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Effective Ways to Make Math More Interesting for Your Child

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Ways to make math more interesting
 John Luther   Published On Nov 27, 2018 | Updated on Jul 11, 2023  Homework  0

Mathematics is often associated with complicacies. To be honest, it is nothing but a notion which has given rise to misconceptions and instilled a sense of fear among students. As a child, I used to suffer some real nightmares in the name of mathematics and numbers. With time, I realized that this subject has often been mistaken for a monstrous entity.

Parenting has simply turned tougher of late, if you are not being able to motivate and inspire your child to love and understand the world of Math and numbers. Take a look at this informative list of effective suggestions which might come into play, if helping your child to develop an interest in Mathematics is a priority.


  1. Introduce your child to the applications of Math in daily life

One primary reason why Mathematics is considered to be complicated and boring by the youngsters is the lack of ideas that can help them understand the subject. You can choose to make a difference and introduce your child to the real world of Mathematics.

For example, you can ask your kid to accompany you to nearby retail stores and markets. This can be an interesting way to introduce them to the pragmatic dimension of the application of Math in everyday life. They can observe and learn the importance of Mathematical calculations practiced by the sellers at the retail counters.


  1. Appreciate your child’s efforts to keep him/her motivated

Little bit of appreciation never hurts anyone. It is perhaps the best way to help a youngster feel motivated and driven towards any particular job. According to a statistical report, it has been found that students tend to respond to praises and put more effort to work hard when applauded.

Thus, the idea is to keep motivating your kid while they are solving Math exercises. Regardless of the fact whether the child still needs to improve or has already excelled in the task, never stop inspiring your kid. Let them know that they are already doing a great job, and that a bit of sincerity can take them to the zenith of success.


  1. Stay available to assist your child

If your kid counts on you to assist him/her with the required math assignment help, then make yourself available for the same. Reportedly, parent’s involvement is considered as the key component of early childhood education and social development.

This, as a result, makes it all the more obvious that a bit of involvement from your side by helping your child solve complicated Math exercises can help them combat all odds more confidently. Never leave your kid all alone to deal with Mathematical problems unless they are too confident of solving the same. You never know if a casual negligence from your side might make things troublesome for the little one.


  1. Involve them in solving puzzles and playing games

When the idea is to help your children develop an interest in Math, you got to think beyond the box. In addition to engaging them in solving more exercises and taking them to the marketplace for a hands-on experience of mathematical applications, this can be a great way to make the subject look interesting to them.

From regular card games to puzzles and interactive miniature business games; there’re lots of engaging activities you can expect your kid to participate in. This will act as a refreshing break for your child from the monotony of spending hours on solving academic exercises. It is already a known fact that recreation and young brain development go hand in hand.


  1. Be more interested in logic

It is undeniably a great feeling to watch your kid get his/her answers right. But that is not the only thing you should bother about. Instead, try focusing on the logic and ask your child to explain how he/she will get the answer right.

This will allow the kid to explain the logic behind solving that particular problem. After evaluating the same, if you feel that there’s a smarter way to get the problem solved, always go for it, and enlighten your child with the same.


  1. Never force your child to solve math problems in a snap

Hold on! Solving complicated math problems is literally no “child’s play.” You cannot expect them to solve math problems in a snap. At least, you shouldn’t create such pictures right from the very beginning. The outcome might not be favorable.

Simply ask your child to solve math problems as he/she can within a given set of time. But never come up with compulsions and stringencies, at least when they are learning the basics. Haste will only make waste. Give them time to learn, adopt and embrace all necessary technicalities. Forcing them unnecessarily to finish things up at the earliest will only make them anxious. And a disturbed and restless mindset simply won’t work when it comes to focusing on Mathematics.

So, now that you are well-aware of what it would take to help your child with Math, take some time to implement the best actionable strategy. Once the basics are understood, half the battle is won. No one is born with the talent to excel in Math. It is all about time, patience and practice. And for everything else, here’s this blog backing you up.

You can thank me later! 


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