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Persuasive Speech Topics, Speaking Guide & Trending Topics 2023

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persuasive speech topics
 John Luther   Published On Nov 28, 2022 | Updated on Nov 28, 2023  Assignment  0

The ability to stand tall in front of an audience and deliver one of the many persuasive speech topics you’ll encounter in academia is quite daunting. But once you look past your initial fear, you'll realise that every person on this planet has innate persuasive abilities.

Instances of persuasion are visible all around, from a child trying to persuade their parents to give them an extra hour before bedtime to a manager persuading a new investor to put faith in their company. The only difference between this form of persuasion and delivering a persuasive speech is the setting and style of delivery.

A Beginner’s Persuasive Speaking Guide

A good speaker captures their reader's attention within the first 5 seconds and continues to keep their engagement throughout the speech. While some of the credit certainly goes to the choice of a persuasive speech topic, the delivery of the speech plays a significant role as well. On that note, let’s go over some of the vital tips you should remember when delivering your speech.

Use storytelling tactics

The primary aim of a persuasive essay is to persuade the audience to agree with your opinion on a topic/argument/debate. However, you cannot achieve this goal when you lose the audience’s focus by bombarding them with facts. Instead, it would be best to begin by connecting with the audience through a relatable story.

Repeat the critical points

When writing a persuasive speech, you are bound to include as many points as possible that will substantiate your side of the discussion. However, when delivering the speech, you should remember to take your time. Repeat the ideas you want to highlight and their importance to drive them home in the reader's mind. Otherwise, the audience will forget everything within seconds.

Be interactive with the audience

If you have chosen a persuasive speech topic that allows you to interact more with the audience, you must take full advantage of it. When you communicate with the audience, it transforms them into active listeners from passive ones.

Don’t leave the audience hanging

A good speaker doesn't merely highlight the problems without offering any solution. You have the power to engage the audience's interest by focusing on the problems and their repercussions in the everyday world. However, by suggesting potential solutions, your speech can motivate others to adopt steps beyond being active listeners.

Now that you’ve glossed over this simple guide, let’s explore some trending persuasive speech topics for you to choose from.

80 Persuasive Speech Topics Guaranteed to Engage the Audience

Spending hours trying to come up with unique persuasive speech topics isn't a feasible option when tight deadlines constrain most students. Thus, this blog has compiled a list of the top trending topics that can help you leave a lasting impression on the listener's mind.

Persuasive speech topics for high school students

  • All schools should receive funding from the state government instead of taxing citizens
  • What is the appropriate age to broach the topic of sex education in school?
  • Forcing students with learning difficulties to keep up with other students in a regular school environment is discrimination
  • Should schools focus on more career-oriented subjects?
  • Are students with high grades always a good representation of proper education?
  • A literate person isn’t always an educated person
  • Art classes are as beneficial as science classes
  • The modern education system takes no responsibility for sub-par education
  • The politics of education – has the close association between politics and education shaped the institutes of the modern world?
  • Should all schools adopt online teaching?

Persuasive speech topics for college students

  • Colleges in the USA should decrease fees to attract more international students
  • The government should forgive education loans for students who show remarkable talent in their fields
  • Does taking a gap year for college matter during job interviews?
  • The sooner you figure out your career goals, the better you’ll be able to focus on college – discuss
  • Is the traditional pen-and-paper mode of teaching in college becoming extinct with technology?
  • All colleges should adopt MCQ form of questions instead of essay types
  • Understanding the fundamental concepts is better than rote learning
  • Books are the only reliable source of knowledge
  • Volunteering and extracurricular activities should play a role in the final grading
  • Colleges should introduce peer-learning sessions

Persuasive speech topics examples on family and religion

  • Should children have the right to privacy in their own homes?
  • Educational institutes should allow students to express their religious faith
  • Growing up in an overtly religious family in a sceptical world impacts young children
  • How does the movie Carriebalance the relationship between family and religion?
  • Working parents who don’t spend time with their children should be reported to CIP
  • Are children from big families more comfortable expressing themselves than those from single-child families?
  • Parents have the right to force their children to choose their religion
  • Children are obligated to look after their parents even if they never received the same attention growing up
  • What is the best form of parenting?
  • Do all women have maternal instincts within them?               

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Ethical persuasive speech topics

  • Should terminally ill people be allowed the option of
  • euthanasia?
  • Discuss whether animal abuse should be treated with more severity
  • Solving the problem of homelessness is a social issue where everyone should participate
  • Should parents monitor their children's internet usage?
  • Is tracking children's location for safety concerns a violation of privacy?
  • All hospitals should ban parents from knowing the gender of an unborn child
  • Politicians should ban ordinary people from accessing guns
  • Should a child be allowed access to smartphones from a young age?
  • Workplaces discriminating against people with tattoos and piercings should update their policies
  • All schools should make ethics mandatory in the syllabus

Unique persuasive speech topics on social justice

  • Social media has warped the concept of social justice – Explain
  • The rise of anti-Asian crimes post-COVID-19 establishes the failure of the educational system
  • Companies should hire more women for leadership positions
  • The government should introduce more scholarship opportunities for minorities
  • Should bullies face expulsion or be given an opportunity to learn the wrongs of their way
  • Social media websites need to curb online bullying
  • Should police activities be tracked to prevent abuse of power?
  • Workplaces should do away with forcing employees to work 6 days a week
  • Every company should provide pensions to all employees
  • What role does society play in battling stereotypes?

Easy persuasive speech topics on science & technology

  • The incorporation of technology in education has ruined learning for students with financial issues
  • The popularity of e-books has led to the decline of bookshops
  • Social media and its role in declining face-to-face interactions
  • All people should have access to smartphones
  • Old age people should be provided mandatory training to keep up with technological innovations
  • Modern industries should use technology to invent more environmentally conscious devices
  • Mobile phone companies should incorporate methods to curb mobile phone addiction
  • Electric cars are the answer to conserving fossil fuels
  • AI technology and robots cannot replace the human workforce
  • Violent video games have a negative impact on young children

Persuasive speech topics on sports

  • How do sports fandoms discriminate against women fans?
  • Should online gaming be considered a proper sport?
  • Colleges should reduce budgets for sports clubs
  • The opportunity for sports scholarships should not encourage students to ignore their studies
  • Football is considered a worldwide religion in the USA
  • How do sports encourage violent tendencies in fans?
  • Should sports be compulsory in all schools?
  • Why is women’s football less popular than men’s?
  • The corruption of major sports events is an open secret Are sports people paid excessively?

Innovative persuasive speech topics on economic

  • Money is the most important thing in a capitalist society
  • The importance of small businesses in a country’s economy
  • Economic recession and its impact on small business owners
  • Does the declining employment rate play a role in immigration?
  • Economics should be made mandatory in all schools
  • Laws to protect workers need to address rising racial discrimination
  • Social media marketing and its influence on economics
  • Students should be compensated fairly for part-time work
  • Unions should have more influence on the economics of a country
  • Immigrant influence on the economics of first-world countries is enough to warrant more rights and protection

These persuasive speech topics provide you with the opportunity to explore unique perspectives. Due to the grey nature of these topics, you can take any stance and work your way towards building a compelling persuasive argument. So, take your pick and start your journey to writing a high-quality speech.

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