing a research paper, case study, essay but you should never underestimate the importance of writing a top-notch abstract. The reason is if your readers don’t find your abstract interesting, they will not be interested in reading the whole written work as well. If you face difficulty with writing your abstract, our expert writers can guide you with drafting a perfect abstract. is in this industry for years and has gained immense popularity. This is probably one of the reasons we are receiving assignments all over the globe.

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a summary of an article, review, thesis, analysis or for any other academic work. An abstract is mainly used in academic literature to make the readers understand complex research. You need to be very careful while writing your abstract, as it holds the power of attracting the readers into further reading.

Your abstract needs to have a logical flow. It also should be conveyed in a simple language, so that the readers understand it in the best possible way. Our expert writers understand the importance of abstract where you need to highlight the key points and give the readers a sneak peek of what to find in the entire work.

We hope this answers to your question “what is an abstract” or “what does abstract really mean”. The helpers can easily prepare a good quality abstract paper where all the elements will be present. We guarantee on giving you an impeccable abstract essay that will bound to attract the readers.

How to Write a Strong Abstract?

Your abstract will differ according to the kind of paper you are writing. This is your scope for making a good first impression, or your paper will get rejected at once if the readers cannot get a clear idea about your writing. It is like a movie trailer. has hired highly qualified writers who are trained to provide an outstanding abstract.

If you are willing to write an abstract like an expert, then here is a complete guide on how to make an incredible abstract.

  • Identify the problem

In the beginning of the abstract, identify the problem, so that the readers have a clear idea of the problem you are going to discuss in the entire. If not, your readers will not care about the solution. Along with the research problem, it should have enough background information so that the readers understand the importance of the stated problem.  The findings will later help to support the problem.

  • Narrow down to one point

Instead of adding too many findings, try to narrow down to the most important data which you can present in bullet points. You can shape your abstract around it after that.

  • Target a broad audience

You cannot possibly know about your reader’s knowledge on the topic you are working or their preferences. So whenever you are creating an abstract, make sure you target a broad audience. Avoid using jargon terms or synonyms or words while you write it. Your abstract should have adequate information to reach a wider audience.

  • Concentrate more on what you’ve found

Instead of writing sentences on the methods used by you to reach the result, focus on the findings. The readers will be more inclined to hear about the results than the methods.

  • Make it more concise

While you are editing, patiently check each sentence to ensure there are no hard-to-read sentences or chunky paragraphs. Give your best effort to maintain proper sentence structure, smooth flow of the sentences, good use of grammar, and using the right keywords in the abstract. Delete unnecessary words or sentences if you think they are not necessary.

Writing an effective abstract may seem like a nightmare if you have a very limited time to write. You can trust the writers of Tophomeworkhelper who will craft your abstract essay as well as the entire paper brilliantly. If you still want to learn in detail how to write a good abstract, you can check our samples that have been provided by the PhD experts.

How Long Should an Abstract Be?

One of the most important things to consider while writing an abstract is word count. The abstract should never exceed the required word count limit at any cost. There is no way to state the exact length of an abstract as it varies with disciplines and the type of citation style you are choosing to use. The professional writers at understand the requirements of all citation styles.  The typical length of the abstract should be between 100-150 words, but you are instructed to not write abstract more than one page.

This is a list of standard word count maintained by the following citation styles:

  1. APA

The APA abstracts should have word count ranging between 150 to 200 words. When you are asked to use APA format, your abstract should be written in a paragraph format. By saying that, your professor may have a specific word count requirement that you are required to follow.

  1. MLA

According to the MLA style manual, the word count of the abstract should stay between 150- 250 words. There is no point in writing a lengthy paper if it lacks specific information. The more concise you make, the better it will be to read.

  1. Harvard

While following Harvard citation style, you must remember that your abstract should be between 100 to 300 words. However, you may still need to confirm with your professor as it may differ with the university requirement.

  1. Chicago

If you are asked to follow Chicago citation style, your word count is between 200 and 350 in range. Make sure you highlight all the key points within the word count. You also need to ensure that your abstract is not written in the future tense.

  1. AMA

According to the AMA style manual, total word count should be restricted to 175 words. The complete research, including the key components, should be within the word count.

If you ever find yourself thinking about “how long should an abstract be”, you can use this blog to maintain accuracy while presenting your abstract. Apart from that, if you are facing problem with fitting your abstract within the limited word count, you can count on our experts to build a concise abstract paper for you.

What Are The Essential Elements Of An Abstract?

Wondering “what should an abstract include” or “what goes in an abstract”? Do read the following if you are willing to learn what actually does an abstract include from the professional experts of

Here are the 4 elements of a good abstract:

  1. Write a clear objective

Clearly state the objective of your study when you are writing the abstract. The writer should get to know about your objective at first glance. If you try to beat around the bush too much, the readers will lose the interest of your research project.

  1. Importance of the research problem

You need to show the readers how a solution to the problem you are addressing in your abstract can create an impact. Everyone might not understand the importance or gravity of the problem.

  1. Significance of choosing the problem

Make sure you convey to the readers the reason you have chosen the problem. The readers must know your interest for the research question and your dedication towards it.

  1. New capability

This is also an important element in an abstract essay where you state the possible areas for further research.

Here are the 4 elements that our experts find to be the most important part of an abstract essay. If you want to write convincing abstract or pull your reader’s interest to your entire write-up, you must concentrate on these elements.

Writing a compelling abstract is not as scary as you may think. This guide will help you out to get a clear understanding of how to write an abstract. You also have the option of taking help from our writers if you have an urgent paper.

How Can Help You write a Good Abstract?

Writing abstract needs certain skills which many students lack. They might have the basic idea about what an abstract is, but often don’t know how to write an abstract properly. If you lack the skill of writing a good quality abstract, then you can seek help from, which has experienced writers.

Check out some of the amazing services offered by us that makes us on the top list:

  • Supreme quality abstract
  • Never missing a deadline
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