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50 Brilliant PhD Nursing Research Topics 2022

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Nursing Research Topics
 John Luther   Published On Aug 31, 2022 | Updated on Oct 11, 2022  Assignment  0

Planning to join the nursing college? Well, the bulk of your work will hugely include crafting research papers to demonstrate your comprehension of numerous aspects and preparedness as a nursing professional. Put it this way- if you aim to be successful in nursing, you need to get your every nursing research paper right.

The most significant aspect of a research paper help is its precision and focus, where the subject matter must be detailed, highlighting specific objectives and the research aims. Choosing an intriguing research paper topic is a crucial part of the research and the very first step toward a relevant, detailed and original study. It can spark further analysis and help you make a valuable contribution to the field of study.

But, there remains an abundance of topics that you can dive into. So, how to make the right choice and make sure you’ll hook the readers successfully? Which topic can help you make more value to the community?

If you are one of those million students who consider coming up with excellent nursing research paper topics to be a daunting task, there’s no need to look far and wide. Here, we will walk you through certain trending and interesting topics that will enable you to sail through your nursing research papers effectively like an academic champion.

Let’s get started!

3 Vital Tips To Choose An Intriguing Nursing Research Topic

According to the best minds associated with nursing assignment help services, choosing a quality and inspiring nursing research topic can be daunting. This is primarily as the variety of possible choices is simply too large.

However, don’t worry; here are certain simple strategies that will enable you to select the theme that’s perfect for you-  

  • Don’t Go For Large-Scale Topics

You must never waste your energy on massive topics. Rather, choose narrow, evidence-based ideas to help you concentrate on one issue.

  • Use Personal Experience

One can never be informed about all aspects of medicine. Thus, when you write about a topic you have no experience in, you increase the chances of getting bogged down in hours of tedious research.

Ensure to remember what issues you faced yourself. This way, you will already have a basic knowledge of the topic you are working on.

  • Go Through The Review Literature

A wide variety of ready-made research on a topic will be an excellent help in writing about it. Try to do a systematic nursing topics review to come across numerous examples. This doesn't imply you must copy the work of other medics. On the contrary, it will be an excellent opportunity to highlight additional info.

Thus, before you decide on a nursing research topic, know how much information is ready on a subject matter in the public domain.

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Inspiring and Unique PhD Nursing Research Topics

If you're striving to zero in on a topic that will amp up your nursing research paper game by notches, you can take your pick or draw inspiration from the ideas provided below. You can be assured of securing those much-coveted brownie points with any of these-

  1. Explain the role of technology in enhancing the quality of nursing care
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of empowering nurses to prescribe
  3. Stereotypes of nursing-Discuss
  4. Issue of systematic racism in the healthcare system- Explain
  5. How has nursing changed in the 20thand 21st centuries?
  6. Explain- The significance of nursing staff in primary care
  7. Discuss- Priority of cancer in adults
  8. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research in nursing
  9. Explain the means of nutrition enhancement in the homes of old people
  10. Discuss the peculiarities of returning to nursing after a long duration without practice
  11. Ways nurses can improve the public perception of hospital-based care
  12. Discuss the ways of coping with food refusal of elderly people
  13. What is the importance of reflection in the nursing practice?
  14. What are the ways to overcome fear during work in state correctional establishments?
  15. Explain breast cancer treatment and prognosis
  16. Discuss infertility ethical rules
  17. What are the challenges of menopause?
  18. Discuss issues and risks in the clinical management of patients with prostate cancer
  19. What do you think are the leading causes of heart disease?
  20. Describe the issue of an overabundance of information noise in the modern era
  21. Discuss the causes of mental illness in women
  22. Present a detailed evaluation of methods of assistance in suicide attempts
  23. What are the benefits of taking probiotics for the treatment of diarrhoea?
  24. Describe the methods for evaluating pain in critically ill patients
  25. Explain the statistical analysis of the advantages of diets
  26. Discuss the significance of self-care nursing in paediatrics
  27. Explain- Childhood obesity issue
  28. Discuss the crucial features of vaccination of minors
  29. What are the major causes of diabetes in young people?
  30. What are the causes of increased fatigue in adolescents?
  31. How to prevent HIV in adolescence?
  32. Discuss the relationships between music therapy and phlebotomy
  33. Describe the methods for evaluating adolescent behaviour
  34. Significance of health promotion in paediatrics
  35. How to reduce the risk in children receiving oxygen therapy?
  36. Ways a healthcare professional can tackle adolescent aggression
  37. Discuss the basics of paediatrics
  38. How to diagnose ear infections in childhood?
  39. What are the common causes of Tourette’s syndrome in children?
  40. Discuss the methods for diagnosing asthma in children.
  41. How to avoid obesity in adolescents?
  42. Ways to link diet with behavioural changes
  43. Explain age-related changes in health- Cardiovascular system
  44. Discuss the effects of ageing on the immune system
  45. What are the risk factors and diagnoses of urinary tract infections in elders?
  46. Consequences and impacts on organ systems- Malnutrition in elders
  47. Discuss- 'Diet as a risk factor for dementia.'
  48. How to improve oral care for elder people?
  49. Discuss the main risks associated with early pregnancies
  50. Benefits and demerits of delivery with a partner
  51. Explain the factors that cause the pregnancy to go beyond the 40th
  52. Discuss unhealthy habits during the first trimester of pregnancy
  53. Assess the impact of culture in nursing
  54. State the benefits of collaborative nursing
  55. Discuss the challenges that stand on the path to becoming a certified nurse
  56. Explain the ethics of adopting internationally trained nurses
  57. Explain how male nurses offer intimate care to female patients
  58. Evaluate foetal pain perception by medical experts
  59. What are the best practices to manage pain during labour and delivery?
  60. Evaluate Benson’s relaxation therapy for pain management
  61. Evaluate US policy on acute dental pain management in children
  62. Evaluate the effectiveness of non-pharmacological methods of pain relief for adolescents
  63. Should doctors and nurses have equal opportunities?
  64. Discuss the treatment methods used by various nurses and doctors.
  65. Compare the training process for nurses and doctors

Well, that’s all for today, peeps! Hope these nursing research topics offer plenty of inspiration. Once you are done choosing a topic that is relevant, debatable, intriguing, adds value, and worth discussing, dive deep into the writing process. Outline your opinion, conduct research, and get started!

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