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Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements and Paper

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 John Luther   May 17, 2023  Assignment  0

Are you thrilled or bogged down by the fact that you have to write a thesis paper? If it’s the second, then you must not know how to write a thesis paper. Now, there might be various factors at play here. You might lack insight into the subject matter, unfamiliarity with the format, etc. If you are not aware of how to write a thesis paper or how to write a thesis statement, then you have arrived at the right destination.

In this blog, you will get a detailed insight into the nitty-gritty of thesis paper writing.

What is the Authentic Thesis Paper Format?

Let us first delve into the thesis paper format, as it will guide you on how to write a good thesis. Basically, you will be able to structure your writing and cover all the angles you wish to touch upon.

Thus, you have to include:

  • A cover page
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Motivation
  • Problem Statement
  • Aim of the thesis
  • Methodological Approach
  • Framework of thesis
  • Analysis of existing approaches
  • Literature Studies
  • Analysis
  • Analogy and summary of the approaches
  • Methodology
  • Concepts used
  • Methods
  • Data Methods
  • Analysis methods
  • Solutions
  • Critical Reflection
  • Future Scope of Research and Summary
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography

Now, that we know about the outline, let us get familiar with the thesis writing nuances.

How to Write a Top-notch Thesis Paper?

In this section, we will take a look at how to write a thesis paper following some protocols. But, first, we will take a quick look at the crucial aspects.


It refers to the general content you wish to discuss. It is based on the topic you choose and the thesis statement you provide. You should write a compelling subject to provide insightful information to the readers.


It depends to a large extent on your ability to create an effective outline. Here, you chalk out the subheadings, the different points you wish to include and other minor details.


It refers to the various resources from which you provide validations to the arguments. It can be graphs, charts, tables, statistics etc. You can find the required information in books, journals, blog posts, government publications, etc.


You need the guidance of your teachers, and seniors to put together a thesis paper. They are highly experienced and will be able to provide you with valuable assistance.

In addition to this, you have to remember the following points.

  • Start with an interesting hook and provide a context of the topic
  • Shed light on the materials used and the methods
  • State the methodologies implemented in the research process
  • Solve all the numerical accurately
  • Maintain a smooth flow between the different ideas
  • Verify the facts you state
  • Cite all the sources used in the thesis paper

If you go through the following section, you will get an idea on how to write a thesis introduction. This is because the thesis statement forms an integral part of it.

How to Write an Impressive Thesis Statement?

In this section, you will learn how to write a thesis statement step-by-step. This will help you out irrespective of the subject you are working on. You should:

  • Analyze The Topic

If you want to write an intriguing thesis statement in your essay, you should conduct extensive research on the topic. Most importantly, you need to address the current issues in your statement.

  • Write a Coherent Statement

You need to check whether the thesis statement is relevant or not in the first place. This is because you have to provide arguments in the content that is validated by the thesis statement.

  • Take A Strong Stand

The thesis statement should be debatable and assertive. You should take a stand on the topic you are discussing. Thus, you should be honest about your views and opinions. For instance, you can say that “Young adults are wasting their time by being active 24*7 on social media platforms.”

  • Be Articulate

You should express your point clearly and precisely. Do not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Moreover, do not worry about how the readers are going to perceive it.

  • Refrain from Using “Weakening Phrases”

If you wish to write a strong thesis statement, do not employ terms like “I feel”, “I think”, etc. It weakens your argument, and the sentence loses its impact.

If you were wondering how to write a thesis statement, you should have a conclusive answer by now.

Thesis Statement Examples You Can’t Ignore

Now that you know how to write a thesis statement and the entire thesis paper, let us have a look at some examples. Theoretical knowledge won’t help you out in the long run, unless you start practicing. Only dedicated effort will let you know how to write a thesis statement example.

Topic 1: Teenagers are Falling Prey to Increasing Cyber Bullying 

Thesis Statement: Parents should restrict the use of smartphones and monitor their ward's online activity. It would help the children to fend off cyber bullying and other online threats.

Topic 2: Legalization of Marijuana 

Thesis Statement: Marijuana should be legalized as studies have shown that medical marijuana helps in combating stress, as in the case of veterans suffering from PTSD.

Topic 3: Vegan Diet- Does it Provide the Required Nutrition?

Thesis Statement: As per a study, it has been found that the vegan diet is devoid of many important brain development nutrients. People should not endorse it as they won't get the required protein.

Topic 4: Is Abortion Illegal?  

Thesis Statement: Abortion is illegal as it has several health risks for the mother. Furthermore, it devalues human life and doesn’t give the fetus a chance to live.

Topic 5: Aggressive Music and Its Impact 

Thesis Statement: Aggressive music tends to have a negative impact on the mind of the listener. It induces mental health disorder like depression, anxiety and makes him or her violent.

Now, that you know about the thesis statements, let us check out a thesis paper. The topic is “Empirical evaluation of change impact predictions using a requirements management tool with formal relation types.”

After going through the examples, you will know how to write a thesis on a research paper. And with time, you can write a thesis paper from scratch. 

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