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Easy To Use, Free Chemical Equations Balancer

Balance Any Chemical Equation In Seconds

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Dreary Equations Made Easier With Our Chemical Equation Balancer

“I love balancing chemical equations for they are so easy!” said no one ever. Sure, you may feel like it when your teacher explains the concept of balancing equations with the classic example of the H2O equation. But when you try to complete the worksheet, you realize it is way tougher than you had given it credit for. Enter our top-notch chemical equation calculator. The team of experts, who have helped create this automated tool, swears by its accuracy. If you want a good grade this term, our chemical equation balancer tool may just be your best bet.

Benefits of using chemical equation balancer:

  • 100% accurate results
  • Quick response timing
  • Built on an advanced algorithm
  • Flexible with all browsers

How it works?


Log on to

Simply visit and pick our chemical equation balancer. Enter any number of element or compound as required for the equation.


Enter the equation

Copy and paste your chemical equation on the tool to begin the process. You can use signs such as ‘=’ and ‘+’ as instructed by your professor.


Balance the equation

Click on the ‘Balance It’ button. The tool will balance the equations according to the latest guidelines of your discipline. Get the balanced solution for your chemical equation within seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chemical equation calculator?

Chemical equation product calculator is a tool used to balance chemical equations easily.
Our chemical equation balancer tool uses an advanced algorithm to deliver 100% accurate results. You do not have to worry about its accuracy.
Over 5,45,789 students have used our online chemical equation balancer to make their work easier. Yes, it is completely safe and reliable too.
You don’t have to pay anything to balance chemical equations on our tool. It’s absolutely free for you.
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