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Mastering Calculus: 10 Tips To Score Better

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calculus homework help
 Rakesh   Published On Sep 21, 2022 | Updated on Sep 21, 2022  Homework  0

'Calculus is complicated!'

Do you think so? Do your calculus assignments seem daunting & diabolical? Well, if so, it can be one of the two things- either you do not really like doing mathematics that much OR you are yet to develop the necessary skills to master the art of calculus.

Calculus is easy. But only if you want it to. Hard work, dedication, and insightful learning are three critical aspects of one's journey toward calculus mastery and the tips & insights that follow.

The Marvel of Insightful Learning

So, as you've started learning calculus, how did you grasp its central concepts? What did you visualize, and what ideas formed the basis of your understanding?

For example, do you remember derivatives like this 

Or is the following a better representation of the intuition behind your ideas?

Which of the above do you think of when working on any problem on derivative?

The crux of the matter is that understanding any idea or concept depends upon the insights one develops regarding them. Therefore, it is not enough to note down every concept & example spewed by your professor. Instead, you need to develop your INSIGHTS about them!

It is all about assimilating an idea or technique in your brain so that you become thorough with how it works, what makes it work, how it connects with other concepts, and how it can be applied. Always look towards developing clear and intuitive insights; the only way to do that is through focused, intelligent studying & continual effort.

There are quite a few other crucial things that can help you gain better insights and take you further in your journey towards calculus mastery. Here’s a look at 10 of those critical aspects.

10 Tips To Gain Better Insights & Boost Your Calculus Capabilities

1- Attend All Classes

Your professors know better when it comes to calculus. They can give you crucial hints, clear doubts, and help you understand what's crucial & what's not. Therefore, attend every class compulsorily if you intend to score solid grades. Make it your accountability and responsibility, and you will soon find Calculus classes an excellent resource for learning.

2- Prepare & Study Before Going To Class

Go through the thing that was taught to you in your previous classes to fare better. It is vital to prepare yourself for an upcoming lecture. Go through all notes, read the given assignments, and, if possible, do your own research. Make sure to solve any practice problems assigned and take note of the things giving you trouble.

When you go through the study materials & notes of previous sessions & lectures minutely, upcoming lectures can serve as eye-openers. They will serve to clarify doubts and reinforce & integrate everything you have learned.  

Once you are done with your classes, make it a habit to look at the calculus problems solved & the ideas communicated.

3- Put In The Effort

There's no substitute for hard work. If you are having trouble with calculus but want & know you can do better, dedicate yourself to becoming good at the subject.

There are loads of resources available online on both univariate & multivariate calculus. Look for free ebooks, blogs, online courses, student communities & your institution's discussion forums. Ask about the concepts & problems that you find too complex and do not relent until you have found satisfactory answers.

4- Study in Groups

Group studying can prove to be exceedingly beneficial when it comes to calculus & mathematics. Multiple brains working together on solving a challenging problem can substantially boost the chances of successfully solving it. You will also get to clear doubts, overcome difficulties faster & solve more sums at a stretch.

However, make sure that they spend the time productively. Don’t waste your time and don’t make the group too large. Come prepared so that you do not feel like an outcast. Structure and divide your time appropriately. And, change groups if you find them not productive or helpful enough.

5- Solve New & Challenging Problems

Look for different sources & resources for calculus and  math homework help , solve them to the best of your abilities. Avoid working on the same problems, and do not be afraid to attempt solving more demanding sums.

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAILURE! Instead, take time and be patient, put in the effort, and soon you will find calculus being a challenge no longer.

6- Start Preparing For Your Exams Early

Start your preparations early on if you want to score straight As in your assessments & examinations. Manage your time well and work on all the topics in the syllabus. Practice is crucial, so make sure to set aside enough time to work on different problems and ensure that all doubts & confusions are clear.

7- Limits of Functions- Learn Them Well

In the basis of calculus, you need to understand the limits, functions, and continuity thoroughly if you wish to succeed at calculus—the concept of the behavior of a function when a limit is imposed upon it. Limits of functions define concepts such as continuity, derivatives, and definite integrals.

 8- Test Yourself

Put yourself through rigorous tests and try to come out with flying colors. Participate in mock tests and engage in timed problem-solving. Find out how well you can sustain through challenging and competitive scenarios.

There are loads of online and offline math competitions that can test your math/calculus skills & mettle. To go through a list of some of the most prominent math competitions, go here.

You can also solve exercises from your textbook within a set period as well as from some renowned books on calculus. Here are some great books to test yourself on:

· Calculus: An Intuitive & Physical Approach by Morris Kline

· Thomas’ Calculus

· Essential Calculus by Chris McCullen

· Calculus By James Steward

Go through them and test yourself!

9- Memorize Essential Formulas & Theorems

Both differential and integral calculus have loads of formulas & theorems associated with them. You will have to memorize them as they are applied to almost every other problem. The above list offers a quick glimpse of the most commonly used formulas & algorithms in calculus. Try to memorize them all, as that can help you big time.

integral calculus


And, finally, here’s probably the most vital point of them all! Practice will make you perfect and a better calculus homework solver. So practice diligently, and you will soon no longer need the assistance of any professional calculus homework help. Practice as often as possible, any chance you get, and solve problems from different books & sources. Conquering the different aspects of calculus will no longer seem like a significant challenge when you perfect your ideas through diligent practice. Insightful studying and focused practice are key to mastering calculus completely. 

Well, that’s all the space we have for today! Hope it was an informative & intuitive read for everyone. However, if you think you need some professional assistance, then has the right calculus homework & assignment helpers to aid you.

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