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Thematic Statement: Writing Tips and Examples

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Thematic Statement
 krishna   Published On Feb 6, 2021 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Assignment  0

In creative writing and literature, themes play a crucial role in developing the content. As you may already know, a theme is a central message of the literature on which the whole literature is based. While it may sound similar to the subject of the content, it is an idea that the author needs to express about the subject.

If you understand the theme, it will be easier for you to understand what is a thematic statement. In the simplest form, it can be explained as a general sentence which focuses on the crucial elements such as plot, characters, and specifics. While writing a thematic essay, you may need to prepare a thematic statement.

What Is the Purpose of a Thematic Statement?

A writer generally writes such a statement as a part of his/her course, thesis or essay. Since a literary work may contain more than one theme, you need to understand the fundamental connection between the whole literary work. The main purpose of a thematic statement can help you interpret and develop your content in two different ways.

  1. It offers a clear and simple interpretation before you start writing.
  2. It gives a summary of your interpretation.

If you look at the purpose of the thematic statement, it is actually quite similar to a regular thesis statement you need to write for your academic papers.

Characteristics of a Good Thematic Statement

A good thematic statement should be able to give an overview of the work. However, it needs to be specific enough to convey the unique interpretation properly. Here are a few guidelines that you should follow to state your interpretation in an engaging manner:

  • While developing a theme, you need to express the whole work in a single sentence. In other words, you need to simplify the meaning to fit all that information in a single sentence.
  • The theme needs to describe the general meaning, and not the specific characters, events, or actions. As a writer, you need to express the central idea through word choice, structure and other rhetoric elements.
  • The statement should also reflect the values of the entire work. You can use abstract words to state the main idea as such words often describe concepts such as love, compassion, gratitude, etc.
  • While writing a thematic statement, try to incorporate the abstract ideas with the comments reflecting your views. It will help you express your thoughts about the abstract idea.

If you comply with these guidelines, you are more likely to develop a better thematic statement.

How to Make a Thematic Statement?

Surprisingly, there are no specific rules when it comes to creative writing. However, you can use a few steps to describe your preferred characteristics of a thematic statement. Here is what you need to do to develop a thematic statement.

  1. Study the whole work thoroughly:

Read the entire work thoroughly and note down the writing style, plots, characters, and try to capture all the human perspectives. It will help you create an original interpretation.

  1. Identify conflict areas and central ideas:

A majority of the stories have a conflict of ideas. You need to identify the values, motives, and interests that will help you understand the nature of the conflict. Furthermore, it will guide you to the central ideas and the values that form the story.

  1. Focus on the core message:

Thematic statements convey the message of the complete work in a single sentence. So, you need to discuss what the results are instead of talking about what happens.

  1. Getting the gist:

You should get a clear picture of your story in mind by performing the aforementioned process. Try to develop a sentence containing all the crucial aspects of your story and then refine it.

  1. Do not give out specifics:

You do not need to mention what actually happened in the story while developing the thematic statement. Instead, focus on answering why everything happened. Try to make sense of all the happenings in the story.

  1. Avoid absolute statements:

Do not make absolute statements unless you are 100% sure about them. However, you can mention them in cases where you are sure about their authenticity.

  1. No moral edict:

Avoid transforming your theme into a moral edict. Instead, present it in a way that it reflects the real thought within the story. Also, do not mold the original idea into something different.

  1. Avoid clichés:

It is always recommended to be original and avoid clichés at all cost. Present your own opinions instead of using a popular punchline.

With these steps, you can develop an impressive thematic statement. It will be easier for you to absorb all the information if you get good thematic statement examples.

Here are a few examples of thematic statement that you can use for reference.

  • The fear is sometimes more dangerous than danger itself. (Theme of “Finding Nemo”)
  • True heroism requires complete and utter selflessness. (Theme of “The Dark Knight Rises”)
  • Love is more powerful than hate. (Theme of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”)

With these thematic statement examples, you can hopefully derive the theme statement template. However, if you still need help with drafting the thematic statement or the whole thematic essay, do not hesitate to ask for help.

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