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 Admin  November 11, 2020  Assignment

Opinion Essay Writing Guidelines with Useful Topic Ideas

Like every other academic essay, the task of writing an opinion essay is delirious for most students. It is a formal writing piece that takes extensive and continuous efforts...

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 Admin  November 5, 2020  Assignment

How To Write A Process Paper – 6 Must-Know Steps

Are you getting started with a process paper but have no clue how to start? Worry not! A process paper is a HOW-TO essay where you have to inform your readers about the steps or explain how to do s...

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 Admin  October 28, 2020  Assignment

How to Write an Exemplification Essay - A DIY Method

Picture this. You’ve been asked to write an exemplification essay by your professor. But when you hand over the paper, you find your grades haven't been satisfactory. This indicates yo...

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 Admin  October 17, 2020  Assignment

APA vs MLA Citation- Differences Between The Two Referencing Styles

If you closely observe the Internet, you will see that it is filled with queries like ‘What is the difference between APA vs MLA citation. Moreover, they also wonder, "Why is referencing esse...

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