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Is the pressure of citing sources in Chicago style bogging you down?
Get help from our AI-based Chicago referencing generator

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Chicago Referencing Style

Chicago Referencing Style

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Chicago Referencing Generator

Citations help you acknowledge using someone else’s ideas or words in your own work. Chicago style consists of two documentation systems- notes-bibliography and author-date systems. Each system consists of specific guidelines, which can be confusing initially to a lot of students. You may also find it time-consuming to format an endnote or footnote as per the latest Chicago style edition. What if you could complete your citations automatically without having to invest any extra time or effort? Yes, our Chicago reference generator is here to make that possible for you.

Our AI-based Chicago referencing tool helps students create perfect citations in a fraction of the time. The Chicago referencing generator follows the latest edition guidelines to deliver 100% accurate results. Give it a try and submit a well-cited paper in class.

Citations Got 10X Easier With Our Chicago Style Referencing Generator

Our tool covers both the documentation systems

Whether you write your assignment from scratch or you paraphrase someone else’s piece of work, citations are mandatory. You can use our Chicago style referencing generator if you don’t have the time to provide credibility to the original author’s statements and conclusions without plagiarising. Our Chicago style referencing generator takes care of two primary documentation systems such as:

  • Notes-Bibliography System (NB)

This system involves footnotes and endnotes, along with a bibliography. It is mainly used in the humanities department, such as literature, arts and history. The NB system accommodates unusual source types and also provides space for commentary on the cited sources. Our Chicago style referencing generator inserts a superscript number along with a numbered footnote as per your instruction. The Chicago style referencing generator also compiles the bibliography in an alphabetical order, which is presented at the end of your document.

  • Author-Date System

This one consists of author-date citations enclosed in parenthesis. It also includes a corresponding reference list that has full publication information. Science students are most likely to use this system while citing sources. Our Chicago style referencing generator includes the last name of the author, publication date and page numbers within each parenthetical citation. The same Chicago citation maker takes care of all the bibliographic information in a complete list of references.

You may have to use either of these two systems depending on your discipline. Use our Chicago style referencing generator to cite multiple sources in your written work effortlessly. Choose the system you want from our Chicago style reference generator and you are good to go.

Our Chicago Reference Generator Supports All Types Of Sources

Check out the examples below

Unlike other Chicago reference generators, our Chicago referencing style generator is not limited to only specific types of sources. From books with a single author to a dictionary entry, our Chicago reference generator has got everything covered. All you have to do is follow the instructions as mentioned on our Chicago reference generator. Here are some citation examples of common sources students usually use:

  • Notes-Bibliography System

Each citation in this format consists of a numbered footnote, a shortened form of the note and a corresponding entry in the bibliography. Examples of citations from our Chicago reference generator look like:

  • Book with a single editor or author

Example of full Chicago citation in a footnote:

  1. Jenna Williams, The Dilemma of an Omnivore: The Natural History of Four Meals (New York: Penguin, 2005), 98-101.

Example of a shortened citation in a footnote:

  1. Williams, Dilemma of an Omnivore, 2.

Example of bibliography entry:

Williams, Jenna, The Dilemma of an Omnivore: The Natural History of Four Meals. New York: Penguin, 2005.

Website [H5]

Example of footnote:

  1. Jenna Williams, “Get the infographic: Librarians as Tech Leaders,” The Digital Transformation, January 10, 2013,

Example of shortened citation:

  1. Williams “Get the infographic.”

Example of bibliography entry:

Williams, Jenna. “Get the infographic: Librarians as Tech Leaders.” The Digital Transformation, January 10, 2013.

  • Author-Date system

This one includes an in-text citation along with a corresponding entry in the reference list. The examples of citations from our Chicago reference generator are:

Article with a single editor or author

In-text citation

As Williams (2010) suggests,

Reference list entry

Williams, Jenna R. 2010. “The Shadow of Social Institutions: Changing Social Norms in the Workplaces.” Law and Society Review 45, no. 1: 10-48.

  • Website [H5]

In-text citations

(Williams 2013)

Reference List

Jenna Williams. 2013 “Get the infographic: Librarians as Tech Leaders,” The Digital Transformation,

No matter which source you use, our Chicago reference generator is here to cite that for you as per the latest edition guidelines. Besides the Chicago style citation examples shown above, our Chicago reference generator supports other sources too, such as e-books, court cases, dictionary entries, edited books, podcasts, etc. Give our Chicago style footnotes generator a try and get a step closer to higher grades in your paper.

What’s Unique About Our Chicago Style Generator?

Our Chicago style generator is based on the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. From formatting the footnotes to citing the sources in a bibliography list, our Chicago style generator takes care of everything related to citations. We understand how time-consuming and daunting it is to cite sources. Thus, we have brought forth our advanced Chicago style generator to make things easier for you. Here are the unique features of our Chicago referencing generator:

  • Free and easy to use

You needn’t have to be tech-savvy to use our Chicago referencing generator. All the instructions are displayed on our tool. Just follow those and you are good to go. Also, you don’t have to pay anything to use our Chicago style referencing generator. It is completely free.

  • Strictly based on AI

The Chicago style generator is based on AI, machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. Thus, it detects the type of source you have entered and follows the right format accordingly.

  • 100% accuracy guaranteed

As mentioned before, our Chicago style generator works according to AI and machine learning algorithm. So, you can expect nothing but 100% accurate results. Also, our support team is active 24*7 in case you want to clarify your doubts before using the tool.

Our Chicago referencing generator has gained considerable popularity all over the world. What are you waiting for? Use our Chicago referencing generator and get the citations done accurately in your paper without having to try too hard.

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How To Use Our Chicago Referencing Style Generator?

The best thing about our Chicago referencing style generator is that it takes only a few seconds to generate accurate results. Whether you need in-text citations or a full reference list, our Chicago referencing style generator has got your back. Here are the three easy steps to use our Chicago referencing style generator efficiently.

  • Choose the system

You may want our Chicago referencing website to follow either the NB system or the Author-Date system. So, choose the system first from the drop-down menu on our Chicago referencing generator.

  • Provide the details as required

The details may vary depending on the type of system you choose on our Chicago referencing style generator. The common details include:

  • The author’s first and last name
  • Title in italics
  • Edition
  • Publication date and year
  • Page numbers

Read the instructions carefully mentioned on our Chicago referencing generator to get the results you are looking for.

  • Download the results

Finally, download the results without having to pay extra bucks. Attach the citations to your main document and submit the files in class.

Every year, thousands of students tend to lose valuable marks due to inappropriate citations. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to get a solid grip on the Chicago referencing system. Trust the best reference generator for Chicago only at