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Tips To Manage Time And Ace Coursework

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Tips To Manage Time And Ace Coursework
 John Luther   Published On Jul 18, 2022 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Homework  0

Coursework is a form of task that requires both time and dedication to complete. However, have you ever wondered why your friend manages to do all the jobs on time while you lag behind? Well, it is because of a lack of time management.

Everybody gets the same 24 hours a day, but some people are prim-and-proper with completing their tasks while others have things spread all over the place. A management homework help expert shares a few simple tips to manage time and ace your coursework every time. So, if you are juggling your daily schedule and want to straighten things up, here are the things to follow.

Reflect On Your Current Time And Task Management Approach

Think about how you usually manage time in your day-to-day life. Be aware of your habits, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to recognise the approaches to make the most of your time and stay motivated.

First, think about your present approach. Ask yourself:

  • Do I usually schedule my projects?
  • Do I like to be punctual and have things completed on time?
  • Is juggling and competing for multiple tasks an easy job for me?
  • Can I prioritize my assignment?
  • Do I use timers or day planners for College homework help?

If your answer is affirmative, you have excellent time management skills in most cases! Next, rethink how you feel about your present approach. Does it stress you, motivate you, or do you think the steps you take are adequate? Would you like to improve on any of these aspects?

Identify demands on your time

A balanced life is crucial to success in academic and professional careers. Students who can manage time for various activities like studying, working on an assignment, part-time jobs, sleep, exercise, hobby activities, and relaxing with friends and families are successful in their life. Identify what demands your time and make time for these activities. Find the average weeks of your semester and map tasks on the calendar. For example:

  • University commitments

    keeping time for weekly readings and content, study time, assessments, discussion forums, webinars etc
  • Other fixed commitments

    paid work, home commitments, sports, clubs
  • Passtime activities

    how much free time do you have? Is it enough to stay healthy?


Once you’ve identified the “time suckers” of your day, decide what tasks can be manipulated and what not. Try organising tasks according to their importance and value. Place the most significant tasks on the left side of your planning chart while the least significant ones on the right-hand side.  

Break tasks down

You may know the saying – "United we stand and divided we fall." – If you unite your tasks, it will be insurmountable; dividing them into bits will make the task more manageable. It will also help you to reach your goals. A trick is to set SMART goals:

  • Specific: You know what you must do. For example, "I am going to look for the databases for six substantial journal articles for a new assignment."
  • Measurable: You can measure it. For example, "I'll look for six substantial journal articles."
  • Attainable: You can actually do it. For example, "I am already aware of how to use the databases and find journal articles - I think I can search for six."
  • Relevant: You must be doing it. E.g. "I need to look for articles for my new assignment."
  • Deadline-bound: You know how long it should take. E.g. "May take thirty minutes for an easy topic, an hour for a complicated one."

Maximise productivity

Making your time studying as impactful and efficient as possible is essential.

Think about:

  • Your best concentration times: morning, afternoon or evening.
  • The accessible sections of time you have: schedule these within your best concentration times, considering your family and home environment.
  • Arranging short, intensive study sessions rather than long, marathon ones: short, intensive study periods mean you can continue your concentration and work quality. Schedule these for 1 hour with short breaks between them. For example:


7-9 am


30 minutes


9.30-11.30 pm


1 hour


12.30- 2.40pm


3 hours

  • Change your study activities: whenever possible, choose active learning strategies, do something with the topics you are studying, e.g. try re-structuring your notes into a flowchart or mind map (active strategy), rather than just re-reading them (passive).
  • Your learning preferences: look for how you like to study and create those conditions for yourself.

Use planning tools

A homework help planner – or simply a planner tool helps you to create an outline for your time and tasks visually. Both online and paper versions are impactful – consider which would work best for you.

  • A semester planner is great for giving you an overview of the entire semester, allowing you to see when your busy periods for assessment will occur. You can spread the workload instead of doing everything at once. Make sure you input assignment submission dates here.
  • A weekly planner helps you to map out your weekly commitments (class, study and personal), consider peak concentration times, and decide when to do things.
  • To-do lists are a great way of keeping on top of your daily tasks. These can be short dot-point lists of things you need to do on a given day. Tick them off as you finish them.
  • Try using the assignment plan to break your assignments down into stages and determine the timeline you need to follow to complete the work by the deadline.

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