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Discover Why Many Students Rely on Our Online Exam Takers.

Reputed Scholars

You will find an online exam taker from almost every reputed university to cover proctored exams on

Wide Coverage

From school final exams to university exams – we provide online exam help for students of all academic levels.

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You can hire experts to help with online exam whenever you want since our support team is available round the clock.

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We never share your personal details with an online exam taker or even with any third party. Enjoy complete privacy.

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Master Your Exams with Professional Online Exam Assistance

“I wish someone could take my online exam on my behalf.” 

Some would say, “Stop daydreaming! That can’t happen.” We say, “Why don’t you try out our exam services?” doesn’t back away from the opportunity to assist students with any kind of task – even if it includes taking exams on your behalf. After all, let’s admit it. No one likes tests – and for very valid reasons, might we add! After assessing the reasons why students seek online exam helpers, we have compiled the major challenges that recur the most –

  • The inherent fear of evaluations that affect test performance
  • Lack of knowledge regarding a particular subject
  • Inability to figure out the online exam platform


The way we provide exam help differs based on the type of assistance students require. Sometimes, we get questions like, “Can I pay someone to do my homework?” in this case, we assign a homework helper to work on students’ assignments. They use these sample solutions to improve their topic understanding so that they can get amazing grades in exams. But if a student really needs us to help them with a test online, we’re always ready to help.

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Ways to Stay Connected During Your Online Exams with Us

Imagine this – you approach us, wondering, “Can you take my exam online?” We accept the request. Now, during the actual test, you can’t get in touch with our experts. That’s a nightmare that we never want you to experience. So, when you pay someone to take care of your online exams from, we make sure to provide multiple options using which you can connect with your online expert during the exam. 

1. Connect via Chatbot

The chatbot service is the quickest way to get in touch with our scholars. It’s easy to detect on our website, and you can get instant resolution to your queries. 

2. Connect via Mail

We’re always available to take care of all your questions via mail. Drop your queries on and we’ll get in touch with you faster than you can say, “I need exam help!” 

3. Connect via Phone Call

If you can manage a phone call, our test takers are on standby to help you with your online test. Keep us on speed dial! 

Every second is precious during the final exam of your online classes. We’ll make sure you’re not left hanging for an answer.

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Reasons to Choose Our Online Exam Help Service

An online test shouldn’t have the power to send you into panic mode. You didn’t prepare well for the test? Can’t build up the confidence that you’ll ace the exam? This is the perfect moment when you’ll wonder – “Is it possible to pay someone so they can take my online exam?” 

Psst! Here’s a secret – Yes, you can! has been providing online exam help for over a decade now. We’re veterans in this field. That’s why we have these amazing USPs to offer – 

Reputed Scholars 🎓

Top Experts in the USA

Wide Coverage ✅

All Types of Exams Covered

Affordable Prices 💲

Enjoy Discounts & Bonuses

Excellent Policies ⭐

Money-Back Guarantee Offered

Complete Privacy 🔍

100% Confidential Services

All these benefits await you. So, if you’re after academic success, you know where to go for exam help.

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Explore Online Exam Platforms Where Students Seek Help from Our Experts

Our experts are pros in all academic subjects. But when it comes to solving tests for any online class, knowledge isn’t going to be the only determining factor to guarantee good grades. These professionals also need to be well-versed in the exam platforms most commonly used for any kind of online test. Here are some platforms that our experts are familiar with like the back of their hands –

  • Canvas
  • Proctorio
  • Examity
  • Gradescope 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology, and several other universities rely on these platforms to conduct exams. Of course, our experts can’t fall behind. They conduct detailed research about these platforms and note the most common troubles that might crop up during the examination.

What if you suddenly get prompted for an exam password on Proctorio? It might be an issue with the Proctorio installation. Well, don’t worry; whatever the cause, we’ll conduct all the proper troubleshooting steps so that the online test can continue without a hitch.

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Boost Your Grades with Our Expert Exam Assistance

Worried that your grades are going to plummet faster than stock prices? You can pay someone to do online exam online exams instead of you! We’re available 24/7 to provide you with exam help so that you can save your grades while there’s still time. Don’t worry – we’ve been doing this for ages. The only reason students consider us reliable exam experts is that we have an excellent reputation for helping our clients achieve the grades they desire. For example, if any client approaches us, wondering – “Can you solve my math problem for me?” we redirect them to our services like –

Every student who has hired any of these services always says, "I'm glad I hired you to do my math homework.” That’s because we always guarantee top scores. Now, when it comes to providing exam help, we provide the same dedication. Our experts don’t appear for the exam online without any prior preparation. They spend hours mastering specific topics related to the test. That’s how they can guarantee that you’ll ace your final exam.

Improve Scores

Pay Someone to Take My Online Exam: Your Solution for Academic Success

“Can you really take my test?” We never make empty promises. If we say that you can pay someone to take care of your exam online on our website, then rest assured that you won’t return empty-handed. Now, the experts who provide exam help were once in your shoes as well. They know that most students can’t pay outrageous prices just to ace a quiz. That’s why we have kept our prices very minimal to hire pay someone to do my exam. 

As you’ll notice after a quick glance at our website, we do not have a fixed price chart. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple. Every student has different requirements, and we want to make sure that we don’t overcharge them while also ensuring we provide fair compensation to our reliable experts. That’s why, when you ask us, “How much should I pay for an expert to take my online exam?” we consider the following –

  • The academic level of the student
  • The online test for which the student needs help
  • The availability of experts
  • The type of test (proctored/non-proctored/MCQs, etc.)

Don’t miss out on the discounts and referral bonuses we have to offer!

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We Provide Exam Help Service for All Educational Levels

We take quite a lot of pride in being able to provide exam help to students overcome with stress. Now, being anxious about an exam isn’t an experience exclusive to a student of a higher educational level. No one can just assume that a high school student is less stressed compared to a university student. Mental health doesn’t really work like that. Sure, the stakes might be different for both students, but what they experience is the same stress. That’s why we provide online exam helper for all. Let’s take a brief glimpse into the online exams we cover for each educational level – 

1. High school

  • AP exam
  • State test
  • Aptitude test

2. College

  • Open book test
  • Quizzes exam
  • Placement test 

3. University

  • Comprehensive test
  • Cumulative test
  • Video/film project

We get a really common question when we say that we can provide exam helper for all educational levels. Care to guess what that question might be?

“Are your experts qualified to take my online exams?”

 Let us assure you that every expert we hire is well-qualified to take your online proctored exam. Take a leap of faith and see for yourself!

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Subject-Specific Online Exam Help for Your Success

We’ve got all subjects covered at On that note, let’s take a closer look into the most demanded subjects on our website – 

1. STEM Subjects

Our experts who provide science homework help are the ones who can help you out with all STEM-related tests, such as your computer science or math exam. In fact, Ph.D. scholars offering Python homework help and machine learning homework help also take care of any computer science quizzes that might pop up once in a while. Let’s not forget to also give credit to our reliable statisticians who can ace any statistics exam with their eyes closed.

2. Management Subjects 

It won’t take even a second for you to find a well-qualified finance management homework help expert who can breeze through an accounting exam. Besides, we have been able to promise students outstanding management exam help only because our experts have experienced all kinds of management-related tests themselves. Needless to say, they passed them all with flying colors. 

3. Arts Subjects

We don’t fall behind on arts subjects either! If there’s an English exam that needs conquering or a history exam with really difficult topics, our exam service has got you covered!

Explore More Subjects


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the experts providing assistance for online exams? question0

“Will the person I hire to take my online test for me do well?” It’s a very valid concern. Before you hire someone to take your online exam, always check whether they have the necessary qualifications. Most of the experts at have already completed their doctorates. Some even have experience as an educator. They are more than capable of taking on all kinds of tests.

What happens if I encounter technical issues during the exam? question2

If you encounter any technical problems when taking online tests, our support team remains on standby to assist you immediately. Common issues might include failure of the system to recognize your login details, disconnect from the Internet, and difficulty using the system for your proctored exam. Don’t let these issues worry you. We’ll take care of them in no time.

Do you offer assistance for both objective and subjective exams? question4

It doesn’t matter to us whether a test is objective or subjective. We provide online exam assistance for all. Every exam helper on our exam has extensive knowledge in their respective specializations. So, they can easily solve all kinds of questions and write detailed answers, regardless of whether it is objective or subjective.

Can you take my exam for me today? question6

If you can’t appear for the final exam for your online course or any other online quiz for a particular reason, you can reach out to us for help. We guarantee to assign one of our experts to provide immediate online exam help. Even if you hire us at the last minute, we promise that all the answers we write will be top-notch so your grades can improve.

How do you ensure confidentiality and privacy during the exam assistance process? question8

“Will I land in trouble if I pay someone to take my exam?” We assure you that you won’t. When you register on our website, we never ask you to share any personal details. Any information you do share is kept under tight lock and key. No third party can ever bypass our security measures. Besides, we don’t even share your details with our experts.

Can I choose a specific time for my online exam assistance? question1

You don’t have to waste time wondering, “Can you take my online exam for me at a specific time?” Of course, you can choose the time! Make sure to share this detail on phone calls with our experts if you didn't mention it when placing your request. We’ll make sure that our test takers are ready on time.

Are there any guarantees regarding the quality of assistance and exam performance? question3

“Can you do my online exam for me?” – We get this question a lot. Well, the only reason is the #1 service offering online exam help is because we don’t play around with quality. Our experts are dedicated to helping students to the best of their abilities. They take proper preparation beforehand so that they can help you secure good grades.

What is the process for scheduling an online exam help session? question5

“How can I hire someone to take my online exam for me?” It’s simple! You’ll find our request form on the page. Just send us the details of your online exam there. You can also connect with us via chatbot or email. Once we receive the details, we’ll send you a quote, and you can pay for the services using any of our secure payment options.

Can I request assistance for exams with time limits or strict deadlines? question7

Our experts have no issues taking online exams with strict deadlines. In fact, we’re more than used to it. We have solved hundreds of tests with a deadline of one hour or less. You might wonder – “Do I need to pay more to hire someone to take my online test with a tight deadline?” No, that’s not the case with us. The price does not reflect the deadline at all.

What academic levels does your service cover? question9

We provide online exam guidance to students of all academic levels, including those in high school, college, or university. Whether it be mid-term evaluations for your online class or a university entrance exam, you’ll get all types of assistance from our scholars.

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