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Top 10 Awesome Tips To Improve Your Math Grades

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 John Luther   May 11, 2023  Homework  0

When it comes to mathematics, most of you lose confidence and tend to procrastinate. At times, you fail to understand the importance of math in your academic life. Although a complex branch of the academic curriculum, math isn’t invincible. It can be conquered if the right steps are taken.

Based on concepts and formulas, having a clear understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics like the BODMAS rule can help you overcome the challenges associated with the subject. When it comes to math, you need to be careful about your approach. There are many formulas to remember, and most importantly you must be very clear about which method to use. If you are finding it hard to up your score in math, here are some strategies that can help you out.


  1. Practice daily


You cannot master Math by reading books. To get better at mathematics, you need to practice more.The more sums you solve, the faster you improve at math. When you solve sums, you learn how and where to apply the formulas. Solve the examples in your textbook and then tally your solution with the book's answer to see how you fare. This way, you will be able to identify your mistakes and rectify them. Begin with the easiest problem in the book and gradually move on to harder problems from your book and check your answer for each one. This is very important if you want to build your confidence.


  1. Read the whole problem


When it comes to math problems, you must be very particular about reading the entire problem properly, so that you do not miss any figures in the sum. Quite often students miss out data and as a result solve the sums in the wrong way. To prevent the same mistake, reading the entire problem before solving a sum. Do not make the mistake of trying to figure it out in your head before writing anything down.Take note of all the variables in the problem and place the values in the formulas properly. Only then should you solve the sum one step at a time.


  1. Review Errors


When it comes to mathematics, the habit of making silly mistakes is your archrival. So, be very careful of silly mistakes. Review the sums multiple times while solving a mathematics paper so that you can eradicate any chances of putting the wrong values, leading to miscalculations. You need to remember that making a mistake can make your efforts go down the drain.


  1. Understand the basic concepts


Before you start doing your math homework, understand the processes and logic to solve the sum. Do not try to memorise the formulas without having a clear understanding of the critical concepts. Give yourself time to learn the basic concepts while doing a math assignment. To improve in Math, devote more time and try to understand the process of solving a mathematical problem instead of avoiding a type of sum that you cannot do. You should not move on to the next lesson just because you are frustrated with one sum. Remember that all math chapters are interrelated and every topic builds on the previous topic. So, get your doubts cleared.


  1. Be careful of the signs


Mathematics mostly depends on the signs of the values, and if you want to score better grades in the subject, you must be cautious about the signs. Mistaking a negative for a positive can make your entire sum go wrong. If you find negatives to be confusing, then learn to make them positive by changing the signs on both the sides. Moreover, double check the signs when you read the sums. Also, copy the sums to solve them accurately.


  1. Know the order of operations


You have heard about the term BODMAS, right? BODMAS refers to the order in which the signs are to be addressed. If the sum has multiple operations, you must be very careful about which set to solve first. Solving the wrong portion might end up with you solving the entire problem wrong. If you find it difficult to understand the formulas and operations, then you can avail live tutoring services from an online assignment help site or hire a private tutor who can guide you.


  1. Keep a notebook at hand


Mathematics has a host of formulas, and it isn't always easy to remember all of those by heart. So, maintain a journal and take note of every little formula in it so that you don't have to fish for the applicable method when you sit to study. Citing an example for every formula will help you understand which ones to apply in which situation. Keeping all your study material in the journal will help you have a better perspective on things. Also, keep a logbook handy when you sit down to solve sums, so that you can note down different terminologies, concepts and formulas of mathematics.


  1. Find a quiet place to study


Most of the mistakes that students make while solving mathematical problems are due to the background noise of the place where they choose to study. Therefore, it is imperative that you find an environment that is devoid of interruptions so that you can study with utmost concentration. Be it a quiet and comfortable nook in your home or a secluded spot in the library - you will be able to do your work quickly because you'll be able to focus and absorb more. Soothing music can also help you. According to a survey, listening to music while doing math helps in building more concentration. However, do keep in mind that loud music can be the cause of the deviation, so opt for softer tunes.


  1. Teach someone to get your concepts clear


If you can teach a friend to clear all his/her doubts, it means that you have a real grasp of the subject. If you study in a group along with your friends, there is likely to be one friend who cannot catch up with what is being taught. Take the initiative and try to help that friend. The process of explaining what you know to someone else and breaking things down into bite-sized chunks will help you enhance your understanding. The act will serve as a revision and help you to realise what the building blocks for the topic are. With better fundamental knowledge, you are bound to score better in your math paper.


  1. Disconnect Socially


In this era of technology, the most common factor that distracts students are the notification beeps of their cell phones. Quite often, students deviate from their academic tasks to answer a call or reply to a text message. Mathematics is a subject that calls for undivided attention. If you leave the desk too many times to attend calls or stop solving a sum to check your phone, you are bound to make more mistakes. So, to have better attentiveness, switch off your phone or at least keep it on the silent mode. Disconnecting yourself socially from the internet will help you study with a higher level of attentiveness.

When it comes to getting better at Math, there are no shortcuts. So, create a routine and get to work today. Conquer all your fears and perform better. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you will surely gain more perspective and confidence in the subject and score better grades in the class.


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