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How to Write Case Study

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

“If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late”- Seth Godin.

Indeed, it’s a statement worth a hundred dollars. Composing exceptional case study is not as easy as taking a walk in the park. Whether you write a case study to inform or to persuade- crafting it with clarity demands the expertise an organised mind and supreme writing qualifications.  

It’s essential to master some critical skills to write a compelling case study. How to write a case study? The case study you are preparing to write is nonetheless unique in every sense. There is and will never be another case study to cater to the same set of objectives.

If you are a student pursuing law, nursing and management from any of those top-notch US universities, you know it’s nothing short of a chore. This is an incredibly time-consuming task and requires tons of scheduling.

According to data from MarketingInsiderGroup, case studies rank as third of the most popular content marketing tactics, with in-person events and webinars/webcasts being the first two. 65% of marketers find case studies as effective B2B marketing tactics. They're so effective that videos and blogs have been sidelined by the B2B marketers.

With all the data explained here, let's be honest about something here: Case studies are boring, right? While we cannot do much to change what’s there in the curriculum, we can definitely decipher the basics so that you don’t get confused from the next time onwards.

What Is A Case Study? And What It's Not? A Brief Guideline

It’s essential to know for a student who is up for writing a case study that what is a case study should go in it. Things that can boost the grading, or might hamper it-decide what would stay inside and go out of the list and finally give birth to an impressive case study.  

Read the pointers below to know how to do a case study -

A case study is:

  1. Case studies are stories about how a clientele/target market overcame their problems using products/services of the organisation you have chosen to work on.
  2. A case study should have a clear beginning, middle, and an end. A story explaining the customers’ problem, the organisational background, how the organisation is overcoming the problem and achieving their objective.
  3. By the end of a case study, the reader should be able to relate to the problems of your featured customer and understand the organisational decision making process.

A case study is not:

  1. Case studies are not any official document released by the organisation. Although it might add new product/service launch, and plans for the new market by the chosen organisation, but its only information, and no formal announcements.  
  2. Case studies are not advertisements as well. It’s not the place to boast about products and services.  
  3. Good case studies are a written document of the journey. It's all about the company’s fine pointers about the products, services, journey, challenges, and achievements.  

Case Study Definition: What Does It Stands For?

As per the writing experts, who are associated with the different online academic support services, case study definition goes as follows: it’s a description and information about an experiment made on a market scenario; it’s more of an exploratory analysis.

Some nitty-gritty details to understand the fundamentals of what is case study listed here-

  1. A case study is a research methodology commonly used in subjects like law, nursing and management.
  2. A case study is also a research strategy that investigates real-life context and experiences of target demographic
  3. Case studies should be based on an in-depth investigation of an individual or particular demographic area.
  4. A case study can be an amalgamation of multiple case studies and include quantitative evidence.
  5. Case studies are analysis of persons, groups, events, decisions, periods, policies, organisations and their systems.

How to Write a Case Study? Basics Explained

You have read and searched for a lot of examples of case studies after you have received the assignment writing services. No wonder you want to give the best shot and make the most of the grades. But do you really think there is any reason to follow the structure what others have done?

The case study you are working in is a brain-child of yours. So stick to the plan of staying raw.

You can use the tried and tested case study format of “challenge > solution > benefit”, suggested by the online academic help experts with lots of data by the side. A steer-clear difference will show up!

By saying this, we cannot contain ourselves from handing out some fundamentals that every student should keep in mind while writing-

Don't get too fascinated with finding the perfect format

Experts say that there is no such formula that can help you write the perfect case study. Think of your case study as a creative story and remember that it cannot limit itself into a formula. Take a creative approach to the logical flow of content and follow the required format.

Here’s a sequence the business-gurus often follow:

  1. Introduction: Describes the context for the study
  2. Customer: The focal point of the study
  3. Journey: Steps taken by the organisation  to cater to client needs and success rate
  4. Challenge: Key problem faced by the customer and organisation
  5. Solution: Overview of the product or service offered to the customer
  6. Benefit: description  of the solution’s top advantages and why it’s the right choice
  7. Result: the positive business outcome coming up from solution and benefits

Include actionable insights

Your research through online and offline data sources has provided you with ample data to add and amp up the case study. The connection between the information and your research objective will then paint a clear picture.

Unfortunately, that picture isn't always interpretable for someone reading it. So, put facts with insights. Consider explaining the pieces of evidence and reasons how those have catered specific challenges.

Create a mix of sources

It’s no secret that people remember information differently if served in a variety of ways. As the experts suggest adding information from various online and offline sources, try and create the live link in your case study out of those. Using a variety of information sources in the assignment not only allows the reader to remember and absorb that information better, but it also turns out more engaging.

  1. Add relevant images (sometimes of products being used, and from the customers),
  2. Consider adding a live link of a newspaper article
  3. Video showing the product in use
  4. Create and add charts and graphs to create visually appealing data representation
  5. Infographics act wonderfully to provide punchy data points
  6. Moreover, the storytelling aspect of writing the case study never grows old

A Few Case Study Examples Of The Finest MNC’s For Your Disposal

After all the discussions we had in the above section of this blog, you might have thought about getting some case study examples that could show you the right path of curating a case study. So can visit few of the reputed MNCs of the US - Accenture, Nike, Kellogg’s. 

Check these known brands, and we hope we would find the necessary answers which were looming around. Apart from these, the online academic help services have multiple case study template and case study examples for students ready for the students to avail right away.

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