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How to Write a Response Paper - Comprehensive Guideline

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

In every semester, you will be asked to read an article or a book, watch a movie and jot down your thoughts and responses to those materials. This is what is precisely known as response paper writing. But, it might not be as easy as it seems. There are different facets of response paper writing. Unless you know how to approach and write a response essay paper or any other responsive academic paper with precision, you cannot add perfection to your work.

So, read this informative blog and know how to start a response paper and go about it with absolute precision.

Happy reading!

How to Write a Response Paper? Initiating the

Even before you master the art of writing a response paper, it is important to know how to start a response paper in the first place. If you manage to kick start the project in a way it is supposed to be, then going about the rest of the paper will be twice easier than usual. So, focus on the following points to know how to do a response paper with the perfect introductory elements.

  • Identify the author, director or the title of the particular book, movie, journal, article and the likes.
  • Come up with an informative summary and include all key elemental additions or excerpts from the work which you would feel critical to the context.
  • As you initiate the task of response paper writing, do not just come up with a general overview. Instead, introduce the primary points of discussion, which may also include any unique slant you have discovered in the book or the movie, argumentative aspects and the likes.
  • Use direct quotations from the work to highlight and support all crucial points you would want to dissect further in the paper.
  • Refrain from writing lengthy sentences. Instead, keep sentences short, impactful and informative from every single aspect.

How to Write a Response Paper? Body Paragraphs and Conclusions

No matter whether you would write a response paper for college or university, you cannot submit a paper that does not contain proper body paragraphs and concluding notes. In case, you are not sure of how to write a response paper with the perfect body paragraphs and conclusion, then here’s what you must know to take charge of the stringencies.

  • Before you draft the body paragraphs, it is important for you to answer these questions.
  • How is the work relevant to contemporary society and its problems?
  • How is the movie or the book related to your life? How do you plan to project the work in the body paragraphs and merge all opinions with real-life instances?
  • Have you evaluated the accuracy of the work in terms of political correctness?
  • Take note of all argumentative slants and other unique areas that can be highlighted and talked about in the body paragraphs.
  • As you move on to the concluding paragraph, you need to keep some essential pointers in consideration. For example, you need to constantly link the section to the primary idea that was introduced in the beginning.
  • Also, you must choose to add key takeaways in the form of additional tips, your personal perspectives, the suggestion of alternative research avenues and the likes.
  • The idea is to keep the concluding note short and thought-provoking. It should highlight and explain your response to the book or any other material with clarity.
  • The readers should not feel that you are only trying to summarize what is already there in the book or the movie.
  • It shouldn’t merely be a restatement of what you have talked about in the introduction and body paragraphs.

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