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A Step-By-Step Guide To Craft The Perfect Opinion Essay- You Must Read Now!

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How To Write An Opinion Essay
 krishna   Published On Aug 23, 2021 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Imagine this. You are walking on a tightrope about 80 ft in the air, with no protective gear and no experts to guide you in the process. While this may seem like an incredibly dramatic scenario that you will never find yourself truly in, this is exactly what writing an opinion essay seems to most students around the world.

Now you must be wondering, what is an opinion essay anyway? How to strike the right balance between stating your opinions and dishing out the pure facts? How to craft the accurate opinion essay format? If you are striving to find answers to all of these questions, then you have landed on the right page. In today’s comprehensive blog post, we will walk you through certain significant guidelines, top-notch strategies, as well as inspirational opinion essay examples that will successfully answer all the questions racing through your mind.

Opinion Essay: A Brief Overview

Now, before you go knee-deep to learn ‘how to start an opinion essay,’ it is essential to comprehend and develop an in-depth understanding of what an opinion essay truly is.

The name of the opinion essay speaks for itself. It is a written piece of work in which the writer expresses an opinion and supports it with relevant facts and examples. An impeccable opinion essay aims at explaining something from the subjective position of the writer, proving a certain idea, or convincing someone of anything. It reveals and explains the causes and interconnection of any phenomena from the perspective of the author.

Opinion Essay Format: Know What It Includes

Before you set forth to choose interesting and inspiring opinion essay topics, it is always essential to craft an accurate opinion essay format. Not only will it help you overcome the fear of a blank page, but it will also help in breaking down a list of ideas and an organized place for your random thoughts. This will also help you to craft an engaging and compelling essay faster than you can imagine.

Take a look at the below-enlisted opinion essay format-

  • Introduction- Give your readers an intriguing hook to engage them with the topic. Write a thesis statement and the reasons that support your opinion.
  • Main Body- Break it into several paragraphs where you provide arguments and support it with examples, statements, and facts.
  • Conclusion- Restate the main thesis statement. Summarize the central points of the essay.

If the word of top essay help stalwarts is anything to go by, then a well-prepared format for an opinion essay is almost 70 percent of the work. All you need to do is simply join your arguments by bridging the language.

How To Write An Opinion Essay: Essential Guidelines

This is a sticking point for most students. Writing an opinion essay may have its unique share of challenges, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. To help our readers craft the best possible opinion essays, we have provided certain essential steps that would definitely answer your question, “how to start an opinion essay?”

Not only that, but it would also help you take your opinion essay writing game to the next level. Have a look-

 Begin With A Brilliant Opinion Essay Topic

The first and foremost step in writing an opinion essay is to choose remarkable opinion essay topics that you really care about. Choose a topic on which you naturally have an opinion. It must be about something you can research easily and extensively.

If you can’t think of an opinion essay idea right away, try one of these below-mentioned topics-

  • Explain the reasons for which why we should be honest with our peers
  • Should all humans be entitled to a 4day work week?
  • Do you think all humans should become vegetarians?
  • Do you think a CEO earns too much?
  • Should teens be restricted from having sleepovers?
  • Do you think everyone must vote for their leaders?
  • What are the pros and cons of daylight saving hours?
  • What do you think are the most energy-efficient and safest cars of 2019?
  • Do you think school uniforms must be mandatory?
  • Do you think it is wise to raise the legal drinking age further?
  • Explain your views on- A life crisis is a blessing in disguise.

Conduct An Extensive Research Process

A look at certain remarkable opinion essay examples will help you comprehend that it is essential to collect facts to back up your opinion before you start to write your essay. Ensure the information you gather fits the point of view you have mentioned. Remember to answer these questions while brainstorming and searching for reasons to come across innumerable ideas-

  • What question should I answer?
  • What are the things that my readers would like to know?
  • What are the primary points that I must include?
  • Are there any points that are inconsistent or contradictory?
  • Can I improve any of my arguments?

Once you are done organizing your ideas, you should start writing immediately.

Craft An Engaging Opinion Essay Introduction

Know that the introduction is one of the most crucial parts of your opinion essay. It is essential to present your subject and state your opinions clearly in the introductory paragraph. Make sure it includes a strong thesis statement that summarizes the key points of your paper.

It is also vital to captivate the attention of your reader the right way with the usage of a hook. Here are certain remarkable ideas that will help you write a brilliant hook for your opinion essays-

  • Provide a surprising statistic that matches the opinion. Like, you might begin writing an essay about being a vegetarian with that there are more than 375 million vegetarians worldwide.
  • Mention an anecdote that relates to your opinion. For instance, in an essay on vegetarianism, you can share about a time that you visited a farm where you interacted with the animals.
  • Ask the reader a question that leads to your opinion. Like, if you are writing about being a vegetarian, you can ask the readers about the last time they ate a meal that was entirely plant-based.

Craft A Strong Body Of Your Opinion Paper

In the body of your opinion essay, you must always support your thesis statements. Craft several paragraphs, each presenting a separate point of view supported by reasons. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence- the main idea that will back up with all your arguments. Only start a new paragraph when you aim to discuss a new idea.

Like, in an opinionated essay about vegetarianism, the body paragraph can be something like this-

 “One primary reason a vegetarian diet is always better than eating meat is that it is better for the planet. As per the University of Michigan, a vegetarian diet is always a remarkable way to minimize your carbon footprint. Per calorie, consumption of meat is much worse for the planet since animals require most plant-based calories to grow. If  people simply consume these calories in plant form, they can eliminate much of the food-based carbon emissions that contribute to the global climate change.”

Create A Strong Concluding Paragraph

Always make it a point to end your opinion essay with a strong concluding note. Your conclusion must always relate back to the introduction. If you happened to use an anecdote, speak of that again. If you quoted a statistic, mention that statistic here in a new way. If you happened to ask the reader a question, refer back to it in conclusion.

A close look at the essay assignment help samples will help you comprehend that it is essential to state your opinion again. Ensure not to use the same words you used in the introduction, but present the same ideas.

Unique Opinion Essay Samples To Draw Inspiration

We thought of providing exemplary opinion essay examples so that you have a remarkable visual understanding of the opinion essay samples, structures, as well as writing style.

Wrapping Up,

The academic world thrives and prospers on successful opinions. Academic professionals recognize others by how well they can give opinions and adequate evidence to present a strong argument. This is mainly why it is essential to comprehend the steps and guidelines to craft a perfect opinion essay in any style. The better you understand the guidelines to draft a flawless opinion essay, the more exemplary and sophisticated your papers will be.

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