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Compare And Contrast Essay

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Compare and contrast essay is one of the most popular types of essays students are usually asked to write.  In this essay, you need to compare and contrast any number of things, including theories, books, events, people, etc. This blog will help you understand how to write a compare and contrast essay in no time.

But before that…

Let’s see what a compare and contrast means.

What Does Compare And Contrast Essay Mean?

A compare and contrast essay is all about determining the differences and similarities between two objects or even texts. When you compare, you need to talk about the ways in which both items are similar. However, when you contrast, you need to talk about the ways in which both the items are different from each other.

The thesis statement of the essay should make the purpose and focus of your write-up clear to your readers. This essay usually constitutes of at least three pages. But, the word count may differ according to your university guidelines.

How To Start A Compare And Contrast Essay?

Many students get confused when it comes to starting this essay. Therefore, here is a list of suggestions to make this process simpler for you.

You must choose the topics that you can argue

Get hold of the topics that belong to the same category. instance, you can write a compare and contrast essay on ‘cats and dogs’ since both belong to the category of animals. But, you can’t write the same essay on ‘Mars and cats’ since both are from different categories.

Discuss both topics equally

Remember that you need to talk about the differences and the similarities between the topics. Thus, make sure you evaluate the differences and similarities equally in your essay. Check out compare and contrast essay examples to understand the concept better.

Maintain a proper structure

Your compare and contrast essay should have a solid structure. Here is a basic structure usually followed by most of the UK universities.


This is the opening paragraph of your essay. It should have the following.

  1. General topic sentence to draw the attention of your readers
  2. Brief background information about both the ideas
  3. A thesis statement to present an overview of the points that you will be comparing and contrasting in the paper

Main body paragraphs

The structure of the body paragraphs may vary depending on the way you decide to organise the essay. The organisational methods have been discussed below. Take a look at them and you will be able to write the body paragraphs easily.


This is where you need to reveal the significance of your topic. It should consist of the following.

  1. Transition words or phrases to connect it with the rest of the essay
  2. Restatement of the thesis statement to make it relevant to the introduction
  3. A brief summary of all the points that you have made in your paper

How To Organise A Compare And Contrast Essay?

You can organise a compare and contrast essay with the help of two ways. Let’s take a look at them.

Point-by-Point method

In this method, you need to alternate arguments about the two ideas that you are comparing or contrasting. Check out the pattern below.

  • Point 1- Explain idea A
  • Point 2- Explain idea B

Discuss overall links between A and B

  • Point 2- Explain idea A
  • Point 2- Explain idea B

Discuss overall links between A and B

And so on.

This is the most common method of organising a compare and contrast essay. Similarities and differences are placed next to each other in this case. Therefore, readers find it easier to follow all the points, their similarities, and differences in your paper.


A compare and contrast essay on College and High School [Point by Point method]

Point 1

College is way expensive than high school


The tuition fees in college range from $1,500-2000 per term. College students also need to pay for rent, residence or other accommodation if they are living away from home. Most of the college students also pay for their books which can be anything within $300-$500 per term.

High school

High school students do not have to pay for tuition since most of the high schools are government-funded. They also don’t have to pay for rent, residence or other accommodation. The schools provide the students with necessary books. So they don’t have to pay for the books as well.

All in all, college is more expensive than high school since most of the expenses in the former stage have to be carried out by the students. However, school students needn’t have to worry about a wide slew of expenses such as tuition fees, living costs and books.

This is the example of one body paragraph. You need to write at least three body paragraphs following this pattern if you want to use the Point-by-Point method.

Block method

In this method, you need to present all the arguments related to idea A first. Then you need to compare and contrast those with all the arguments related to idea B. The pattern is explained below.

  • Point 1 about idea A
  • Point 2 about idea A

And so on.

  • Point 1 about idea B (with respect to the arguments made about idea A)
  • Point 2 about idea B (with respect to the arguments made about idea A)

And so on.

Do not forget to present your arguments in the same order for A and B. You can't just summarise all the points for both the ideas and conclude your paper. You must establish connections between the two ideas.


A compare and contrast essay on Vacationing in the Mountains and at the Beach [Block  method]

There are two crucial aspects to consider while vacationing in the mountains. Firstly, it is the climate out there. Mountains usually have cold weather throughout the year. Thus, it might not be a very good option for people who don't like cold weather. Secondly, it is the type of activities people can enjoy in the mountains. From mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking to skiing and snowboarding, you can enjoy a wide slew of activities out there in the mountains if you can withstand the cold temperature.

One has to consider the same two aspects before planning to go for a vacation at the beach. Beach usually comprises of a moderate temperature. So if you are up for a warm or moderate climate, the beach is the right option for you. The pleasant climate also paves the way for different activities such as soccer, volleyball, water bikes, etc. Beach also offers a chain of bars and restaurants for people to go there and have some fun out there.

This is a small example of how your compare and contrast essay will look like if you follow the block method. Make sure you use relevant facts, statistics and real-life examples to make your essay as credible as possible.

Wrapping Up,

Hopefully, now you can write your compare and contrast essay without any stress. Choose a suitable method to organise your essay and complete the paper before the deadline. In case of any queries, have a word with your professors or online experts. Good Luck.

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