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persuasive speech topics
Assignment Persuasive Speech Topics, Speaking Guide & Trending Topics 2023

The ability to stand tall in front of an audience and deliver one of the many persuasive speech topics you’ll encounter in academia is quite daunting. But once yo...

John Luther Dec 21, 2023
Basic vs. Applied Research
Assignment Basic vs Applied Research: Key Differences with Examples

With the rapid evolution of technology, grasping the nuances of research has become extremely important. Whether you are an expert academic, an IT professional, or simply an innovative individual, ...

John Luther May 17, 2024
Thematic Statement
Assignment Thematic Statement: Writing Tips and Examples

In creative writing and literature, themes play a crucial role in developing the content. As you may already know, a theme is a central message of the literature on which the...

John Luther May 17, 2024
What is Symbolism in Literature
Assignment What is Symbolism in Literature? - Definition, Types & Examples

Symbolism is the practice of the art of using words, phrases, sentences, images, and other content to signify, tokenize or represent some idea, entity or event. ...

John Luther May 17, 2024
Narrative Conventions
Assignment Narrative Conventions & Why Are They Important for Literature

Most people, at some point, connected with a story that they have read. Whether it's Harry Potter or Hercule Poirot, or Atticus Finch, all of us have characters that we have ...

John Luther May 17, 2024
APA vs MLA Citation
Assignment APA vs MLA Citation- Differences Between The Two Referencing Styles

If you closely observe the Internet, you will see that it is filled with queries like ‘What is the difference between APA vs MLA citation. Moreover, they also wonder, "Why is referencing esse...

John Luther May 17, 2024
Reflective Writing Style
Assignment Reflective Writing Style - Process of Reflective Writing

Reflective writing differs from other standard essay writing. It constitutes a critical examination of an event or observation and its impact on the writer. While writing a reflective essay,...

John Luther May 17, 2024
IEEE Citation Formats
Assignment IEEE Citation Formats- Basic Formatting Rules & Examples

No academic assignment is ever complete without appropriate citations. And citing sources is quite a complicated task among high school and college students. It can take weeks to cite e...

John Luther May 17, 2024
Citation of a Poem
Assignment Citation of a Poem in APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard

If you are currently working on a literature or language assignment, the chances are that you have to cite excerpts from plays, poems or novels. If you are citing a poem, that you came acros...

John Luther May 17, 2024
Literature Review Outline and Useful Tips
Assignment Literature Review Outline: Useful Tips and a Step-by-Step Guide

Dissertation writing is often considered one of the most challenging tasks in the academic field, not because it is so long, but because of the fact that it involves a bunch of complicated s...

John Luther May 17, 2024
Emotive Language
Assignment EMOTIVE LANGUAGE: Using Purpose & Examples

Emotive language lets you paint pictures with words. It is loaded language used to elicit various emotions from the audience members. By slightly exaggerating certain words, you can make your reade...

John Luther Apr 16, 2024
Specialized Cells | Definition, Types & Examples - Lesson
Assignment Specialized Cells | Definition, Types & Examples - Lesson

According to research in cell biology, cell biology is a discipline of biological science that consists of the structure, physiology, growth, reproduction, and death of cells. Specialized cells are...

John Luther Apr 30, 2024

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