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How To Write Process Analysis Essays Along With Examples?

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Process Analysis Essay
 krishna   Published On Jun 10, 2021 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Assignment  0

So, you want to know the ‘process’ to write a ‘process analysis essay.’ Well, writing this essay doesn’t mean you need to just string all the steps of a process together and call that an essay. It means you need to explain each step such that anyone reading the essay can mimic the process efficiently. Before sharing the guidelines about how to write a process analysis essay, let’s just clear the air about what this essay exactly is.

What Exactly Is A Process Analysis Essay?

A process analysis essay explains to the readers how to do something or how something happens. A business process analysis, for instance, explains the processes required to improve the effectiveness of business operations. Writing a process analysis essay is about explaining a sequence of actions by dividing them into its constituent steps. Like any other type of essay, writing this one too requires proper planning and focus. So, let’s go through all the stages involved in writing an impressive process analysis essay.

How To Write A Process Analysis Essay?

As per expert assignment help providers, the writing process refers to everything that a writer does.From brainstorming about what to write to complete the entire task, everything is involved in the writing process. There are three stages of writing a process analysis essay- prewriting, planning and outlining, writing and revising the draft. Let’s take a look at each stage individually.

Stage I- Prewriting

This is the stage of planning, exploration, and preparation. Essay help experts suggest it is the mandatory stage before you get to the final draft. The steps included are:

  • Choosing and limiting a topic- You need to gather ideas for writing and explore them from multiple angles. It is important to limit a topic since it is impossible to write on a broad topic.
  • Generating ideas-There are three techniques to generate ideas for the essay- listing, clustering, and freewriting. All these techniques let you write the topic and then figure out what you already know about the topic along with what you want to know about the topic.

Stage II- Writing

The writing process is all about planning and outlining. How would you like to arrange the pieces of information in the essay? Keep this in mind and prepare the outline accordingly. Once you have the outline ready, it will be way easier for you to write the entire paper. You can always opt for online homework help if you find it difficult to craft the outline initially.

Tips to prepare the process analysis essay outline of the structure:


  • What is the aim of the process of analysis?
  • How is the process relevant to the topic?
  • Is there some background information about the topic?
  • What result should your readers expect from the process?


  • Explain the entire process progressively.
  • Make sure there’s a smooth flow of information throughout the paper.
  • Describe each step thoroughly.
  • Stick one step per paragraph.


  • Wrap up the details.
  • Emphasize the crucial parts.
  • Do not repeat any idea or include a new idea.

Follow this exact chronology to write your process analysis essay once you are satisfied with the outline. You can also consult with assignment writing services if you are still confused about the outline. 

Stage III- Writing & Revising

The final stage is about writing the first rough draft, proofreading it, and writing the final copy. When you write the rough draft, you just need to write your ideas down without paying a lot of attention to the grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Then revise the rough draft and make the changes necessary to improve it. Keep a check on the logic, unity, and coherence along with spelling, sentence structure, and grammar while proofreading the final draft.

Now you know the steps for writing a proper process analysis essay. What if you haven’t yet figured out the topic for the essay? Thus, here are some informative process analysis essay topics and ideas.

Creative Process Analysis Essay Topics and Examples

  • How to write a comedy script?
  • How to write a funny jingle?
  • What’s the process for creating a hilarious 70s outfit?
  • How to create a bowl haircut?
  • The process of uploading videos on the Internet
  • How to make a fruit cake without eggs and a microwave?
  • How to create a funny cat video?

A Process Analysis Essay Sample

Topic: How To Pick The Perfect Roommate?

Choosing a roommate determines whether you will be able to lead a peaceful life at the apartment or not. You are most likely to sign a lease with your roommate, so you will be stuck together unless the contract ends. Here are the steps for choosing the right roommate to stay with at your apartment without inviting any sort of trouble.

  1. Ask tough questions to your potential roommates

A perfect roommate is supposed to compliment your lifestyle. Ask the person about her work schedule, food choices, hobbies, credit rating, etc. Inquire, but don't pry unnecessarily. See if the answers match your priorities or choices.

  1. Find out about their expectations

Getting a roommate isn’t about your choices only. It is about both of your choices. So, ask the person about what they expect and see if you are able to meet those.

  1. See if that person is able to contribute

You need your roommate to pitch in with your household chores. Also, they should be able to pay half of the rent and bills at the apartment. So, clarify their earnings to ensure that they are able to pitch in whenever required.

It takes some time to find the ideal roommate for the apartment. You mustn’t hesitate to ask questions that matter. Also, run an earning analysis of your roommate to make sure they earn enough.

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