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Opinion Essay Writing Guidelines with Useful Topic Ideas

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 Krishna   August 8, 2022  Assignment  0

Like every other academic essay, the task of writing an opinion essay is delirious for most students. It is a formal writing piece that takes extensive and continuous efforts from the students to stand out.  Starting from the professors' regular college assignments to competitive examinations asking students to write one, opinion essay has a wide-spreading range. Therefore, experts associated with the online essay help agencies opine that students should not take the task lightly and bring on the best of their efforts.

Keeping these in mind, students often wonder what the USP of writing an opinion essay is. While assignment help experts suggest that there is no shortcut, they have never denied extending useful tips for the students.

Read the following sections to learn what is an opinion essay and about some productive tips that would help you ace all opinion essay writing worries-

  1. Learn The Essay Type

Wondering how to write an opinion essay? Fret not. Writing an opinion essay paper gets more manageable if you are well-versed with the types and other internal factors.  Usually, opinion essays are of two kinds: one-sided opinion essay and two-sided opinion essay. As the names suggest, a one-sided opinion essay caters to a single argument, which is usually in favor of the topic. On the contrary, a two-sided opinion essay caters to either in favor or against the topic sentence.

So before you start, learn about the essay type your professor has asked you to work on. The structure, design, and most importantly, word count, and opinion essay outline differ significantly between a one-sided opinion essay and two-sided opinion essays. Don’t get confused and put your grades at stake. Talk to your assessor before starting.

  1. Language Skills Are Non-Negotiable

Opinion essays call for a personal point of view and belief of the student-writer on a specified topic. This does not mean that students can take on informal phrases and words to explain their ideas and opinions. Instead, one cannot compromise with language, subject, or number when working on an opinion essay. It is advisable to maintain focus and consistency in personal opinion essays no matter what.

Some of the phrases/ words that can be used while writing an opinion essay and improving its acceptability are as follows:

  • Use phrases like ‘in my view,’ ‘to my mind,’ ‘in my opinion,’ to directly express your opinion.
  • Instead of using 'It,' phrases like ‘It is worth pointing that..’ create a better impact.  
  • Transitional words and phrases that students should use to express an opinion are ‘In this essay, I will discuss whether..’, ‘I would suggest that..’, ‘I would like to point out that..’ etc.
  1. Be Careful With Your Choice Of Words

This is an extension of the former pointer where we were discussing the language students should use. Opinion essays should also have words that are impressive, formal, and to the point. Words that are filled with nice adjectives and have lesser verbs always improve the students' quality of the assignment.

Use the appropriate set of words to convey your opinion formally. Lastly, check your essay for any punctuation, grammatical, or spelling mistakes.

  1. Segment Your Total Work

‘How to start an opinion essay?’ Students often ask a question like this in utter confusion. If you are someone who is struggling to come up with an impressive opinion essay, consider breaking your task into parts. Asking questions like ‘What main points should be conveyed in my essay?' or 'Are the arguments all-encompassing' before starting writing will help students think separately for all the parts of the essay.

Breaking the task into a smaller chunk of pre-writing, writing, and post-writing also helps overcome the mistakes, leading to poor grades.

  1. Gather Information To Support Your Opinion

There’s no better way than to support all your opinion and argument in an argument essay with relevant and recent information. The topic might range from various areas in an opinion essay, but it should never fall short of having appropriate information back up.

So, invest some time to research for the given opinion essay topic. The internet is filled with information, so are the offline repositories. Save your time by starting research first and then move on to writing. Many online academic help services upload opinion essay examples for free for the students on their websites. Find one such reliable website to learn the intricacies of writing an opinion essay with ease.

  1. Address The Readers Directly

 In an opinion essay, the student-writer should address the readers directly. The conversational tone and active voice are known to have a long-term impact on readers. Include a quotation, direct speech, a sentence from a book or play, or ask a rhetorical question to the readers to connect with the essay in a better way.

Speaking about the topic, some students find it difficult enough to choose the perfect one. But it's not so hard: think about something that engages you most, and you will automatically write good assignments that the readers can connect with.

Whilst these are a broad overview of opinion essay writing and some productive tips that students can use, we have created the task a little easier with opinion essay topic suggestions. Check the list of topics below, carefully crafted for you, and choose the most relevant one. Read on-

  • Students protest in different countries and how relevant are those.
  • Are handwriting lessons essential for pre-schoolers?
  • Should schools and families encourage sex education?
  • ‘Whitewashing’ in the entertainment industry.
  • Should non-violent anti-social activities lead to jail and prison?
  • Would access to birth control help prevent teenagers from careless pregnancies?
  • Whistleblowers in politics and how government can control it?
  • Pearl Harbor Cause-and-Effect
  • Are the messages of Martin Luther King and Gandhi distorted today?
  • What are the flaws of Tsunami controlling methods?
  • The threats of Globalisation.
  • Should COVID vaccination be forced?
  • Should potentially dangerous medical information be made available?
  • Smartphones and their addiction to different age-group of people.
  • Cyberbullying versus physical bullying
  • Distance learning benefits
  • Should religion be part of education?
  • Social media influencers and YouTubers and their effect on the youths.
  • Online streaming - Pros and Cons, and many more.

This is not an all-inclusive list, and students are asked to work on various topics of opinion essays raging from other significant areas of life. However, when you are asked to choose and work on an impressive opinion essay topic, make sure it is good enough to showcase your most vital skills.

Concluding note...

The best way to write a good opinion essay is to learn the fundamentals of it first. Students struggling with opinion essay papers can find fundamental tips about writing opinion essays in the write-up above. The final word of advice for people running out of time or do not want to write an opinion essay on their own would be to hire a professional essay writing service.

Good luck!

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