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4 Effective Steps To Curate An Incredible Problem-Solution Essay

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 John Luther   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Essays are part and parcel of a student's life. Unfortunately most students often get confused while writing an essay. This is because there are so many various varieties of essays that they encounter during their academic career. While some students possess stellar writing skills and can craft an impressive essay many students prefer reaching out to an essay writing service to improve their grades.

Problem-solution is one such essay type that most students encounter regardless of their academic background. It is an essay that requires a student to unveil the various problems associated with the topic and find appropriate solutions for it. Most students admit that this essay always gives them a hard time and they approach a professional mba essay writing service provider to ease their pain. Most students feel that it is not the research that causes trouble but the concept itself. Understanding the topic and finding out relevant solutions is the biggest challenge that students are unable to overcome.

Since problem-solution essays contain several valuable ideas that might develop your research work progress in the future the writing needs to be creative. Unfortunately most students lack this as racking their brains for innovative ideas might not always be fruitful. Therefore to avoid their lack of writing skills affecting their grades they look for a write my essay for cheap to help them out. If you also find yourself in a similar situation here is a 4 step guide created especially for you to stay ahead of your class.

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  1. Pick A Topic And Conduct Research

The first and foremost step for writing any type of essay is to pick a topic and define the core idea for yourself. For a problem-solution essay it is a little harder than others. This is because you should choose a topic with problematic elements and add your own perspective towards offering outstanding solutions. Next pick out topics that will give you enough data information and evidence to support your arguments. If you cannot pick a relevant topic reach out to experts who provide homework essay help online. Start by thinking about issues that annoy you and are appropriate to your discipline. You can also conduct a brainstorming session to list all possible topics that emerge from your mind before narrowing them down.

Most students cannot pick an impressive and unexplored topic for themselves which is why they prefer to buy essay from an essay writing service. You can also categorize your topics among several groups like people sports hobbies etc. and make a list of all the problems you encounter with these groups. Once you are done selecting your topic here are certain things you need to do before actually writing it:

  • Describe your problem and convince the readers that your issue needs solving.
  • Explain the proposal for a solution and agree that this is the best possible solution by refuting any objection.

Once you have picked the problem that will act as the central element for your essay it is time for you to do your research. Try to find out any relevant information facts statistical data materials etc. that will support your discussion. Here is how you can conduct research:

  • Identify your subject and look for literature that clarifies the subject and clearly defines the issue.
  • Distinguish genuine and credible materials from fake ones and make notes for any information that sounds relevant and essential.

Most students find it challenging to hone their research skills and gather information and this is when they reach out to online college essay help experts for better assistance.

  1. Outline Your Essay

Once your topic is decided it is time to outline your essay. Drafting is an essential step that most students skip in the rush of finishing the paper and need to reach out to online college essay help for guidance. When tight deadlines are haunting you it is quite natural for you to take shortcuts and finish your essays as soon as possible. However completing an assignment in a hurry can result in incorrect or incomplete papers. This is when most students prefer using essay typer tools to avoid any mistakes.

Most students feel outlining an essay can be time-consuming. However it will not take more than 30 minutes of your time. Moreover the outline is meant to save a lot of time while writing your essay and you will not feel the need to approach a college essay writing service. The outline of a problem solution essay looks something like this:

  • Introduction

  1. Start with a hook statement or a catchy line or anecdote.
  2. Transition seamlessly between your sentences and provide a brief backdrop of the problem you will be dealing with.
  3. Write the thesis statement and cover the main idea of your essay.
  • Problem Paragraph

  1. Start with a topic sentence where you will address the particular argument for your problem.
  2. Mention the causes and the history of your issue with enough transitional sentences.
  3. Create enough evidence by using examples to discuss your essay's consequences and probable effects.
  • Solution Paragraph

  1. Discuss the possible solution options and provide solutions in detail.
  2. Give supporting evidence by using graphical representations and visuals.
  3. Mention both the positive and negative points for the solution that you have provided.
  • Conclusion

  1. Provide a brief summary restating all the vital elements of your essay.
  2. Provide future perspectives in accordance with your research.
  3. Detail your final thoughts and offer a call to action for your audience.

Most students often find it challenging to work on their thesis statement or summarize their conclusion. This is when they take to the internet asking “Can anyone write my college essay?” the main essence of your problem-solution essay is to keep it concise yet provide all the information on details. Don’t make false claims that you cannot support with evidence.

  1. Draft Your Essay

This step requires the most effort and concentration from your side and can often be time-consuming. Students who skip the outline often find it challenging to write a perfect essay and adhere to all the guidelines. This is when they feel the need to look for an essay rewriter tool or ask “Can someone rewrite my essay?” Hence if you have an outline laid out in front of you it will be much easier to incorporate all the information without missing any details. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while writing your essay:

  • Alternate your ideas claims and thoughts with supporting evidence and visual representations to make them reliable and convincing.
  • Write down all the sources citations quotes as you write your paper instead of waiting till the end to favorite everything at once.
  • Focus on the topic you have selected and concentrate on your thesis statement without diverting.
  • Ensure to have enough time for yourself to write the paper and review and polish it in the end as per requirements.
  1. Polish And Proofread Your Essay

Proofreading is the final and the most crucial step of your essay writing process. Since most students don’t possess efficient editing tools they often look for essay rewriter online tools to exempt themselves from making any mistakes. Editing and proofreading are all about identifying the errors and correcting them in the process. Most students also like to put their faith in homework essay writing services to get this done. These homework essays help providers have proficient editors who can identify all the grammatical spelling and typos errors your essay might have.

You also need to make sure that you have mentioned all the sources of evidence you used during your research process. Take a note of the citation and referencing guidelines. Moreover don't forget to check the word count requirements and cross-check if you have met your question's needs. Proofreading and editing can make your essay extra polished leaving little to no chances of errors popping up. If you feel you are exhausted after writing a lengthy essay and require a fresh pair of eyes for help reach out to free essay homework help providers and get your essay checked for free.  

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