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6 Proven Formula To Write The Most Effective Short Story "How to write a short story?"

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

If you are searching for an answer to this question, then you have arrived at the right place. Mostly literature students are given to write short stories in their assignments. You may face many obstacles, dilemmas and questions while starting with the writing process. If you have prior writing experiences that can help you in the task. Otherwise, you can contact the expert assignment writers of to guide you through the task. 

But coming up with original and unique short story ideas could be difficult for the newbie students. Even experienced writers also need to go through hundreds of cliché ideas out of their brains to find out the perfect one to captivate the readers' interest. So, if you intend to know how to write a great short story, first, you have to learn about a short story. And, you can never understand it by imitating your favourite short story writer, but you can emulate their best techniques in your writing. And then, for fine-tuning the paper, take professional assignment help.

What is a Short Story?

A short story is brief fictional prose shorter than a novel and revolves around few characters where a single effect is conveyed in few significant episodes. In addition, the setting has a limited scope of development with a concise narrative. Nevertheless, a short story can provide a complete or satisfying treatment of its characters and subject despite all these facts. 

Though it is perceived to be a uniquely modern genre, the short story has its roots in ancient times. Throughout history, people have enjoyed various brief narratives such as jests, short allegorical romances, myths, anecdotes etc. But since the 19th century, the concept of the short story has changed. Some of the best short story examples are:

  • The Fall of the House of Usherby Edgar Allan Poe
  • A Christmas Carolby Charles Dickens
  • The Lotteryby Shirley Jackson
  • The Gift of the Magiby O. Henry
  • The Necklaceby Guy de Maupassant etc. 

Now it's time to address the elephant in the room. How to write a short story? Here are six proven steps that you can follow to write a compelling short story and impress your professors.

1. Read as many great short stories as possible

If you want to learn how to write a good short story, first, you have to read as many short stories as possible to familiarize yourself with the techniques. Then, try to read, evaluate, analyze the writings of great authors and then attempt to emulate the styles in your writing.

Students often ask how long a short story is. To answer that, the average size of a short story should range between 5000-10000 words. But they can be anything above 1000 words. Stories that range from 500-1000 words are called flash fiction. Such as

  • Widow's First Yearby Joyce Carol Oates
  • Give It Up!by Franz Kafka
  • Sticksby George Saunders etc.

And stories less than 500 words are called micro-fiction. Most famous example by Ernest Hemingway's six-word story: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." 

2. Evoke emotion

A story is like a journey that takes the readers to another world of emotion. Most remarkable short stories evoke deep emotion among the readers. The most prominent emotions that can move the readers are love, justice, freedom, redemption or heroic sacrifice etc. Try to infuse them into your storyline to engage the readers. It is challenging to master the trick on the first attempt. For help, contact professional essay help.

3. Niche down the scope

You have to decide how you want to proceed with your short story. Either you can accommodate an epic sweep of a story and cover decades with extensive characters, or you can present a compelling story with a beginning, middle and an end with relatively lesser word count. It will gradually limit your number of characters, scenes and plot points. So if you ask, "how to write a short story outline?" That depends on your choice of writing.

The best short story usually revolves around a short period of the main character's life. You can even concentrate on a single incident of deeper question to construct your story. A few tips while creating the outline:

  1. Avoid long descriptions.
  2. Write in such a way as to trigger the reader's mind and emotion.
  3. Don't include too many characters. Try to combine different character shades.
  4. Eliminate scenes where there's no character movement. 
  5. Remember, your ultimate goal is to portray a poignant incident to give it a resounding ending.  

For any assistance, contact the essay writing service.

4. Give a thoughtful title

To make your readers read your story, attract them towards your story. And that task is done by a compelling title. So how to write a short story title? Few tips for creating an appealing title would be:

  1. The title must clarify the motif of the story.
  2. It should be as per the genre.
  3. Make it memorable and unique.
  4. You can add the character's name in the title.
  5. Use short and crisp words. 
  6. Write something evocative to trigger the reader's attention.  

5: Create the structure

Your title has done its job. The reader is here. But how to hold the interest that would impress your teacher? That's where the story structure comes into play. Experiment with different genres. 

  1. Either you can create the classic love story structure, where your main character has to go through terrible emotional trouble to achieve the love. 
  2. Students often search online"how to write a horror short story?" For a horror or thriller story, the character needs to go through different physical danger, a life or a death situation. You can play with various symbols or metaphors to make the plot interesting without spending many words. 
  3. Even for a mystery, lead your character through various crimes with a plot twist. Try to subtly represent the problem, the quest, the challenge and the danger to drive the story.
  4. Suggest the backstory. Don't elaborate and if you feel apprehensive about a scene or a sentence, take professional assignment writing Because in short stories, every sentence count. So, if a sentence seems unnecessary, get rid of it. 

6: Give a satisfying ending.

After all emotional turmoil, the story must come to a satisfying ending. The open-ended conclusion is another short story type where the reader's perception decides the resolution. 'Araby' by James Joyce is a classic example of an open-ended short story. 

Once you are done writing, examine the story thoroughly to check the flow, grammar, punctuation, word choice, redundancies etc., to compose a perfect short story. 

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