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Homework and Academic Stress: Ways to Tackle it

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Homework  0

Are you neck-deep in homework? Do you feel that the multiple assignments that you have been asked to do are contributing to homework stress? 56 percent of the students in the world consider homework to be stressful and honestly, that doesn’t come as a surprise. However, the more pressing question lies in the fact whether the parents are aware of the scenario and do they view it as a problem like the students or not. Due to the homework stress, most of the students fail to fetch good marks. That is a bigger concern. Let’s delve a little deeper into the matter to uncover the brutal truth behind assignments and the ensuing stress. To do that, we first need to answer some questions.

Is Homework really a Source of Stress?

Homework is necessary to understand the topics that are being discussed in class. Although true, the real question lies in: Does homework cause stress? As per research, too much of homework that exceeds the threshold mark can be treated as burden. But how do you know when is it over the threshold?

In order to honestly assess whether homework causes stress or not, one needs to look out for the following signs.

  1. Irregularities in sleep
  2. Panic related issues
  3. Sudden bursts of anger
  4. Concentration problem
  5. Reduction in appetite

If parents watch their children suffering from these symptoms, then they can treat it as the after-effects of too much homework.

What is the situation in general?

Reports of homework stress have surfaced in recent times in the form of upheaval. Students have been showing resentment towards homework in the wake of social media advancement. So is it possible that they are simply lying about the stress of Physics homework or any to avoid elementary tasks?  

Or, do the teachers and parents also share the spotlight for the problems?

To put forward a well-judged solution, it is necessary that we assess the issue. If there is truth behind excessive homework burden, then the management boards of schools and colleges need to address it and trace the factors responsible to reduce the stress and make the homework more interesting for the children's. Moreover, parents also need to contemplate the situation seriously. They should not push their children for more assignments in order to gain marks.

Some Statistics on Student Stress to shed more light

Burning the midnight oil does not necessarily mean that students will achieve more marks. This, in turn, will wear them out eventually.

As far as student stress statistics are concerned, 30% of college students have reported a decline in their academic performance due to stress. Moreover, the pressure has also resulted in depression, anxiety due to concerns over academic reports and future prospects.

The statistics are even more staggering when it comes to the number of students who are overwhelmed by the tasks that they have to juggle at the same time. Thus, it is a matter of grave concern and needs to know about the pros and cons of academic stress.

The issues have to be resolved immediately to make the students feel at ease rather than being overburdened. If a different approach is considered rather than involving numerous tests, then it would ease the burden.

How does homework cause stress?

If that is what the parents are wondering, they need to put themselves in the shoes of their children. They need to be closely associated with the activities of their wards to figure out if they are facing genuine issues.

If the parents are directly interacting with the students, then they have to take action immediately. In order to resolve the issue, here are some measures that can be implemented.

Check on the pressure

Every parent wants their children to be successful. However, subconsciously they push their children without considering the consequences. This results in more arguments and ultimately dislike for the academic curriculum. In order to manage the issue, it is essential that the parents pull back a little. They must be aware of the discomfort of the students. If suppressed, it might lead to dire consequences like depression and substance abuse. 

The Right Margin of Homework

Parent-Teacher meetings are necessary to establish an effective, organized study plan for the students. Moreover, extra help sessions should be provided to the students if they are unable to grasp the concepts. Since homework can lead to stress; parents and teachers have to decide on the right amount of homework that should be provided to the students.

Direct Interaction with Students

Since the students are the ones affected by homework stress, it is necessary that the parent-teacher meetings include the students as well. If they are having trouble completing the homework, the reasons should be communicated instead of being bottled up. If their grievances are genuine, then steps must be taken to redress the situation.

Assignments play a pivotal role in helping the students understand the topics. A thorough practice routine and well-planned study schedule can also serve the same purpose, if not better, in fetching more marks. So, the academic authorities need to set a bar beyond which homework would not be provided. Moreover, parents need to be directly involved in analyzing the stress factor of their children and take daily reports.

However, if you are still submerged by homework, then you might consider taking external help from an online academic expert or a tutor to cope with the stress.

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