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Best College Essay Examples

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 John Luther   May 17, 2023  Assignment  0

Every student wishes to have a dream start to their college life. But to make it happen, they have to go through a rigorous admission process. Now, one of the many things that make the process of admission rigorous is writing college admission essays.

You are asked to write these essays so that the admissions committee in your chosen college or university gets a better idea whether you’re suitable to be accepted in their institution or not. Considering there are thousands of applicants vying for a spot, you have to make sure your essay makes a solid impact out of all other essays submitted.

But the all-important question is, how to prepare a college essay that attracts the attention of the admission committee? If that's the thought playing on your mind, read through these college essay examples for inspiration.

Sample college essays

To help you provide more clarity, we have prepared a few college essay examples that you can take inspiration from. Reading through these good college essays will motivate you to produce brilliant essays of your own.  

Example #1:

Thus the voice is never stifled

As I stood in front of a room full of children, I realized the importance of the responsibility that was entrusted upon me. I had seven months to teach these children the basics of public speaking. They were inexperienced, quiet, and monotone, and in many ways, they reminded me of myself.

I was born with speech difficulty and couldn't speak without stuttering. My speech was often illegible. Naturally, I grew up quiet. Although I did my best to fit in at school, I was silent by choice. For a long time, I preferred isolation over socializing. For five years, I had to undergo intense speech therapy to instill some confidence in me.

By the time I was in high school, I had got sick of how stifling my quiet nature had become. So, I decided to let go of my inhibitions finally.

Most activities in school didn’t seem appealing, but then I sat in on a debate team practice and was instantly drawn to it. I was amazed by how confidently the speakers put their point across. I knew this is what I want to take up. I also couldn’t help but realize the irony in the choice I made.

Of course, I faltered, and after a point, I stopped counting how many times. Whenever my turn came, I felt uncomfortable with the spotlight on me. It was agonizing; I stuttered more than I talked in those first few weeks.

Nonetheless, I wasn't going to give up and invested more time to practice. I learned from my seniors and opponents and changed my style through the hundreds of rounds I lost. While practicing, I delivered a single speech dozens of times until I got it right.

Slowly but steadily, I began talking a little louder. In a few months, I no longer froze whenever it was my turn to speak in class. I could look at other people in the eyes when I talked to them without feeling embarrassed. This new-found confidence even reflected in my overall body language. I began to share my opinions freely. Even my school performance started improving, and I began interacting with my teachers more. In discussions, I presented my ideas with every bit of conviction like my classmates. At heart, I am still reserved, but through this incredible journey, I found a strength I could only dream of when I stood in silence many years ago.

So, when I looked at the crowd of students in front of me, I only hoped to give them an experience that was as empowering as mine had been. As the weeks passed, I found these students moving past the insecurities and towards finding their voices. And then the day came when I looked up and saw each of the students standing confidently, ready to speak their heart out. Much like me, they have also come a long way from being quiet and stuttering newbies that they were just seven months before, and I know in my heart of hearts that the sky is the limit for them.

Example #2:

Superheroes live among us

Legends and comic books feature mystical and powerful superheroes; from outspoken powerful Amazonian goddesses to intergalactic warriors, and sole survivors of a lost planet. As a child, I was fascinated about testing my ability to fly, battling demons in close combat, and save people in distress. In fact, whenever I was asked what I’d like to be when I grew up, I was always determined to be a superhero.

Even after growing up, my fixation for superheroes never really dwindled. I witnessed my peers in class idolizing people who loudly fought inequality, who rallied and shouted against discrimination. My superheroes didn't do any of those; they lived an ordinary life and yet they have left a legacy for me and my future generations to follow. And it took me seventeen years to realize that I have lived among them all my life.

This realization didn't come all of a sudden; there was no thundering revelation. It came to me while I was rummaging through photographs that I'd taken for a women’s day special article I wrote for my school magazine. That was when I came across a picture of my grandmother teaching a room full of kids. There was another picture of my mother taken while she was working in the office. Incidentally, I was writing an article about women that influenced my community.

It was then that the definition of a superhero became clear to me. I realized that all through my childhood that I spent buried my nose in comic books, enamored by the caped crusader or the son of Krypton, I was oblivious to the everyday heroes. All those years, these women in my family have challenged the preconceived stereotypes surrounding women, waged a silent war against the patriarchal mindset, and emerged a winner. In that moment of clarity, I realized how blessed I have been to have these phenomenal women around me. I realized I didn’t need to look at comic book superheroes to derive inspiration.

After that revelation, the idea dawned on me, and I decided to write about my everyday superheroes, i.e. my grandmother, mother, sister, or aunts. I decided to highlight their achievements at home or outside.

My grandmother was the embodiment of a true woman of substance. Coming from a humble background, she completed her education and decided to pursue a career in teaching. By the time she completed her education, she was married, and by societal norms that then prevailed in my community, her sole focus should have been to raise her family. But she didn’t let her dreams and ambitions clamp down under the pressure of society. She chose independence that too while embracing the trappings of family life. She brought five children of her own, and at the same time, helped shape countless young minds in my community by imparting education. Even after being a wife and a mother, she found a way to contribute to her community.

My mother has been a working woman since the time I joined pre-school. As a child,I would pester her to stay home, and I would wrap her in an embrace, hoping that she would stay put, but she didn’t. Oh! What I wouldn’t give to keep her close to me all the time. I used to ask her, "Why do you have to go to work every day?", and she would tell me, "One day, you would understand." And on that fateful night just before women’s day, it all came back to me.

It was their influence that helped me find my purpose. It helped me understand that I too am capable of contributing to my community and inspire other girls like me and help them realize their potential. It was their influence that led me to work with a non-profit organization that provided education to underprivileged children.

So today, as I prepare myself to embark on this new journey, I carry their legacies with me and will continue to inspire the people around me to lift each other. And yes, I still believe in superheroes and know that they live among us.

Example #3:

Trust with parenthood

In most parts of the world, the legal age to attain adulthood is 18, but in my opinion, adulthood comes through responsibilities, sensibilities, and most of all: parenthood. Ask any parent, and they’d tell you that it’s a joy to witness their children grow and flourish. But the thought of having my own was terrifying, and I wasn't prepared for it at all. Then it didn’t take long for my perception to change.

I wasn’t ready for my first one, Nigel, but now my world revolves around him. Today, I am a parent of seven beautiful plants. Within my small family, I have four lilies, two peonies, and one azalea. They have scientific names, but I don’t use them unless I’m upset and my motherly instincts get the better of me. You may ask, “How does a person become the parent of seven plants?” and I can only respond with a story, my story.

It was an ordinary afternoon when I came home from school and found adew-splattered sapling perched on the counter. Noticing my eagerness towards this new addition to our household, my mother carefully explained that he was our new plant. Over the next few weeks, my fascination with the little one grew, and eventually, he was moved from the living room to my room. In all sincerity, I didn’t have an ideal start to parenting. I would give Nigel water to drink if I found his leaves to be drooping more than usual, and that was the extent of my efforts as a parent. Come winter, around his half birthday, Nigel suddenly got affected with a mysterious ailment. His stems curled, and a few of his leaves began drying up. After carefully examining him, I concluded that not only was the lake water I had been using contaminated with some kind of root-eating larva, but he had also got aphids. It dragged me down to the harsh reality of the situation; I had a plant that I was obsessed with but knew nothing about.

In my desperation to keep the lilies alive, I began to contact other plant enthusiasts to help my poor Nigel. And as it turned out, a close friend was also a plant caregiver and well versed in plant care. His advice, along with some new dirt and the horticulture section of the school library, allowed me to nurse Nigel back to health. He regained his strength and shortly after the winter incident; I adopted Angela, another lily. Then came Nancy, my first peony. Consequently, I welcomed a few more lilies, peonies and the azalea from my cousin when she left for college. This brought my family’s size to the current seven.

My greatest accomplishment of being a parent to Nigel is that he opened the door to the world of botany for me. I’d have never invested so much time learning about knowing the chemical balance of plants if not for taking care of him. I have loved learning for his benefit, be it discovering the best fluoride-free water, finding the ideal amount of sunlight, etc.

I also love the rarity of being a parent to Nigel. People do have their judgments, but I’ve also noticed many are genuinely curious, and I am always open to questions. Ultimately, I love how Nigel has forced me to adapt. This was the most significant lesson that Nigel and friends taught me.

Parting thoughts,

Now that you’ve read through the post, hopefully, you’ll find the inspiration to write your college essays that work like magic. Remember, preparing your college essay doesn't have to be gruelling if you’re sure what you want to convey.

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