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Top 6 Tricks to Make Homework More Interesting for Your Children

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 John Luther   Published On Jun 13, 2019 | Updated on Apr 28, 2023  Homework  0

An average student spends around 7 hours in school, attending classes and learning new things. Now, if you tell him to spend another couple of hours on homework, it is quite natural for him to resist. We have all been there, and some of us even considered homework as punishments. If you don’t want your children to hate you, stop forcing them to do their homework. Instead, make homework more fun and interesting for them.

Yes, it is possible to turn homework into a fun activity for the students. And you don’t need to turn your living room into Disneyland to achieve the goal. You only need a few changes in your approach to make it happen. In this blog, we will discuss tricks and suggestions that can help you make homework interesting for your kids.

Work together:

People say that kids learn from their elders. If you show them how to be disciplined, they learn it better. You can set a timeframe for the work every day. Ask your child to sit with you as you both do your respective work side by side. You can even set up a challenge to see who finishes his/her work first.

You can work on your on-going projects, answer emails or maybe apply for a loan while asking the kid to work on his/her homework. When you share the workspace and work diligently, your child is more likely to follow your footsteps, and finish his/her homework faster.

Try creative ways to help the kid learn:

Reading the plain text and calculating one equation after the other is not exactly a fun thing to do for a toddler. Instead of asking them to read their textbooks and work with pen and paper on a regular basis, try to introduce some creativity in the scene. Since most students find math homework to be intimidating, you should find creative ways to make math more interesting.

For instance, you can bring out the colours and paint brushes, and start painting numbers with your kid every once in a while. You can even bring sculpturing clay and let your child sculpt the numbers with them. Getting history lessons can become more fun if you use that clay to build models of historical characters and use them for storytelling.

Encourage group studies:

There’s a popular belief that group studies involve everything except studying. Well, that can be true in your child’s case if you let him and his friends have a group study without any supervision.

If you want your kid to finish his homework on time while having fun, you need to ensure their group studies are fruitful. So, check in frequently that the kids are doing their homework while having a fun time together. It won’t be easy to conduct. But if you can gamify the lessons, you can see better results from these educational play dates.

Provide a better environment for study:

Homework papers are generally stressful. So, if your kid’s study room seems dark and gloomy, it can contribute to that stress. Make sure the room, where your kid studies, is well-lit and tidy. Obviously, the young one cannot do it on his/her own. You can change the paint of the room to make it look brighter.

Furthermore, you can change the furniture in the room that is ideal for studying. You cannot expect a student to be productive when he/she is studying on a bed or a couch. Provide some good chairs and table for the little learner. And make sure they have the right amount of comfortable.

Introduce rewards for doing homework:

Who does not like a little bit of rewards for his/her hard work? For kids, a small token of appreciation or a reward can not only encourage them to do their homework on time but also boost their motivation.

Reward them with their favourite snack whenever they finish their tasks on time. You can even take them to the theatres on the weekends if they finish all their weekly tasks before their deadlines cross. This way, you will be able to develop the will for studying in your child.

Help them manage their time better:

Most students find their homework to be boring as the tasks get dragged for several hours. You can help them improve their time management skills by developing a productive time table for their activities throughout the day.

With this time table, you can allow enough time for your kid not only to study but also to watch their favourite cartoon, play some sports and attend other extra-curricular activities. Having the right amount of all activities can be helpful in making the kid love the routine as well as the homework help.

In conclusion

You have to play an active part in helping your kid get better at studying. These aforementioned suggestions can certainly boost the little learner's interest in homework. And interestingly, these activities can also improve the bond between you and your little champ.

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