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Conclusion Starters: How To Write A Conclusion Properly

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

When you read a good book, one of the many things that make it unforgettable is the way it ends. You’ll find yourself pondering over the end for days, as you go through your mundane life. This is the power of an impactful conclusion. Now, the treatment of your academic paper will certainly be different than that of a book, but the conclusion still has to be powerful. This is why it's imperative to start your conclusions on the right note.

Whether you’re writing an essay or a research paper, you should focus on presenting the conclusion so that it lingers in the minds of the readers. On that note, we have elaborated on some conclusion starter tips that you’ll find helpful.

  1. Begin with a proper transition

If you are writing a conclusion to an essay or research paper for college, it's crucial that you know the purpose of a conclusion. Your conclusion shouldn't only rehash the major ideas of your paper in a way that’s disconnected from the rest of the written text. It should flow naturally and be written in a manner that your readers expect you to conclude when you do. This is why transitions are good conclusion starters.

To maintain this flow, you should present a sentence that relates the conclusion to the main body of the text. This statement should reflect the content of your paper but also connects it to the broader context that you’ll elaborate further.

  1. Revisit the thesis statement

Rehash the thesis statement at the beginning of your conclusion, and also explain what the reader should take from your paper. When you recall the idea you expressed in your thesis statement, you can more effectively discuss the associated points and evidence that support your thesis statement.

Let’s say your thesis statement is, “Allowing a longer period of recess makes students more willing to learn in class.” You can rephrase the statement as, "Evidence highlights that letting students enjoy a longer period of recess makes them more eager to take part in the learning process.”

  1. Go beyond writing a summary

While your conclusion is a good place to briefly sum up the essential points of your paper, you shouldn’t focus solely on the summary. It's vital to indicate that your academic paper is coherent and all of your points connect together.

Rather than mentioning every point one by one, try to sum up your ideas in a way that highlights how the various threads of your ideas are connected with one another. This serves as a good conclusion starter tip for college essays papers.

A short summary can be helpful in a lengthy paper but don't simply restate what you have said using the same terms. Instead, highlight the points by connecting them to the broader context. 

  1. Never use introductory phrases

You may be tempted to use introductory phrases as conclusion starters for your research papers or essays. But it’s a big turn off for readers when you use cliches. It’s unnecessary to use any special conclusion starter sentences or words in the beginning.

If you still want to use an introductory phrase, ensure you write a stronger one “based on all the evidence," or you might also start the first sentence of your concluding section with a word like “although,” or “while.” You must avoid phrases like “to conclude,” or “in closing.”

  1. Don’t include any new details

Writing conclusions are trickier than you think because you don’t want to simply repeat what you’ve said already. But you also shouldn't include anything new. Read through what you’ve written to check that you haven’t incorporated a new point, included new evidence, or squeezed in extra information.

Everything in you writes in conclusion, must be discussed in the introduction or in the body paragraph of your paper. If you have included something you think is essential for your paper, go back to the body paragraphs and add the details where it’s appropriate.


The conclusion of your academic papers needs to be as effective as any other section of the paper. Presenting your conclusion perfectly will make sure every idea and point is tied together in a coherent manner.

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Aside from preparing the conclusion, our writers also make sure to go through the following steps.

  • Coming up with an impactful thesis statement
  • Presenting accurate information in the main body
  • Incorporating appropriate citations

The essay writers have years of experience in preparing different types of academic documents. So, you can be sure that they will complete justice to your papers when you approach them for help with conclusion paragraph starters.  In fact, you can access the free samples of previously written tasks to understand how our writers prepare this part of the paper. Opt for our assistance and submit a flawless paper in class.

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