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10 Smart Ways to Get Rid of the Math Test Anxiety

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Math text anxiety
 John Luther   Published On Jan 4, 2019 | Updated on Jul 11, 2023  Homework  0

Mathematics is a single word that’s capable of evoking different emotions among students all around the globe. But whether you dread it or avoid it, it's a subject that you have to study if you want to succeed in your academic career.

In some cases, the fear of solving math problem takes a behemoth shape and results in the psychological response that is known as math anxiety.

If you are at the receiving end of such an issue, don’t fret. Let's discuss the measures at length.


  1. Come up with a personalized strategy to prepare for the test

Having a strategy always helps to bring down the stress. So, while prepping for the test, you can try skipping a problem if you aren’t sure about its process and move on to the next question that you can solve. You can get back to that specific problem later on.

This might sound too obvious, but rarely do students put this strategy into practice. The moment they lose their way trying to solve the math problem, they get too anxious to figure out what to do next. So, it’s vital to follow a strategy for tests. Carry out a little research on different strategies to see which one works best for you.


  1. Focus on honing your knowledge

 The following are some steps to get you through the math test.

  • Revise the previously assigned problems, and also solve new but similar problems in order to develop an understanding of the concepts.
  • Check how much time you are sparing to complete each sum.
  • Make sure to sit through several mock exams. This will boost your confidence by the time you’ll have to sit for the actual one.
  • As you go through these mock exams, pay attention to the areas in which you’ve had the most difficulty or confusion and continuously work on those areas till you absorb it perfectly.  
  1. Never compare your skills with your classmates

You may have a tendency to come home and complain that you will never be as good at math as some of your classmates. But, there’s no point being too hard on yourself. What you must realize is that you’re a different individual and you can learn things at your own pace. Math isn’t a competition.

In such scenarios, parents should refrain from making statements that let the child have the impression that you are drawing comparisons between their own siblings or classmates.

  1. Learn more about the upcoming test

When you have no clue what to expect in your upcoming math test, it is difficult to stay calm. So, have a word with your teacher and learn about the type of questions you can expect. Having this information will allow you to feel less nervous because you'll be more prepared.

Also, check with the teacher whether there are equations or word problems. Many students tend to have anxiety over specific types of tests.

Leave no scope for surprises in the exams. Ask your teacher for a test study guide to help you prepare or prepare a study guide with inputs from the teacher. This way, you can solve any question before the test day.

Every student learns differently. If you think you could use some individual assistance, talk to your teacher about it at the earliest.

  1. Ask questions when you have doubts

The different concepts of math are often linked to one another, and if you can’t seem to make sense in the beginning, it’ll be difficult to get a grip over it when you move with other concepts. Any teacher would want their students to succeed, and it won't be possible for them to know your issues if you don't let them know.

Don’t feel hesitant or embarrassed about asking questions. Think of it this way; if you're confused about a chapter, it's possible that another person in the classroom is also confused.

  1. Start early when you have time to spare 

Rather than desperately cramming for a test the night before, set some time aside each day to study and solve the practice sets. This will lower your anxiety about not having adequate time to learn everything you have to know.

Continuous practice will allow you to remember how to keep your composure and still manage well amidst the tensed environment. Starting early also lets you focus on the concepts that are tougher to master.

  1. Prepare yourself both physically and mentally

Make sure to get plenty of sleep (seven hours at least) the nights before your test. You can also try exercises for relaxation (like deep breathing) and concentrate on positive thoughts that develop your confidence and help you sail through this phase.

Focus on healthy eating before the exam, and don't forget to include protein into your platter. Also, don’t consume caffeinated beverages. Ensure that you’re at class on time; stay calm and focused when the test begins.

  1. Deal with one math problem at a time

It’s quite easy for students to be overwhelmed when faced with a math problem set or test with 25-30 questions in it. Now think of it like this, do you ever try to read the whole textbook all at once? The answer would obviously be no. So, the same thing applies to math. When solving math problems, you should focus on one question at a time.

If you come across a problem that is particularly difficult, skip it for the time being and come back to it later. Solving the easier questions first will develop your confidence for when they get to the complicated ones.

  1. Constantly remind yourself of the positive uses of math

Math has a deep significance in many aspects of our lives, like cooking (proportions and ratios), sports (scorekeeping), home upkeep (calculating quantities of building materials and paint, budgeting), and others. Focusing on the practical uses of math will motivate you to learn math rather than fearing it.

An alternative in this case, is to give your math problem a twist by turning the subject into games.

  1. Look for help at the earliest

If you’re willing to seek math help, you are likely to find most of the resources you need quite easily.

You can find virtual tutors through online service providers. If you’re choosing online services, you have to make sure that your selected tutor has some sort of experience in the domain. These professionals will not only help with the subject but will also build excitement before, during and after the tutoring sessions.

In conclusion

These ideas, when implemented properly can eliminate your fear and anxiety over math. You have to consciously try to follow this advice so that your grades improve.

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