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 Admin  October 17, 2020  Assignment

APA vs MLA Citation- Differences Between The Two Referencing Styles

If you closely observe the Internet, you will see that it is filled with queries like ‘What is the difference between APA vs MLA citation. Moreover, they also wonder, "Why is referencing esse...

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 Admin  October 14, 2020  Assignment

Reflective Writing Style - Process of Reflective Writing

Reflective writing differs from other standard essay writing. It constitutes a critical examination of an event or observation and its impact on the writer. While writing a reflective essay,...

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 Admin  October 12, 2020  Assignment

IEEE Citation Formats- Basic Formatting Rules & Examples

No academic assignment is ever complete without appropriate citations. And citing sources is quite a complicated ...

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 Admin  October 8, 2020  Assignment

Enticing Exploratory Essay Topics - Tips and Suggestions

Exploratory essay is basically a retrospective of what you write and think while working through a problem. It has different facets to be acknowledged and aspects to be met. Exploratory essay topic...

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