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Unparalleled benefits of using our page calculator tool

At, we value your convenience above everything else. This is the reason why we have introduced a feature like online page counter tool. The tool was designed to ensure your experience of completing academic tasks remains as hassle-free as possible. On that note, the following are some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you access the online word count tool from our site.

  • The tool is multipurpose
  • Offers a glitch-free experience
  • Optimum accuracy
  • Free access every time

How the Tool Works?

Our page calculator software is extremely convenient to use for every student. In fact, you only need to follow a few simple steps to get the exact number of words that are written for a particular task. The following are the simple steps to follow for using our online word count tool.


Enter the text

Paste the written task in the section 'Paste Text’. You can also input the exact number of words directly in the box and click on the ‘Paste Text’ button to check the character count.


Adjust the font style and size

Then you can change the font family according to the requirement of your paper. For instance, a standard page should have double spacing with font size 12p of Times New Roman.


Adjust the spacing

You can also change the spacing of your texts to single, 1.5 and double depending on your academic requirements.

The built-in word count tool from our website is aimed at providing complete convenience when you approach us for academic assistance.

Frequently asked questions on page calculator tool

What is a page calculator tool?

Like the name suggests, our page calculator online tool allows you to determine the number of pages used while preparing an academic paper. The tool also comes with a word and character count feature. This way, it helps you adhere to the guidelines by your respective institutions. You will get the exact word count and the number of pages with a simple click.
The page calculator tool online from is designed to provide accurate results every time you access it. The tool receives regular upgrades so you will always get the best outcome. We have put a solid emphasis on the accuracy of our online page calculator tool.
Our word counter tool is easily accessible for different types of assignments you work on. You can utilise this tool any time according to your needs. It’s incredibly simple to use, and you will have a seamless experience determining the page number and word count.
The page calculator tool is absolutely free for you. You will never have to pay any additional charges for using the tool. It is one of the notable features on our website. The built-in tool has been introduced to add to your convenience and satisfaction.
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