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MBA Scholarships Guide: Funding, Tips & Resources

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MBA Scholarships Guide
 Rakesh   Published On Sep 21, 2022 | Updated on Sep 21, 2022  Assignment  0

An MBA will help individuals achieve their career goals and significantly impact them. The value of an MBA scholarship is immense, as not many can afford it. Financial aids facilitate and encourage students of different backgrounds to do better in life. Getting an MBA degree involves a considerable investment, and not all can afford it. Students might even require MBA Essay Writing Services to live upto their academic qualifications.

What are the benefits of getting an MBA degree?

i. Brighten your CV and upgrade your career

ii. Gain knowledge in the required field

iii. Learn business ethics and skills that fit in the business community

iv. Be updated with the business world

v. Earn more

Enrol now!How can students enhance their MBA scholarship chances?

When applying for a scholarship, students must get some insiders tips and be well prepared to handle different solutions:

i.Reach out to business schools 

This is the best way to get all your queries clear; talking to experts will help you understand the prospects of an MBA better. The experts can shed some light on the application process. They might even come up with some tried and tested solutions to help you achieve your goals.

ii. Mention your achievement 

Any business school is likely to receive many MBA scholarship applications. A student has to ensure that they have to stand out from others. Before submitting, think about what your accomplishments are, and highlight any crucial critical project you worked on in the application. Mention some metrics so that the reviewer is impressed 

iii.Getting a good GMAT score

Getting a good GMAT score is key to being successful. The score might be different from one school to the other. Keep the target school in mind before moving to keep yourself motivated.
Getting an MBA requires students to think from different perspectives and have the insight to resolve complex business issues. In the fall 2022 session, it was seen that the application for students in MBA increased from the previous year. Getting a suitable MBA scholarship might be a challenging task for students. These days there are many options for students to go as per their budget. We list some scholarships below: 
A look into the top global MBA institute offering scholarship

 •Stanford Business School MBA scholarship

 The need-based scholarship for deserving students is considered on income and assets. The students receive fellowship funds also other students can get funded through loans. The fellowship ranges between $35,000 per annum and $70,000 in total.

•Wharton Business School MBA scholarship

The scholarship is offered based on merit. Students from all backgrounds get scholarships. Sometimes a partial or a full tuition fee might be covered. Applicants must go through all the details. The names of the fellowship are Forte Fellowships, Wharton Fellowship for current students, Emerging Economy Fellowships, Prism Fellowship, Romba Fellowship, Social Impact Fellowship, and Corporate and Foundation Fellowships.
 The  MBA financial aid office can be contacted to get all the details.

•London Business School MBA Scholarship

It provides multiple scholarships for students from different nationalities and women. It covers total tuition fees and can also be partial, which might depend on the funds offered. Like the BK Birla Scholars Program, London Business School Fund Scholarships, and London Business School MBA Scholarships for Women. MBA scholarships for Indians and other nationalities are also available.

•Harvard Business School MBA Scholarships

It is the largest scholarship provider for top-tier MBA global institutes. Almost 65% of students get financial assistance from the institute. It also provides need-based financial aid, almost offering $5000 for the full tuition fee. Monthly stipends are also provided.

•Global MBA Scholarship for women- University of London

It is for female students pursuing an MBA at the University of London. It encourages women to study further and candidates must have a graduation degree similar to Uks second-class graduate degree. Additionally, 3 years of work experience are required along with an IELTS or a TOEFL score of 6.5 and 92.

•Boustany Foundation – Harvard University Scholarship Program

It offers scholarships to all nationalities, and financial aid of $102,200 for tuition fees is provided every year. The scholarship is granted once every two years for those opting for a two-year MBA program. The travel and accommodation expenses are also covered.   This scholarship is available after getting an admission offer from Harvard University.
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Getting an MBA scholarship might look tough initially, but if you prepare well from the beginning, the task will get easier. There is plenty of options for eligible students. They can keep checking different websites and subscribe to online resources to remain updated about the scholarship. Take help from various online experts and academic solutions providers if need be to remain ahead in the league.
Go through the above blog to know the norms and conditions required to make it to some of the best B-schools in India and abroad. You are just a click away from your dream.

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