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Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics with Tips and Tricks

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 John Luther   Published On Mar 28, 2022 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Assignment  0

An argumentative essay is something you'll have to do at some time in your life. When writing an argumentative piece of writing you'll be making a case and employing evidence and research to back it up. Argumentative essay themes on the other hand are not all created equal. To make a lasting impression on your audience your essay's topic matter and arrangement are just as important as the content itself. An expert providing college essay help can give you added insights regarding the same.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

If you're writing an argumentative essay you're doing it through the use of research. A stance is taken and evidence is used to support it but unlike many other types of essays these focus on making a specific argument and using evidence to support it.

In the words of college essay writing service professionals argumentative essays that are well-written draw on current or previous research rather than rely solely on the writer's personal experiences and opinions as to the sole basis for their argument. A well-reasoned argument will demonstrate to your audience that your point is based on facts not just emotions. 

Traits of a good argumentative essay

To be able to craft a strong argumentative essay you must first understand what makes a good one or hire a college essay help expert for the same. An argument compelling premise and excellent research are all necessary for a well-structured essay.

An argument

If you're writing an argumentative essay you're trying to persuade your reader to believe something. When you write an essay you're not simply imparting knowledge or illustrating a point; you're attempting to influence the minds of your audience. Develop a strong argument that includes not only your primary thesis but also all of the supporting details.

Consider your delivery as well as what you're saying. To change someone's opinion how will you take a simple notion and make it into something that is sophisticated and well thought out? In case of any confusion connect with reliable agencies offering online college essay help services.

A well-defined position

Your argument's nucleus is encapsulated in a thesis statement. What do you want your audience to take away from this? That will serve as your thesis statement if you can express it succinctly. This is the foundation of your essay; thus it must be powerful and well-reasoned in order to support your argument. With facts and sources not simply feelings you need to elaborate on it.


In order to write an effective argumentative essay you need to conduct extensive research. Depending on what you're saying and the context in which you're debating it that could entail quoting sources and other arguments or it could mean direct research in the subject.

Be ready to provide evidence to support your claims such as articles from scholarly journals news articles or other sources of information. It is better to rely on evidence that has been well investigated than to rely on hearsay or preconceptions. You may want to reevaluate your thesis or perform your own study if you can't locate adequate evidence to support your claim. 

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How Can You Come Up With Good Argumentative Essay Topics?

If you are struggling to get access to the best argumentative essay topics the following tips from experts offering college homework help might be productive:

  • Arguments can lead to positions you don't necessarily believe in and this can lead to frustration. Even if you don't fully believe in what you're defending you can nonetheless come up with a good case without doing so.
  • But if you have a free option it's a good idea to choose something you're passionate about. A compelling thesis and a wide range of supporting facts are essential to a successful argumentative essay. As long as you're interested in the issue you've chosen obtaining evidence supporting it will be easy. But the evidence is what matters most according to essay writing service
  • As a starting point think about topics you're passionate about both positive and negative. Make a list of ideas reduce them down to a few and then build on those concepts with a few possible points you wish to address.
  • It's possible to write an essay about how your neighborhood should ban weedkillers or that all pupils at your school should be given a free lunch or that the school day should be reduced by an hour. For example make a list of three to five points for each notion that covers the various evidence you could use to support each viewpoint before making a decision.

If you perform the above steps rigorously you don’t have to look for an expert who can ‘write my assignment.’ 

Some outstanding argumentative essay topics

Now let’s have a look at some excellent argumentative essay topics:


  1. Is it appropriate for Facebook to have access to the personal information of its users?
  2. Do you think it is morally acceptable to replace human workers with machines?
  3. What do you think about self-driving cars?
  4. Has the internet improved or worsened human culture?
  5. Should there be a ban on the use of handheld mobile devices by drivers?


  1. Is it appropriate for parents to alter their unborn children's DNA?
  2. Do genetically modified organisms benefit or hurt human beings?
  3. What do you think about fracking?
  4. Do governments around the world have a role to play in combating climate change?
  5. Is it reasonable to demand pupils to be immunized in order to attend a public school?


  1. The purchasing of birth control by minors should require parental approval or not?
  2. Is the use of influencers for the promotion of dietary supplements and weight loss products like teas appropriate?
  3. Is it appropriate for doctors to market pharmaceuticals?
  4. Is a single-payer healthcare system the best option for the United States?
  5. What do you think about assisted suicide?


  1. What do you think about religious organizations being taxed?
  2. Is it permissible for clergy to get married?
  3. Is it appropriate for students to be able to join religious organizations in school?
  4. Should the Pledge of Allegiance include the phrase "one country under God"?
  5. Should students learn about religion in school?


  1. What do you think about decriminalizing drug possession?
  2. What do you think about animal testing?
  3. Is legalizing sex work a good idea?
  4. Alternatively should Indigenous Peoples' Day be renamed Columbus Day?
  5. Is it permissible to impose the death penalty?


  1. Is it necessary to include sexual education in the curriculum?
  2. Is it time to do away with Greek life at colleges?
  3. Do grades in physical education matter?
  4. Is wearing school uniforms a smart idea?
  5. Should college/university be free of cost?


  1. Should it be possible to have unpaid internships in the workplace?
  2. Is it appropriate to allow monopolies?
  3. Is the minimum wage too low?
  4. Should the tax rate on corporations be increased or decreased?
  5. How feasible is the concept of a universal means-tested income?


  1. Should books that contain offensive language be prohibited?
  2. Is it more accurate to describe graffiti as art or vandalism?
  3. Is it crucial that children receive an education in the arts?
  4. What do you think about online art and music sharing?
  5. Is there a need for more regulation of YouTube content? 
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Tips for writing an argumentative essay

Some critical tips for writing an argumentative essay according to essay writing service professionals are listed below:

  1. Be rational:

    Be sure that your statements and proof are founded on facts rather than just your own personal opinions. As a result you must rely on scientific and reporting-based sources if you don't want your claims to be easily refuted.
  2. Focus:

    During the process of writing services an argument it's easy to get bogged down in a sea of information and complexity. Maintaining focus is critical; be specific about your thesis and focus on evidence that backs up your assertions.

The takeaway

Your ability to make an impact on the reader is directly proportional to the strength of your essay's thesis statement. So make sure the topic you choose is a strong one and has the potential to move the audience or else buy essay writing service from an experienced professional. After going through the above sections you will know the nuts and bolts of an argumentative essay in utmost detail.

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