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10 Life Hacks That Can Make Your College Life Smooth

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 Jack Morgan   August 8, 2022  Homework  0

Did you know that putting dryer sheets over the AC units in the room can make your room smell fresh and clean? Well, it’s a life hack that a lot of people across the globe use. If you are just starting out your college life and moving out of your parents’ house to a dorm room or a rented apartment, you need a few life hacks to have a smooth beginning to your college life.

The beginning of the college life is always a bit challenging, especially if you are moving out of town to live on your own. In such a situation, adjusting to the new life and new place may seem intimidating. Also, living on your own has its own disadvantages. However, you can overcome some of the disadvantages if you are familiar with these following life hacks.


  1. Save your time by listening to recorded lectures:

Taking notes in the class can be quite helpful, but if you are not a fast writer, you may miss out some crucial details. It will be easier for you to record the whole lecture on your Smartphone and then listen to it when you get back home. It will not just cover the whole lecture, but will also save your time while studying at home.


  1. Use the iron to boil water or to cook instant noodles:

Don’t have an oven in the room? Well, if you have an iron, you can still boil water and cook instant noodles using the iron like an induction oven. Set the iron upside down and fix it so that it does not topple when you put a bowl of water on it. You can even cook other recipes using the iron if you can’t afford to buy an oven soon.


  1. Use can tabs to create double clothes hangers:

If you have limited place to hang your clothes on a hanger, don’t worry. You can always use the tabs of the leftover cans to create double clothes hangers. This can save up your space while keeping the crease of the clothes intact. When you break the tab from the can, file the sharp edges of the tab to make them blunt. You don’t want to rip your clothes.


  1. Use leftover pizza boxes as dustpan:

Cleaning your room after a social gathering can be hard. Well, all you need is a broom. Sweep the dust into one side of the room and use the empty pizza boxes from the last night's gathering as the dustpan. The actual dust pans do not cost much, but when you have pizza boxes, you won't require such a tool in the house.


  1. Hang a damp towel on the windows during summer:

If your room does not have an air conditioner, it can be difficult for you to spend those hot summer days in that room. However, a simple hack can save you from the wrath of the sun. Just put a damp towel on the window, and see the magic. It will not only turn the heat into cool breeze but also reduce the temperature of the room.


  1. Put your phone in an empty glass, if you are a deep sleeper:

If you are a deep sleeper, you can miss the morning alarm and the important calls. You can amplify the sound of your mobile phone by putting it in an empty glass or mug. The amplified alarm tone of the phone can help you get up from the bed on time. However, it is recommended to turn off the vibration of the device when you put it in the glass or mug.


  1. Wrap the bottle of warm beer in a damp paper towel to cool it faster:

Even if you have a freezer or a refrigerator, cooling a warm beer can take a significant amount of time. If you want to turn your warm beer into a chilled one, just wrap the bottle in a damp paper towel, and then put it in the freezer. It will cool faster than usual. This can help you serve chilled beer faster to your guests if you are having a small party.


  1. Use the vertical space in the microwave for heating multiple items:

If you share your room with another person, or if you are always in a hurry, this hack is for you. You can warm multiple items in the microwave if you can utilize the vertical space in the microwave oven. This one will definitely save your time.


  1. Stack your clothes vertically in the drawers:

T-shirts are the favorite choice of cloth for a majority of college students, but the small drawer in the dorm room can barely fit all the t-shirts of an average student. If you are finding it difficult to stack all the t-shirts in the drawer, try folding the t-shirts and stack them vertically in the drawer. This will not just let you stack more clothes in the drawer but will also make it easier for you to see and pick the clothes without wasting too much time.


  1. Cool down your laptop with an egg carton:

Laptops are the best friends for college students. From preparing all the assignments on the laptop to being the source of entertainment, laptops can serve you in numerous ways. But laptop heating is a common problem for almost every user. You can use the egg carton as the laptop stand which will alleviate the device from the surface, helping it to cool down faster.

Some of these hacks are used by millions of college students while some of them are lesser known. But there is one thing in common – each of these hacks can make your college life easier. If you already have a few life hacks of your own, you can add the aforementioned ones in your list and get through your college life smoothly.


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