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 Admin  January 4, 2019  Homework

10 Smart Ways to Get Rid of the Math Test Anxiety

Mathematics is a single word that’s capable of evoking different emotions among students all around the globe. But whether you dread it or avoid it, it's a subject that you have to stu...

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 Admin  December 31, 2018  Homework

The Discourse Against Homework - Concerns and Solutions

The debate against homework is quite common among students, parents and teachers. Most of the teachers run the risk of complaints if they assign too much homewor...

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 Admin  November 27, 2018  Homework

6 Incredibly Effective Ways to Make Math More Interesting for Your Child

Mathematics is often associated with complicacies. To be honest, it is nothing but a notion which has given rise to misconceptions and instilled a sense of fear among students. As a child, I...

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 Admin  November 13, 2018  Homework

How to solve a cubic equation easily

Tracing back to the 1500s, the method for solving cubic equations was founded by two Italian mathematicians. Algebra is in itself a challenging subject, but it is in solving cubic equations ...

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